Thursday, January 28, 2016

Stephen Harper, the Harper Cat, and the Latest Porky Scandal

As you know I have been frantically searching for Stephen Harper all over Canada and the United States.

And I've even adjusted my missing wanted poster to reflect how he looked when he was spotted outside a Shake Shack in Las Vegas. 

With a weird smile on his face, several days of stubble, and a baseball cap pulled down over his nose.

But so far no luck.

And no sadly this was not him...

Even if that eerily realistic terracotta statue of a four-footed Steve did rile up some of his supporters.

“Are you sure you are supporting art when putting the ‘Harper’ cat on your front page? This is sick! Would you dare to depict Mohammed in such a manner?” asked Ziggy Eckardt, commenting on the Burnaby NOW’s website. 

 “I know we have freedom of speech and expression, but you don’t have to print this disgusting stuff,” added Allan MacLeod in a letter to the editor. 

As only Cons can get riled up...

And even though the artists who created the HarperCat had a very reasonable explanation.

“The HarperCat was my personal statement on the practices of the past Conservative government in crushing the law, culture and traditions that make Canada a great place to live.” 

One I'm sure about twenty million other Canadians can easily understand.

And if those Harper supporters want to get riled up about a real scandal, this one is so much more outrageous. 

According to a newly disclosed internal Department of Finance poll, close to half of all Canadians say they've never heard of Stephen Harper's "Economic Action Plan." 

And that's after the former Conservative government blew over a hundred million dollars running ads promoting the darn thing.

Can you believe that? 

He spent a gazillion dollars of OUR money trying to brainwash us into believing he was a Great Economist Leader... 

And so many Canadians didn't even notice.

Even though this latest scandal does so concisely sum up his porky government: wasteful AND ineffective.

It does help explain why Canada is only in 9th place on this list of least corrupt countries.

I mean with a leader like that one, we should consider ourselves lucky not to be sharing a dark place in the Hall of Shame with Zimbabwe and Uzbekistan.

And it does make it even more urgent in my opinion, why he should return to Ottawa to answer questions about that scandal and so many others.

Instead of running around the U.S. trying to keep a low profile...

Oh well, I will keep looking for him. 

Before he makes to Mexico, and tries to take over El Chapo's empire. 

Because a Con artist is a Con artist, and they are capable of anything.

And I want him taken ALIVE.

Or before he makes it to the 9th Planet, as Rick Mercer explains...

Which although it is a horrible thought does give me an idea.

If we can't bring him back to Ottawa to face justice. And hopefully jail him for all his crimes against Canada.

And the stench of corruption he left behind.

Could we at least hope that he ends up on a REALLY unfriendly planet?

Because he really was the worst and most corrupt Prime Minister this country has ever known.

We are still paying for his crimes and his incompetence.

And if he never returned to Ottawa, Rona Ambrose might not know who to take her orders from.

But I'm pretty sure most Canadians would not miss him...

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  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Harper has gone from $19.6 million in annual security, with total cost over runs in 2014 for his time as PM of $24 million, to nothing. That's quite a reality check for someone of his personality type. I have half joked that with all of his taunting of Putin and deliberately bumping into him at G8, that Harper may fear Polonium-210 poisoning like the poor Litvinenko.

    Just checked the US department of State website, and in some cases they do offer protection to former heads of state. Could Harper be finding solace South of our boarder in a security detail? Maybe not, but it is an interesting thought.


    1. Hi TS....yes it must be quite a comedown for Great Leader. He had a massive security service surrounding him. He travelled around in a motorcade bigger than Obama's, believe it or not. I know I've seen them both. And as we know he is a pathetic cowardly closet queen, as most Cons are due to their enlarged amygdala or fear gland. So it very well may be that he is now too scared to go out in public. It is a pathetic ending but only one he deserves....

  2. One would think that those who voted him back in in Alberta, would want him on the hill to collect his salary?????????

