Friday, March 25, 2016

The Political Resurrection of Jason Kenney

For months after the Cons were defeated Jason Kenney was just a shadow of his former self.

His worried colleagues described him as strangely listless, moody, despondent and seriously depressed.

No doubt crushed by the thought that he had suddenly lost all his power, and any hope of ever being Prime Minister. Or laid limp by the maddening thought that the despised Son of Trudeau was now running Canada.

But now, Kenney is back with a vengeance.

He's charging out of the home of the living dead, twittering up a storm like a man possessed.

And making it very clear in my opinion, that he has decided to run for the leadership of the Harper Party. 

For what else could explain this?

A new website jasonkenney.caprotectcanada where he tries to get people to send him their personal information. And hit the red donate button.

And why would he be introducing himself to Canadians or inviting them to meet Jason? 

When everybody knows who he is... 

Boy do they ever.

Unless he was trying to raise his profile in the party, and that absurd protect Canada slogan, is the slogan of his as yet undeclared campaign.

And why else would he try to claim that like his fallen leader Stephen Harper, he too is a real economist and that deficits spell DISASTER.

When these two oil pimps led the country to the verge of economic catastrophe... 

And ran deficits for most of their years in power.

And why would he make such a big deal out of it? When as I pointed yesterday the Liberal's projected deficit is relatively small.

The government is already looking at new ways to raise money. 

Finance Minister Bill Morneau says he expects to find $3-billion a year in new revenue for the federal government by cancelling a broad range of boutique tax credits.

And make the deficit even smaller.

And the last time Jason Kenney posed as a real economist was during the temporary foreign worker's scandal....

Which for him started badly and ended even worse.

And the real reason I believe he is trying to pump up his economic credentials is because he fears that the Con clown Kevin O'Leary could also run for leader of the Cons...

And he's determined to stop him from doing to the Harper Party what Donald Trump is doing to the Republicans.

Which means the Con leadership race is also going to look like a mud wrestling match before it's over.

And the best news?

Kenney's deficit obsession is not shared by most Canadians, who think that budget 2016 is both different and better. 

In the federal election last fall, voters wanted change in Ottawa, and judging from the reactions to the first federal budget delivered by Finance Minister Bill Morneau, many believe that’s what they got.

Among those who saw a difference, 49% said it was an improvement, compared to only 27% who said it was a change for the worse. 

They accept the need to run a deficit.

The consensus of Canadians seemed to be that while many wished the government had spent less money (67% agree), even more people felt that while they “would rather not have such a large deficit, it’s probably the right choice for now”. (70% agree). 

Overall, 64% said they felt that the budget seemed well thought out, 63% agreed it focuses on the right priorities, and 57% said it left them feeling more optimistic about the economy. 

And feel good about the way the way the Liberals are handling the economy.

Which will take the wind out of Kenney's sails, and leave him staring into the future darkly...

Along with rest of his party.

For they are Con clowns. They were never real economists.

And should Jason Kenney ever become their leader they'll be gone for a generation...

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jrkrideau said...

I must say that I agree with Kenny: A long-term structural deficit could be a disaster for Canada's future. That was one of the many reasons we had to get rid of Harper and his puppets. His tax cuts caused a structural deficit and further proposed tax cuts would have worsened the problem.

I believe that Harper's ideological bent led him to try to dismantle as much government as possible---without losing his own prerogatives and powers and wreaking the government's financial situation was a good start as one could then explain that there was no money to pay for fripperies like health care or environmental sustainability.

They were never real economists.

Oh, I don't know. They were no more idiotic than Milton Friedman who gave Ayn Rand a good name or scarier than Friedrich Hayek. Neither of whom one would want to have around the farm let alone in the house. One must remember that, a bit like the White Queen, an orthodox economist can remember several impossible things at any given time.

I do have a considerable amount of respect for some economists but overall I rate them a bit lower than astrologers. I highly recommend this CBC programme:

Anonymous said...

On the budget, I'm hoping that pundit speculation is true, and that Morneau will announce later that the deficit is less than expected. Politics yes, but smart politics and not deceitful as Harper was in his "surplus". As we all know, the debt to GDP ratio is what counts, and those numbers are good.

