Thursday, March 17, 2016

Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper, and Nerve of Peter MacKay

I was quite enjoying watching the pictures of Justin Trudeau in New York last night, championing the cause of gender equality. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was lauded as an "agent of change" at the United Nations today for pushing gender equality and urging more men to join the movement.

And promising that Canada would re-engage with the United Nations.

Because for me it was two more signs that we finally have our Canada back. 

When my happy mood was shattered by a horrible buzzing sound...

And yes, it was the ghastly Con buffoon Peter MacKay, in a David Akin production, feigning outrage.

One of Stephen Harper’s former foreign affairs ministers slammed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for suggesting Wednesday Canada had been absent from the United Nations for a decade.

Trying to rewrite history, and make it sound like the Cons were big supporters of the United Nations.

Pretending not to understand what Trudeau meant, when he said Canada was back.

“And — I got to be honest, — especially as a previous foreign minister, when I hear the phrase ‘Canada is back’, I can’t help but wonder aloud where in god’s name does this prime minister think we’ve been?

When in fact their depraved leader Stephen Harper loathed the U.N. with every bone in his body.

For among other things, daring to complain about Israel's harsh treatment of the Palestinians.

And by so doing offending his boyfriend Benny Netanyahu...

For whom as we know, Harper would do ANYTHING.

And the Con view of the U.N., as outlined in a talking point memo from Rona Ambrose to her demoralized MPs, couldn't be more weirdly ideological, or just plain kooky.

“The difference between Liberals and Conservatives on our UN policy is Conservatives did not seek to have Canadian values or foreign policy validated by elites. 

At the same time, Conservatives have always been willing to speak out when the United Nations doesn’t live up to the ideals that led to its creation, including on securing real results for billions around the world, who lack peace, security and freedom.”

The kind of crazy stuff an American teabagger might write about the place we helped found.

Where Stephen Harper never bothered to hide his contempt for the General Assembly.

Just as many of its members never hid their contempt for him...

Because that's how many of them turned out to hear his speech two years ago.

And he did shame us in the eyes of the world...

And what David Akin fails to point out, is that any money for maternal and child health came attached with the instructions that it should should not be used to provide safe abortions for poor women.

So it was built on a bed of misogyny and misery.

And all Justin Trudeau really had to do to convince U.N. officials that Canada was back, was tell them that Stephen Harper had been defeated...

Because he was that awful, and his actions couldn't have been less Canadian.

But then the Cons, and their stooges in the Con media, are trying to rewrite history.

And we must make sure they don't succeed.

Never stop reminding people that Stephen Harper was the worst Prime Minister Canada AND the world has ever seen.

And that if there was any justice, his hapless stooge Peter MacKay would have joined him in the box charged with his many crimes against Canada...

For they can run, or hide like Harper.

But we will not forget what they did.

And they will not escape the harsh verdict of history...

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  1. Simon , a picture (Harper addressing the UN) is worth a thousand words !
    I think you deserve the Order of Canada for exposing con lies.
    Thanks Mr Plod is proud of you!

    1. hi hinofan...thanks, I never forgot that picture of Harper addressing the General Assembly for it is more powerful than a thousand words. He record at home was appalling, but his record abroad was even worse and even more shameful...

  2. Canada is back

    I think the best illustration of this was the applause the Prime Minister got when he visited Fort Pearson, just after taking office. This seems to sum up the feelings of the Canadian professional diplomatic service towards the Cons' international agenda. I still find it mind boggling that a group of civil servants would turn out to applaud a visiting P. M.

    This gives me the feeling that they do not feel insulted by the slogan; they probably are embracing it. Most of diplomats probably are happy to no longer be considered the pariahs of the international community.

    Give a little while, people may even stop spitting at Canadian citizens abroad

    1. hi jrkrideau...yes I remember the reception Justin Trudeau received at Fort Pearson, and how the Cons screamed about how public servants were biased. But I took it to be a natural human reaction to the end of the climate of fear Harper and his minions had created in government departments. I know the Cons hate the expression Canada is back, but I'm sure I am just one of millions who knows what it means, and is still celebrating it...

  3. Anonymous10:29 AM

    That pic of an empty suit addressing all those delegates disguised as empty seats says it all.
    Meanwhile what exactly gets accomplished at the UN when the US(permanent member)vetoes anything they don't agree with.

    1. hi anon...yes, and to make matters worse many of those still in the room don't appear to be paying much attention to his speech. As for the U.N. it is flawed, but it does great work in the field, and it's the only thing we got..

  4. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Peter Mackay, let's count the ways in which this guy is a total idiot. Off the top of my head, a certain judge he appointed who said a rape victim should keep her legs closed, saying women lawyers were not interested in becoming judges because they wanted to be mommies, lots of pics of him in military surroundings showing off his apparent big hands, and last but not least sacrificing the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada for his own personal gain.

    Can't wait for the election campaign if he ever runs as leader of CPC.


    1. hi TS....yes, I don't call MacKay Dumbo for nothing, and I'm having trouble coming to terms with the idea that he is running for the leadership. After having sold the original PC party down the river. If the Cons are counting on that sexist buffoon to save them they don't stand a chance of ever regaining power...

  5. I know where the some of the reformatories were. Lil Pete was in the potato patch . Stevie was in the closet. Beard was passed out on the barroom floor. Michi was in her pj's, tweeting from her bed.

