Friday, January 29, 2016

The Grotesque Hypocrisy of the Con Clown Candice Bergen

Like her leathery leader Rona The Vulture Ambrose, Candice Bergen likes to dress in black. 

And with good reason.

She is one of the nastiest Cons in the House of Commons.

She just can't help herself.

She's always been a beast and a bully, a gun nut, and a pathetic Harper stooge.

But that's just nasty, and this is CRAZY. 

A former Conservative minister chastised the federal government on Wednesday, saying new mechanisms in the pipeline review process will leave decision-making to Liberals rather than “scientists and by evidence.”

At an Ottawa press conference, Bergen lambasted the Liberal process for taking decisions “out of the hands of experts and arms-length bodies and really centralizing it in the prime minister’s office.”

Can you believe that? What was that Con piggy thinking? 

When nobody centralized power in the PMO more than Stephen Harper did...

Nobody waged a crazed war on science more than that depraved leader.

Or muzzled more scientists...

Justin Trudeau was the one who crushed and humiliated that monster, unmuzzled the scientists, and has made his position on science crystal clear.

"We'll demonstrate that we are serious about climate change … This means making decisions based on science, it means reducing carbon emissions, including through carbon pricing towards a climate resilient economy.

And by suggesting the opposite Bergen is either as big a liar as Harper, or as dumb as a spoon. And is without a doubt a grotesque hypocrite.

But then her real problem is that like so many Cons she has always acted more like an American teabagger than a Canadian politician...

That was clear by the way she pandered to the gun lobby. Or the way she helped defeat a plan created a national anti-bullying strategy.

"Our belief, Mr. Speaker, is that this problem is best dealt with at the most local level, by people who are in the core, who are closest to it. Our schools, our communities, our health, education and law enforcement professionals," she said.

By claiming it was for all those reasons, when the real reason was because she wanted to pleasure the Con's bigot base. 

Jim Hughes, Campaign Life Coalition president, called the NDP motion a “royal crock” and said that it was “just more of the same pro-homosexual agenda.” “The NDP will not lift a finger to stop bullying in the womb by abortion and now they want us to believe that they are suddenly concerned about saving lives with an anti-bullying strategy?”

Even as one bullied Canadian child after the other committed suicide...

Because Candy The Beast Bergen is that low and that disgusting.

And just as much of a Con hog as her foul leader Stephen Harper...

And this country will not be clean or decent.

Until we have destroyed her and the rest of those grubby Cons.

Like we destroyed their filthy leader...

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  1. Watch Con MP Candice Bergen in action. She is VERY nasty:


    1. hi David...yes she is indeed very nasty, and since her attempt to become interim leader of the Cons failed so miserably, her bile bubbles over in the most disgusting fashion...

  2. Last December, Rona Ambrose said Harper would still be in the House "for the important votes that matter to his constituents." Like what? Aren't all votes taken by MPs important?

    Remember the "Where's Waldo?" books? Maybe some cartoonist will come up with a series of Where's Harpo? or Where's Steve? books!

    1. hi David...yes Ambrose seems to have cut Harper a really good deal. But it is completely outrageous, and maybe his constituents should start demanding that he only be paid when he bothers to show up in Parliament...

  3. With her wooden head, shouldn't she be called |Carlie McCarthy .

    1. hi rumleyfips...maybe so, she is stubbornly wooden. But if you remember all the videos she made promoting the Porky Action Program, I think I still prefer Miss Piggy.
      (with apologies of course to the original one)

  4. Anonymous8:47 AM

    I just love it when the left tries to paint their position on firearms as scientific. Always good for a laugh.

    But I shouldn't be so snarky. I'm sorry.

    Where does your rage come from Simon? Why do you think that we're so bad?

    There are two (2) publicly traded manufactures of firearms, Strum Ruger & Co, as well as Smith & Wesson. You may wantt to have a look at their stock price during the Obama years. And, you may want to contrast that with the American rate of homicide. Would you believe that more than a few towns in Texas have enjoyred a zero homicide rate? Smallish American cities often boast a rate of homicide which is enviable compared to similarly sized Canadian cities.

    Maybe, just maybe, the problems of Americans aren't caused by the proliferation of firearms. Maybe gangs, drugs, poverty and other socio-economic factors have far more to do with it.

    1. hi anon...look this is not a post about gun control, I'm not calling you bad unless you identify as a gun nut, which I do not call all gun owners. and I'm not the kind of person that rages against anything except injustice and brutality. And even then I'm extremely controlled and would never bully anyone. So there, do you feel better now?

    2. Anonymous7:28 AM

      This snopes article will explain real science; the links you posted were for fake science. Getting it wrong in this case is the difference between life or death for many people (this is why some would be deeply disturbed by your position).

      Plus, when you don't understand how science works - with peer-reviews and multiple studies - it makes you an easy target for cons (or Cons).


    3. Anonymous8:32 AM

      @Simon, no. By most metrics, I'm a gun nut. :-) You are very much the kind of person who has unresolved rage. It shouts behind every word you type.

      @anon - DT - for your next trick, why not read Dr. Langmann's study. As for cons, well, I hold a card, so...

      @anon - TS - And do you haunt the CBC's comment section with divisive angry remarks? Because that's where I often observe close-minded remarks such as yours. I was born here. If I had a choice, I might have chosen America. But I didn't have a choice. I might have chosen America, because if I had known that the level of public discourse would be reduced to the point where you're "disturbed" that I could be Canadian, and yet "walk among you," and you find that frightening demonstrates that your discomfort at having your ideas challenged changes the intrinsic identity of "Canadian" to someone who is thought-controlled, Big Brother style.

      Indeed, I can't help but note that the PMO has attempted to alter the historical record concerning the Prime Minister's speech in Davos. Interesting, don't you think?

  5. Anonymous9:10 AM

    I am embarrassed and sickened by Candiss Bergen and her over the top bullshit. She's not playing with a full deck as witnessed by a pic of her on her website She looks completely insane, which explains her outrageous claims. Someone please get her the help she needs.

    1. hi JD...yes I too am sickened by the over the top bullshit being spewed in every direction by so many Cons. I realize that it was a big shock, and they are bad losers, but enough is enough....

  6. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Anon 8:47 am, I cringe to think that you could be Canadian and walking among us. I kid you not. You are disturbing.


    1. Anonymous2:54 AM


      I feel the same way about you, that you are a poor excuse for a Canadian. And messed-up one at that. Seek help

  7. Anonymous3:59 PM

    "And by suggesting the opposite Bergen is either as big a liar as Harper, or as dumb as a spoon. And is without a doubt a grotesque hypocrite."

    I will take all 3 for 500 dollars, Alex

    1. hi anon...yes I should have offered a third option : Or ALL of the above. Which would be my personal choice... ;)

  8. I wish Anon folks would distinguish themselves better. How about ending each message with Anon 1, 2, 3 or Anon Bill etc.

    1. hi David...yes that's a good idea. That way people could still keep their anonymity, but have more of an online profile, and I could deal with them all in a more personal manner. Many of the comments are really excellent, and the readers who write them deserve more credit...

  9. Fortunately I'd never heard of her, other than the fact that she shares a name with an actress. But I love to wear black, and i'm not evil! My cat Renzo is black, and he really, really isn't evil, though the MP Bergen sounds like the kind who would conduct witchhunts against spinsters and black cats in the day...

    Just hope she fades into well-deserved oblivion.