Friday, January 01, 2016

Celebrating Our Harper-Free New Year: The Video.

I was hoping to write a post summing up this momentous year, looking ahead to what might happen in 2016.

So I could finally bury the memory of Stephen Harper, to the sight and sound of fireworks.

But I was too exhausted, for it was a rollercoaster of a year.

He was a real monster...

We really dodged a bullet. 

And when I think where Harper might have taken this country if he had been able to use fear and bigotry to snatch another bloody majority.

It still sends a shiver down my back.

But he didn't, we defeated him and his Cons.

He challenged us to stop him and his mighty Blue Machine...

And that's exactly what we did...

And by so doing showed ourselves what we can do when we are motivated, and organized, and work together.

Which should help us deal with anything the Cons throw at us in the next months and years.

Before, armed with a new electoral system, we are able to finish them off once and for all...

For it is a unique opportunity to destroy them, and it should be seized with both hands.

So we can finally stop worrying about them, start rebuilding what they have damaged, start dealing with our real problems...

Like poverty, hunger, sickness, and loneliness.

And start burying Stephen Harper's foul legacy in the garbage dump of history where it belongs...

I've started filing away some of the many images I made of him during the last nine and a half years.

But before I close that file completely, and considering it's New Year's Day in the New

I thought I'd pay a final tribute to that grubby little man with this little video...

Was there ever a fouler leader?

Was there ever a better reason to celebrate?

Are we going to finish off those Cons? You better believe it.

Thank you all for your incredible support and encouragement.

And Happy New Year everybody!!!

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  1. About electoral reform. Comments on the story of Rona and the senate firewall of hell were overwhelmingly anti con. This was in the Groat and Flail , our own tory bootlicking paper of record.

    If she has lost the Globe and the Sun is sinking, soon only Ezra will be arsecreeping her.

    1. hi rumleyfips....well that's good to know, the thought of using the corrupt Con senate to block the will of parliament should outrage all Canadians. But yes, she actually treats Levant's hate mongering Rebel media like a legitimate news organization. So if she keeps this nonsense up, it will be the only place she belongs...

  2. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Great video Simon, Happy New Year. Should a close look be taken at Mr.
    Poloz in 2016?

    1. hi anon...thank you, I'm glad you liked it. Unfortunately I did it in an awful rush, and didn't have time to finesse it, or add the proper pictures. But yes, I think it clearly states what I thought of Harper, and why we should celebrate. And yes, I am very wary of where Poloz is taking us, and he will have to be watched closely....

  3. Anonymous1:24 PM

    A new year, a new PM, new hope. The Tin Pot Dictator is no more even though his cling-ons try to keep his nightmare alive. They will fail for the real Canada awoke and vanquished the tyrant forever and will do the same to the remnants of this foul waste of skin.
    Happy New Year Simon, Happy New Year to you all.

    1. hi JD....yes it is a new year, with a new and better Prime Minister, and I can't remember a more hopeful time. So Happy New Year to you and yours !!!!

  4. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Happy Harper free 2016 to you too, Simon. Thanks for your great articles that had kept up our spirits during the darkest days when it had seemed that we were doomed for yet more years of this ghastly and corrupt regime. The fight is not over yet but you already knew that. :)

    1. hi anon...well thank you, and I'm very happy to hear that I was able to help keep up your spirits during our long nightmare. For it certainly was a very dark time, and the monster did try to break our fighting spirit. But he failed, we defeated him, as we will defeat the survivors of his cruel cult. Know we know how good it feels to have brought down the cult leader, it should encourage us to finish off the others.

  5. Happy New Year everyone!

  6. What I like to know: Does Harper still employ his full time hairdresser?

    Why didn't the Con-friendly press mention that fact when they were criticizing Justin for employing two nannies out of his PM expense account?

    1. hi David....I don't know, but one can only hope that when he lost the limo, he also lost the hairdresser. Maybe that's why he is so reluctant to show his face in public these days. He doesn't feel pretty enough... ;)

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  9. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Happy New Year everyone! Thank you Simon, love this blog. Only wish I discovered it sooner than a day or two after this election. But once I did, I was reading for hours trying to catch up, loving every minute. It's helped me to become engaged in politics again.

    All the best in 2016.


    1. hi TS...thanks for your kind words. I'm just glad you did find this blog, and I'm absolutely thrilled that it has helped you become engaged in politics again. If after almost ten years I have only convince a handful of people to feel like you I would consider all that work more than worth it. So thank you again, and Happy Progressive New Year to you and yours !!!

  10. Best part of Harper’s gov't is that he insisted on us calling it that, “The Harper government” the beautiful thing is that history will talk about the Canadian gov't : he did us a favour by writing his own sorry ass out of our history. He deserves credit for that move, and that move alone. But bye Harper!

    1. hi Stepher...yes it really was outrageous how the Cons tried to call it the Harper government and flooded even the weather page of Environment Canada with propaganda calling him that. So I'm really happy to see how all of that has changed, and that ghastly porky propaganda has indeed ended up in the garbage can or the sausage factory of history...

  11. e.a.f.9:06 PM

    electoral reform ought to be about providing citizens a better method of electing their politicians, not ensuring any single party is not re-elected. That is not what democracy is about. As awful as the federal Cons were/are, they still have 100 seats in Parliament and they do represent a large number of people in this country. In a democracy its about everyone having a say and everyone being represented. It isn't about any one ideology "squashing" another. so yes, I'm in favour of re-examining our electoral system, but not so we can quash on party in favour of another. Having lived a long time and been a student of history some times good parties can go bad. lets not make it seriously difficult to get rid of them, when they go bad.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! FINALLY FREE OF HARPER! It certainly is a new year and a new approach to government. Lets make it work.

    1. It pains me to admit but Canada needs a right of Centre voice to maintain "balance."

      The CPC as currently constituted is NOT that voice. Instead these are mostly greasy power hungry inflexible right wing ideologues/fundamentalists who make the Mulroney Tories seem reasonable and just.

      If electoral reform is the only way for the country clubbers and red Tories can take back their party and shove the reformers into the fringes then that is fine with me.

    2. hi e.a.f....electoral reform will provide citizens with a better way of electing their politicians. And the only reason the Cons stand to be the big losers is because of the right wing party they have created. If they want to be more successful all they have to do is become a more centrist party. So their fate is in their own hands.
      But yes Happy New Harper Free year to you too !!!

  12. Visit Your MP About Proportional Representation Jan 2-25

  13. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Hi Simon,

    I agree with everything stated by Anonymous 3:14, and then some. You have done so much through your blog - with your passion, your determination and your love for Canada - through the darkest days of the past 10 years.

    Without a doubt, your articles helped fired up the same feelings in many a Canadian who had given up hope, and many more who previously had little or no interest in politics. Those of us who have read your blog faithfully, since the beginning, know that your efforts took a toll on you and often resulted in frustration, exhaustion and downright despair.

    It was a long battle (not yet over), but thank you, thank you for hanging in there. You are valued in the blogosphere, Simon.

    As always,
    Wendy (in Cobourg)