    1. Hi Kathleen....yes, good point. Why are people in his riding allowing him to get away with this pathetic disappearing act? I know many Albertans would vote for a donkey if it was running for the Cons, and they did polish Harper's ass with their lips for so long. But you'd think they would have some self respect, and demand that he do the job he is being paid to do.
      If Harper is too cowardly to do his job they should demand he resign...

  3. The Inaction Plan was a metaphor for the Harper Government. Lots of fanfare and lots of money spent on looking good and the end result was a lot of nothing.

    1. Hi Dan... Yes it was a metaphor for the Con regime. All talk, or grunting, and no action, and all paid for by taxpayers . And let's not forget the outright fraud as I pointed out in this video I made

      They stole, they cheated, they are the foulest government in Canadian history, and if there was any justice they should all be in jail serving long sentences...

  4. .. Well said & well illustrated as usual Simon ! My belief currently is that deep inside, Canadians wait to see how The Right Honorable MP for Calgary Heritage comports himself. IE.. is he a former Prime Minister, able to shift with some grace and composure to the formal opposition benches and ably represent his voting constituents and perform his public servant duties as a Parliamentarian, paid by Canadian taxpayers?

    So far, it seems not. Seemingly closeted in Calgary when not traveling, the former PM neither appears or explains his absence. And so far, Mainstream Media is 99% united in avoiding any mention of the empty seat, closest to the exit, beside the new Speaker of the House. The smell or stench is there.. and so is the malicious & salacious Poilievre, the sack of hammers Steven Blaney, the squat toadling Peter Van Loan.. and apparently a load of loud heckling Alberta MP's whining how 'nobody stands up for Albertans' ..

    Certainly Stephen Harper is not....

    1. Hi salamander...thank you, I'm glad you liked the post and my little photoshops. I find so many in Canada so gloomy these days I thought I'd do my best to try to make people laugh. Although I've got some badly bruised ribs these days so every time I laugh it hurts. :) But yes isn't it interesting how the Con media is letting him pull this cowardly disappearing act, without demanding that he do his job or resign?
      They collaborated with that foul regime like the lowest of traitors, and still they are serving them....

  5. e.a.f.1:22 PM

    I don't care where Harper is. he is no longer P.M. and that is all I care about. What he did, while in office, was perhaps unethical, but illegal, hardly.

    The new Liberal government has started to undo Harper's uncivilized actions and that is enough. Just do away with Harper's wrongs and start new and fresh. Works for me. Let him be a dot in history.

    Those left in his party are appealing to their base and not much else. Trudeau's popularity continues. the Liberals continue to work. To bad Harper with his "attitude", declared Iran a terrorist nation and closed our Embassy there. they are now in Europe, "shopping". Contracts for billions are being signed. had Harper not taken these actions, Canada also could have gotten contracts with Iran. A country with 80 million citizens and hundreds of billions in the bank, and on a shopping trip. Too bad the Canadian store wasn't open.

    Harper was such an idiot. Saudi Arabia is a terrorist state and it was just fine to sell them araments. Iran is shopping for airlines, health equipment, etc.

    1. Hi e.a.f....what Harper did was criminal and an assault on our democracy, and there can be no real freedom until he is made to pay for his crimes....

  6. If I was a constituent in the Calgary-Heritage riding, I'd be phoning 403-253-7990 once a week and asking: When is Mr. Harper going to show up for work?

    And emailing:

    1. Hi David ...yes, as I told Kathleen you'd think those Con cowboys would have some self respect, and at the very least demand that their MP turn up to work. If Harper is collecting his pay without working he is guilty of fraud. Again. And he should be fired immediately....

    2. e.a.f.11:04 PM

      I would suggest the cons are just as happy that Steve isn't coming into the "office". If they are to give the impression they are the "new Cons", then they don't need him as a reminder. On the other hand some may not want him around in case someone starts a "draft Steve" movement. Well its not like there are a lot of candidates who could win.