Kenny et al should really be more savvy, Chicken Little routine wears thin. Canadians are tired of this, and have more important things to do, like eat chocolate Easter Eggs:-))


e.a.f. said...

Jason, and his TFWers, ah the concept. Its alive and well in B.C. with Christy Clark and the B.C. Lieberals (cons). She who hired Harper's laid off "little shits in short pants". That $8 billion Site C dam she is planning, well it has plans for TFWers--compliments to Alaska Highway News for that gem.

The Harpercons still like to believe in miracles. In B.C. its LNG, even though Australia and their "partners" just deep 6ed a $40 billion deal because there just isn't any way to make money.

Jason is trying to reserect himself. Its Easter and some of them do believe in miracles. So the best of luck to him and his, but that "kid" is so much better lucking than him, not to mention his "sunny ways". its so much more fun than all that doom and gloom the Cons try to sell us.

On the bright side of Jason is elected leader of the Cons, they will remain where they are, no I think they'll sink to third place next election or behind the Greens.

Anonymous said...

Jason Kenny..... Isn't that a name of a nasty rash???? Didn't Canadians find the cure for that nasty rash in October!!!!!!!!!

David said...

What the Liberals have done now is an old game, played by employees, companies, and governments: "under-promise, over-deliver".

First they over-promised, then under-delivered. Example: promised to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees by end of Dec. 2015. It didn't happen until end of Feb. 2016.

They have now switched to "under-promise, over-deliver".

The Liberals are NOT promising to return to surplus by the end of their mandate. But unless the world economy tanks in the next four years, there's a good chance the Liberals will be only a few billion away from balancing the budget before the next election. Or maybe they will come to budget balance as tax money on marijuana starts to rolls in, and the Canadian economy picks up.

jrkrideau said...

Example: promised to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees by end of Dec. 2015. It didn't happen until end of Feb. 2016

OMG, two whole months late. I cannot believe how incompetent the Liberals are!

We're doomed.

e.a.f. said...

Yes and some of the Cons actually fell for it. if they weren't condemning the refugees coming here, they were carrying on about the Liberals weren't keeping their promise to bring all 25k by the end of the year.

Let the games begin. the Con 'race' ought to be entertaining.

David said...

Hey jrkrideau....I'm not saying I disapprove of the Libs being 2 months late in their promise to bring in 25,000 refugees. But the Cons were making hay of it. Anything to try to score political points against the Libs. But if the Cons had got back in, they were only promising to bring in maybe 10 thousand Syrian refugees by the end of 2017!

Simon said...

hi jrkrideau....yes, I was going to mention that but I forgot. The Cons are the ones who have taken us as close as we have come to having a statutory deficit. They have cut taxes so much the only thing they could do to balance the budget is kill even more government services. Which of course was the master plan. So it is important to remind people that we don't have a spending problem we have a revenue problem....

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...I'm actually quite proud of myself for having been the first to notice that Kenney is preparing to throw his hat into the ring. It's something most people were betting against. Nit because he doesn't stand a good chance of winning but because most people don't believe that a party run by Kenney would be electable. But as I pointed out in my post I think he is troubled by the possibility that O'Leary might run, and he is determined to keep the Cons in the hands of the Reform gang....

Simon said...

hi anon....well it certainly is a painful condition. And yes, I too thought we had cured it last October. However, it is now a low grade fever, so it's nothing that another bout of surgery, and multiple amputations can't cure.... :)

Simon said...

hi TS...the deficit will be less than expected, and even smaller than it is now. As many economists have pointed out it is padded, and engineered for a soft landing. If we're going to borrow money to help fix things like our crumbling infrastructure now is the time to do it with interest rates so low. And since I hear the Liberals are planning to go after all those billions the rich have stashed away, that alone could fix the deficit.
A big country like Canada should think big or go home...

e.a.f. said...

forgot to mention how much I like the new suit you gave Jason. It matches harper's quite nicely. Happy Easter