Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Horror of Donald Trump Through the Eyes of the Simpsons

Just over sixteen years ago in an episode called Bart to the Future, Lisa Simpson predicted the rise of Donald Trump.

When as the newly inaugurated President of the United States she told her staff that Trump's presidency had bankrupted the country.

In a recent interview, the writer of that episode claimed it was a warning. 

"It was a warning to America," writer Dan Greaney tells The Hollywood Reporter. He adds: "And that just seemed like the logical last stop before hitting bottom. It was pitched because it was consistent with the vision of America going insane."

And of course he was right.

Because the Republican race to the White House is insane, Trump couldn't be more dangerous or disgusting.

The mudfest that is the Republican presidential primary got even dirtier Friday when Ted Cruz blamed rival Donald Trump for a National Enquirer story linking him with a carnal quintet of eager young mistresses.

Ted Cruz is equally grotesque...

And now that we have hit rock bottom...

The tone of the whole campaign has been giving Marge Simpson nightmares...

And really who can blame her? When we still have eight months to go before the actual election.

And I can't help feeling that everyone should have heeded Homer Simpson's warning, when Trump first announced he was running for President.

Because that WAS prescient...

And the good news?

Donald Trump is destroying the Republican Party, tearing it apart like a slab of pulled pork.

Polls suggest that both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders would beat him easily in a general election.

And since we got rid of our Con hog.

And Homer did help us expose him 

And reveal him as a hog AND a muzzler.

I feel confident that Homie and his fellow Americans.

Will take care of their piggy problem.

Wait...Marge...pass me that paper bag !!!!!

I just had a horrible thought.

And the rest of you start building that wall !!!!!!!

Just in case...

Give thanks we live in reasonably sane Canada,

Where the Moose God protects us.

And Happy Easter/Chocolate Day everybody...

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e.a.f. said...

"the Moose god", now that is something I could buy in to

jrkrideau said...

As horrible as Trump appears I keep getting the feeling that Ted Cruz has the potential to be much worse. And this article did not reassure me.

One wonders at the criteria needed to be a Republican presidential candidate in the USA. Clearly total insanity is a basic requirement but I am sure that most of the totally insane have a better grasp of reality than presidential candidates. There must be some kind of total weirdness that is required.

We seem be handling the Syrian refugees situation fairly well so I suppose we will be ready for an influx from down south if a Republican wins. Disarming them at the border would likely be a problem but ...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f....the Moose God is second only to the Great Polar Bear God, for a simple reason, it can eat it... ;)

Shwetablog said...