Monday, January 18, 2016

Who Knew Rona Ambrose Was a Real Stand-Up Comedian?

I always knew Rona Ambrose was hopelessly incompetent. I knew that she had managed to bungle every job she was ever given.

I knew she made people laugh without trying, and for all the wrong reasons. 

But who knew she was a REAL stand-up comedian?

Who would dare to suggest that Justin Trudeau should follow Stephen Harper's playbook.

Conservative interim Leader Rona Ambrose is concerned that the "very new and untested" Liberal government is ill-prepared to deal with the economy and she wants to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to offer her help.

Ambrose said the Liberal government should take a page from the playbook of former prime minister Stephen Harper, who during the 2008 financial crisis, released a federal budget early to put anxious Canadians at ease.

When in fact the last thing Justin Trudeau needs is her help, or Harper's playbook. Not when it's Harper's oily policies that have led us to the verge of economic disaster.

And what Ambrose forgets to mention is that the only reason Harper released an early budget back then, was because the Governor General MichaĆ«lle Jean made that a condition for granting his request to prorogue Parliament.

To avoid being overthrown by a progressive coalition...

Which is not something Ambrose should be boasting about.

Especially since the only reason Harper agreed to stimulate the economy in that budget was because the opposition forced him to do that.

And that if they hadn't, the recession would have been even worse than it was.

Because Harper and his incompetent Con clowns were NEVER the solution only the problem...

So while I'm glad that Justin Trudeau put Ambrose in her place.

Trudeau says he won't take any lessons from the Conservatives on fiscal management. 

 "For ten years we've had a government that has been focused on cutting its way into balance and not focused on the kind of growth that Canadians need.

We all need to do more of that, and remind Canadians who is really to blame for the state of our economy.

For as I warned the other day...

The Cons are still playing the same dirty game of blaming others instead of themselves.

And they must not be allowed to get away with it.

We must nip that myth or that latest Big Lie in the bud, and keep hammering home this message:

Stephen Harper was no Great Economist Leader.

Rona Ambrose doesn't know what she is doing or saying.

The Cons are shameless and incompetent clowns.

And we will not be safe until we can wield electoral reform like a blunt weapon.

And drive them from power forever...

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  1. Isn't that the same PM who refused to help the Auto Industry until he was forced to?

    Isn't it also the same Stevie Harper that thought tax cuts (for those with high income) would be the same or even better than spending on public works and other infrastructure projects that have proven to pump money into moribund economies but which (tax cuts) have been shown to do jack squat at stimulating the economy compared to direct spending?

    Isn't this the same Stevie Harper who argued for the deregulation of financial institutions in the late 90s?

    The same deregulation pushed for by free market freaks and banks who bankrolled said freaks that pretty much caused the whole financial conflagration of 2008. The same deregulation stopped by Paul Martin and which indirectly helped save Canada's banks from the same disaster which later Stevie took credit for.

    Yes, that would be the same "warrior honest economic wizard and greatest leader of them all"*, Stevie Harper.

    *tm pending and not anywhere near factual

    1. Anonymous6:07 AM

      Well, Dan...
      You've most assuredly hit upon some salient points here.
      Other than the 423,861* other crimes against Canada that heil harper's regime committed against Canada that probably just slipped your mind, you've written a really rather excellent post.
      Keep up the good work.

      *give or take a few... ;-)

    2. Hi Dan....good stuff. One of the reasons I'm still blogging is that I fear too many Canadians have very short memories. I'm worried that too many progressives are such
      nice people they may be inclined to forgive the Cons and move on. So I'm glad that you
      haven't forgotten their crimes against Canada. My position is quite simple, never forget and never forgive...

  2. Er, I don't recall Mulcair getting this much press attention when he became leader of the opposition after the 2011 election. Does anyone else?

    Methinks the next time the whiny Ambrose holds a press conference, the media should stay away and just read the press release to see if there's anything of substance in it.

    1. Hi I don't either, the Con media is acting like the Con's PR department. The way they are fluffing Ambrose is simply disgusting. But Postmedia bled a little more today so that will teach them a lesson. When they favour 30% of Canadians over the more progressive 70% they deserve what they get...

  3. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Well, if he read it in a 101 Econ textbook, or U oil-Calary Prof said it, that would be his mantra. His experiences and education before becoming PM were quite limited. Wonder if he ever thought, "WTF am I doing?". Many times he just seemed to be citing his undergrad textbooks.


    1. Hi TS....I've read Harper's university thesis and it's as boring and unoriginal as the man himself. In ten years he never even came up with an industrial strategy to prepare us for what was obviously going to be a greener world. All he was interested in was power and making Alberta rich. But he has done this country great damage, his policies are now hurting a lot of people, and if there was any justice he should be in jail....

  4. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Conservative discussion:

    "Boss, they've discovered our deficit."
    "Don't panic. Tell them it's a surplus and blame the liberals."

    1. Hi anon....I don't doubt that was a shortened version of the conversation the Cons had when they realized they couldn't hide the fact that their "surplus" was really a deficit. All Cons are born thieves and most of them are just criminals who haven't yet been caught.

  5. e.a.f.3:03 PM

    Rona's idea of dealing with it all might be further cuts. what would help places like Alberta and NFLD. is an extension of E.I./U.I. benefits until manufacturing can recover, which would be about 2 years. Better to have people on U.I. than welfare. It also keeps the foreclosures down.

    1. Hi e.a.f....Rona would do exactly what Stephen Harper would have done if he had been re-elected, use the state of the economy as an excuse to kill government. Tens of thousands of Canadians would have been thrown into the street, while he licked the rich like a lollipop.

  6. Anonymous3:11 PM

    I could not believe the lines/advice for PMJT Rona was spewing on CTV Power Play Monday night. But what was worse was to see Don Martin just smirking and nodding agreement. You hit the nail on the head Simon. None of the political commentators/experts so much as raised an eyebrow. Could Godfrey be right? Get rid of half of them cause they are doing such a PP job.

    1. Hi anon....I have not called Rona Ambrose a village idiot for nothing. She really is as dumb
      as a spoon . That isn't a crime, and in this country she is definitely not alone, but the problem is that her dumbness makes her cruel. Remember she was prepared to let thousands of heroin addicts die by preventing needle sharing clinics from being set up.
      For that, in my book you should get charged with first degree murder, and sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole...

    2. Rona's not dumb, but she just says what her "coaches" (probably some of the former PMO staff hired to write Con talking points) tell her to say.

  7. CTV I cant watch it anymore

  8. The arrogance of Ambrose blows me away Simon. Here Trudeau has access to 2 very successful finance ministers, who both brought in surpluses and created thriving economies and this moron presumes to think that the Prime Minister of Canada would meet with her for her financial advice. It's so off the wall that I wonder if she is actually saying this as a publicity stunt! This woman is shameless. You're right she is really,really dumb. She doesn't seem to know how ridiculous she looks. Ambrose and most of the reform/alliance.cons. are hicks. After being in power for almost 10yrs they have developed no sophistication whatsoever. Ambroses behaviour is that of a political amateur. There is something though that smacks of real desperation in their attempts to try and bring Trudeau down. It's like their running scared. Canadians are watching. I think they have the cons. number.