Friday, March 18, 2016

Will Rona Ambrose Ever Understand Why Justin Trudeau Is So Popular?

It's seems like an easy question, why is Justin Trudeau so popular?

But whatever you do please don't ask Rona Ambrose, because she doesn't have a clue.

She keeps attacking Trudeau in the same brutish manner...

Only to remind most Canadians why we gave the Cons and their depraved leader the boot.

And since she won't listen to me, I think I'll ask Tasha Kheirridin to explain it to her, from one Con to another.

Justin Trudeau is so popular because he's so different from Stephen Harper, and is reviving what Kheirridin chooses to call our national myths.

The current Liberal government is as determined to resurrect these myths as the previous Conservative government was to demolish them. This week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the United Nations in New York. He announced that Canada would be seeking a seat on the Security Council for 2021-22, which it had lost under the government of Stephen Harper, and would be refocusing its efforts on peacekeeping.

But what I call our precious Canadian values.

The ones that among other things, made us decent peacekeepers instead of mindless bombers...

And Kheirridin is right about this: in a nasty world, Trudeau's narrative wins.

He or she who writes history gets to shape not only the past, but the future. The party that lays claim to the Canadian identity will have an easier time convincing voters that it speaks for them. And that will cement it as the nation’s “Natural Governing Party” for endless election cycles. 

The Conservatives knew this, and over the last nine years desperately tried to reverse the legacy of the Liberal governments of the 1960s and 1970s. But they didn’t manage to do it, because their kick at the can was too short, their symbols didn’t resonate, and they butted up against a wave of nostalgia. For central Canada in particular, celebrations of the War of 1812 and monuments to the victims of communism just couldn’t compete with Expo 1967 and Pierre Elliott Trudeau bringing in the Charter of Rights.

For while Kheirridin can't conceal her disappointment, or her corrosive cynicism, she has to admit that Harper and his Cons failed miserably...

And that Justin Trudeau's timing couldn't be better.

If timing is everything in politics, Trudeau’s timing couldn’t be more perfect. He is resurrecting myths that the world is hungry for, in the form of tolerant, peaceful, big-state Canada.

But don't expect Rona Ambrose to understand any of that. Because she wouldn't recognize a Canadian value if it jumped up and bit her.

And her own nastiness keeps coming back to haunt her.

Health Canada has given Insite, North America’s first government-sanctioned supervised injection site, the green light to continue operating for at least four more years, a marked departure from direction under the previous Conservative government, which actively sought to shut it down.

For who can forget how hard she tried to shutdown the wonderful Insite Clinic?

Even if that would would have meant condemning thousands of Canadians to death...

In a country where almost 50,000 of them die of drug overdoses every year.

And she will never understand that it was those kind of brutish Con values that drove us to defeat them.

For believe it or not this is her latest message:

When in fact our country and its values did leave us for almost ten nightmarish years.

That's why we're so happy to get them both back.

That's why Justin Trudeau is so popular.

And because the Cons will never understand those values.

Or understand that in this country at least, nice beats nasty...

They are low creatures, and are heading for oblivion.

You know, I'll never understand why it took that damn toilet almost ten years to flush.

But thank goodness it finally did.

And better later than never...

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  1. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Heard a woman talking about the peace keeping projects the UN has conducted in Africa, most of which are glowingly successful and require peace keeping soldiers on the team. There is a place for Canadian blue helmets

    1. hi anon...I'm a big supporter of the U.N. and it badly needs good peacekeepers, because some of them in the field now are simply not good enough. We have a great record, and a great peacekeeping school in Kingston, so I'll be really glad to see those Canadian blue helmets again...

  2. Understanding requires empathy. It's not exactly a Con Strength.

    It's like trying to enjoy good food/drink with a damaged tongue.

    1. hi're absolutely right, all the Cons as far as I can determine suffer from a complete lack of empathy. And we know their depraved former leader is a psychopath so he could never feel the pain of others. How that cruel cult ever ruled this country is something I will never understand, and I will do anything to try to prevent it from happening again...

  3. Anonymous8:11 AM

    "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!" -- Upton Sinclair

    1. hi anon...thanks for that quote it is a good one. However still can't decide whether the Cons favoured evil over good because they themselves were evil. Or whether they were just too dumb and incompetent to know the difference...

  4. Rona's nonsense is proving one thing Simon, the Cons have no plan so they squander a golden opportunity to re-right the ship. One thing is for sure, harper didn't have a plan other than to dismantle, but ripping out the foundation only caused his shaky house of cards to crumble and it couldn't have happened to anyone more deserving.

    1. hi bcwaterboy...yes you're right, they are squandering a good opportunity to try to improve their shabby image. But then Rona while she may be better than Harper is just the same kind of right-wing ideologue. And as you know I don't call her the village idiot for nothing. She talks about renewing the party but her propaganda machine still spews out garbage, and still tries to smear the Con's opponents. Oh well, as you say we did get rid of Harper,and with Rona in charge they are going nowhere...