    1. hi rumleyfips...and don't forget Maxime Bernier, and Tony Clement, two more Cons in the cabbage patch still dreaming of being the new leader of the Harper Party. I swear the entire cult is still living in denial...

  6. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Earth to Dumbo, come in Dumbo! Where on Earth has Dumbo Mackay been the last ten years? Bungling everything he touched(in between fishing trips of course).
    It is laughable to hear these morons go on like we were a model for the world to envy while they were in power. Nothing could be further from the truth and anyone doubting that need only look at the near empty room Harper had to speak to. It spoke volumes.
    And remember John Baird's mouth foaming rant a few years back? It was embarrassing to watch and he really should have worn a bib.
    Akin is getting desperate in how to make PMJT look bad. Another once respected journalist reduced to a subservient Postmedia Troll.

    1. hi JD...exactly, Earth to Dumbo. The man either has a colossal nerve as big as his ego, or he really is an idiot and doesn't realize how much damage the Cons did, and why so many Canadians hated them so much. As for Akin, who once was a decent journalist, it is sad to see how desperately he tries to please his Postmedia masters.The Cons do corrupt everything...

  7. Anonymous1:56 PM

    To answer Peter MacKay's question, "I can’t help but wonder aloud where in god’s name does this prime minister think we’ve been? "…….. I have no idea where our Prime Minister thinks he has been; but, I think he has spent the last ten years floundering about with his head up his backside!

    1. hi anon...yes that would be a good answer to MacKay's absurd question. He didn't know what he was doing when he sold the PC party to Harper, and he is apparently unaware of what a fool he made of himself....


    93. "We didn't really lose a seat on the UN Security Council. Canada received just 78 votes in the second round. So as the third round started, I announced Canada would no longer seek the seat. Big difference."

  9. Stephen Harper was the worst Canadian Prime Minister:

  10. I wonder when the painting of Harper will be unveiled in the Centre Block corridor.
    Paul Martin's has to be unveiled first:

    The most recent painting of a prime minister that hangs in the Centre Block corridor is that of Jean Chrétien, an oil-on-canvas with a striking yellow background that was created by Ottawa-based artist Christian Nicholson. It was released in 2010.

    Paul Martin, Canada’s 21st prime minister, left office just over 10 years ago, and his portrait is expected to be unveiled this spring.

    (How many vote for this painting of Harper?)

  11. Simon writes: "And what David Akin fails to point out, is that any money for maternal and child health came attached with the instructions that it should should not be used to provide safe abortions for poor women. So it was built on a bed of misogyny and misery."

    Simon, a little over the top, don't you think? The Harper government was just being consistent with THEIR values: pro-birth/pro-life.

    Keep in mind there are Liberal MPs who are pro-life, such as Judy Sgro, Kevin Lamoureux, and John Mckay.

    1. hi David...although as you know I like to think I'm an atheist with true Christian values, I approach all health care matters with the gospel of harm reduction. In Africa for many poor women not being able to get a safe abortion can lead to their death, or in families unable to properly feed themselves, one more mouth can lead to starvation. So while I respect people's religious views, they should not be allowed to get in the way of doing the right and human thing....

  12. The difference between being pro-birth and pro-life:

    NOW Transcript

    Sister Joan Chittister: "For instance, let's look at the abortion question. I'm opposed to abortion. But I do not believe that just because you're opposed to abortion that that makes you pro-life. In fact, I think in many cases, your morality is deeply lacking. If all you want is a child born but not a child fed, not a child educated, not a child housed and why would I think that you don't? Because you don't want any tax money to go there. That's not pro-life. That's pro-birth. We need a much broader conversation on what the morality of pro-life is."

  13. Anonymous11:13 PM

    There is 1 thing that has slipped under the radar, that I have question about. Everyone must recall that harper had all the portraits of all the prime minister's torn down and replaced with pictures of only himself in the main hallway of the house of commons.... what has happened since the cons have been kicked out, .. has the liberals ripped down all of harper's mug shots or what??

    1. Anonymous6:42 AM

      The portraits of the previous Prime Ministers (except for Paul Martin and Stephen Harper) are displayed in the Centre Block. Martin's portrait is expected to unveiled this spring..... I'm also curious about all those photos of Harper that were displayed during his regime. But weren't they displayed closer to his office? Since Harper had to move out of the office reserved for the PM, I assume he took those photos with him. Anyone have more info?

    2. hi anon...I don't know what happened to all those portraits of Harper. Hopefully they are now in some warehouse gathering dust, or being nibbled on by mice... ;)

  14. e.a.f.2:38 PM

    At some levels the U.N. is a waste of money. On the other hand, it does some very good work. If we are not part of the process at the U.N. and have some "clout", we will never be able to change things.

    Trudeau may have the charm necessary to help make those changes. having Saudi Arabia on the U.N. Human Right Committee is one of those things which needs to be changed asap. In my opinion, Harper couldn't and wouldn't.

    Not including abortion as part of a maternal health plan just doesn't work. Obviously Harper and his just never heard of rape as a weapon of war. The resulting births from many of these rapes leaves a legacy of pain forever. A quick and clean abortion would have been so much better.

    Abortion is a health issue and Harper's unwillingness to include it in women's health meant it was not meeting the needs of a lot of women in developing countries.