Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Springtime for Hitler or Donald Drumpf

If you have ever seen the musical or the movie The Producers, you know it's about two Broadway producers who make a terrible mistake.

They decide they can make more money by putting on a really bad show rather than a good one.

So they create one called Springtime for Hitler, which they believe will be a sure-fire flop. Only to see it turn into a roaring success, and ruin them.

Well now that we know that the Trump family's original name was Drumpf. 

And that he is a raving fascist, here's a different take on that show.

Where Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane, the show's two stars, come up with a new version.

But this time call it Trumped...

And I have to say that's even funnier than the laff riot Twitter has been having with the look on Chris Christie's face yesterday at Trump's Super Tuesday news conference.

Even though I really liked this one:

And the even better news?

When Trump goes up against whatever candidate the Democrats choose.

And progressives turn their full fire on him.

Humpty Drumpfy is in for a really bad fall...

Oh sure, I realize that some of you are probably thinking that I'm suffering from yet another serious bout of optimism.

But consider this, Trump is threatening to destroy the Republicans...

He will motivate more Democratic voters than any candidate in the history of the United States. The Republican establishment is even considering breaking the GOP in order to prevent Trump from taking it over, by denying him the nomination and/or fielding a third candidate.

And if he is attacked as he should be, and mercilessly mocked.

Our good American neighbours will in the end destroy him...


Anonymous said...

hey, this is serious biz, Simon! Roughly translated, the Lower Slobbovian word "drumpf" means "fucking idiot". This epiphany won't start a new trend in the u.s. for preznits, however, so the teabaggers and cons up here can rest easy about that. They've had f.i.'s for preznits in the u.s. for years the only difference this time being the obvious degree of egregiousness the drumpf exhibits.
That wall across the Canadian/u.s. border that drumpf wants to build sounds better all the time...

Anonymous said...

Love the Humoty Drumpf illustration! My autocorrect even recognizes Drumpf now, even though I didn't download anything that John Oliver mentioned in his hilarious Drumpf clip from last Sunday.

I think that Clinton will be better positioned after having to reconcile serious issues brought forth by Sanders, and she will lap up the Drumpf. For his gratuitous slamming of women and non-white people has run its course. His time has come, and it will be far more entertaining than The Producers.


e.a.f. said...

Loved that movie, the Producers. Watched the latter part of it again recently, perhaps some one could do an off broadway play about Trump, using the basis of the Producers. Might make money

lagatta à montréal said...

It does recall the word "Dumbkopf".