  5. Anonymous9:50 AM

    What myths is TK referring to? She appears to be about 30, I think you would have to be 100 to make such subjective claims. She is just one example of the obvious brain abnormalities that apparently exist in the extreme political right. She really is too young and privileged to have this jaded opinionated outlook.

    Oh well, as you say Simon, it won't be long for PostMedia and the likes of TK to kick the bucket.


    1. hi TS...I actually don't mind Tasha that much since she is a libertarian Con. But she is a graduate of the same right-wing economic school in Montreal where Maxime Bernier came from, so anything she says about economic matters has to be taken with a grain of salt. Myths make countries, and we had some good ones going until the Cons came along and tried to impose their ghastly un-Canadian ideology on us.
      And yes, at the Postmedia funeral I'll have my Mariachi band play a special tune for Tasha... ;)

  6. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Simon, I'll tell you what's deafening, it's Rona Amgross's constant whining about nothing. Her latest offerings are the same old crap from the same old CRAP. What should we do Rona? Start bombing the terrorist menace here in Canada? In your racist view that would be anything non-white right? The other one stating "we never left" is astoundingly simplistic and shows that she and her ilk have lost touch with reality. "Hey Rona! Better get your head checked".

    1. hi JD....yes, Rona talks big about changing the party, but judging from the horrible propaganda they put out, and the way they try to create one wedge issue after the other, it's still the Harper Party. Just as ugly and out of it as it was when he was leader....

  7. Kheiriddin comes across as mean-spirited as Harper. But then, apparently she worked for the Harris Gov't which while not as bad as the Harper Gov't was a nasty bit of work. Harris's cutting of welfare seems to have killed a good number of people.

    And no, it is extremely unlikely Ambrose will ever understand why Justin is so popular. There is a level of denial there that would be almost impossible to break through.

    1. hi jrkrideau...I don't think she is as mean spirited as Harper, but she is a bit frosty in an Ayn Rand sort of way. And having attended the Montreal Economic Institute, on economic matters she is a complete reactionary. And yes, I can't believe that four months after they were defeated the Cons are still in a state of denial. But that will prevent them from doing what they need to do to renew their party, so they are only hurting themselves...

  8. our biggest worry is medivial characters acting all medival

  9. TK is almost 46: (born in 1970)

  10. Anonymous10:28 PM

    As TK states the Harper Cons certainly desperately tried to re write history. Fortunately time was too short as the purpose was not to align all voters behind their vision of a "great warrior nation of old stock loyalists" because it excluded large segments of Canada's population.They must have known that their version of Canadian history was like waving a red flag in a bull pen but tried to do it anyway. I can only guess at the outcome but in my view it resembles a not so subtle form of treason rather than plain old stupidity.

    1. hi RT....yes that statement blew my mind. Suggesting that the only reason the Cons weren't able to impose their alien values on us was because they didn't get enough time in office. Like a decade wasn't enough? The fact is that all the brainwashing in the world couldn't destroy our Canadian values, and that's why the Cons lost....

    2. It would have taken a long time to completely rewrite our history.

      The Soviet Union lasted for seventy years and seems to have faded rapidly. Of course, by the 1960s the Soviet Communist Party was as corrupt and incompetent as the Harper Cons.

      It faded pretty fast and the Cons' legacy seems to be melting even faster.

  11. e.a.f.2:12 PM

    liked the article and the writer you quoted. she got it right.

    Some of us do remember Trudeau Sr and what he created in Canada. For me it was the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and his Plan 71 U.I. plan. Never voted Liberal, but Trudeau Sr did some dam fine work. Chrieten wasn't bad. Could have done without Martin, but he too went.

    People are ready for "nice". Nasty is over rated and it wasn't much fun. Some of Harper and his Con's acts turned off even Conservatives.

    Trudeau and his government at some point will F..K up as all governments do, but he most likely will get past it, given the positives there are.

  12. Anonymous4:14 PM

    The HarpCons were nasty thugs, but they were so focused on ideological issues that they failed at using the tools of democratic majority to implement their policies. I thank god, who ever it may be, that they were not able to see how fragile our Constitution may be when a majority government has full power to pass legislation that can adhere to the law but still create ideologically driven policies. In other areas they also failed to use their majority rule to further erode Canada, and only the media water bucket brigades kept them afloat. Remember the ink stained pages when the Commission on Torture and Abuse was being reported on- the MSM made it appear the servicemen were under attack by our politicians, when it was our military leaders. I hope the long darkness is over, and am happy Trudeau is not rushing headlong into creating a lot of change without first consulting how to do it, and respecting the institutions we have to prevent further abuse of the citizens.