Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Con Clown Rex Murphy's Ghastly Anti-Trudeau Campaign

Once upon a time I used to fly though the air like Peter Pan in search of the remote control, whenever the ghastly Rex Murphy popped up on my big TV.

In a desperate attempt to change the channel, before his oily fumes started pouring out of every orifice, and before that scary bulging eye started following me around the room.

But now I just sit there staring numbly at the screen and wondering: why is that Con teabagger on the CBC? Is this Canada or Trumpville?

And this is just the latest reason why I think he should be fired.

Because while I have numbed myself to his insane climate change denier rants. And I can cover my eyes and ears when he starts rambling on about Pamela Anderson's breasts or Madonna's whatever.

And while I've almost forgotten that he once advocated invoking the notwithstanding clause to deny gay Canadians their human rights, or their right to get married.

Or the way he made a beast out of himself during the hideous niqab debate...

When he went after yet another marginalized group in a manner that can only be described as shameless and cowardly.

It seems to me that when goes on TV to promote a controversial pipeline, while being paid big bucks by Big Oil to give speeches glorifying their dubious achievements, it is a clear conflict of interest.

Even by the CBC's notoriously lax standards.

No conflict should exist or appear to exist between the private interests of CBC/Radio-Canada employees and their official duties. Employees must not use their positions to further their personal interests.

Because can anyone deny that the more Murphy promotes Big Oil, the more money the grateful grease monkeys will be willing to pay him?

So it is a conflict of interest, and the fact that the CBC's hapless managers can't seem to see that, makes me wonder whether they are really that dumb, or whether they are still under the thumb of their Con overlords. 

Or both.

Which is absolutely appalling, but certainly does help explain how a scandal like this one could happen. 

Because neither that scandal nor the Murphy scandal could have happened, if those CBC managers weren't so hopelessly incompetent and/or unethical.

And so willing to give bullies the blind eye.

And then there's that other problem. The fact that ever since Justin Trudeau was elected, Murphy has used his bully pulpit at the CBC and at the National Post to attack him in the manner that would make Ezra Levant envious.

For where once his hate it was merely systematic, now it's hysterical.

And one has to wonder whether Murphy has found a new gig for himself as the unofficial but high profile spokesman for the Harper/Ambrose Party...

And what that might do to what's left of the CBC's sagging reputation.

So yes, I think it is time to take back the CBC, or put the Canada back in the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation.

The Con board should be given the boot.

So should at least half of its useless managers.

And the ghastly Con teabagger Rex Murphy should be fired tomorrow...

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  1. Anonymous6:58 AM

    We most definitely need a purge of the highest order. The CBC has been manipulated for the Cons for far too long.

    And Rex needs to be humiliated before being fired for what's he's doing to Canada.

    To hell with the pipelines, the oil patch and to hell with Rex and Rona.

    1. hi anon...yes something does need to be done. Those wretched Cons are acting as if THEY won the election. I'm a big supporter of the CBC and The National is my favourite news program. But it is the CANADIAN Broadcasting Corporation and it needs to live up to that name...

  2. .. vexy Rexy really deserves to have his gaseous opinionation, cheerless snark & pompous inflated ego - pricked, punctured & sent whooshing off to his far overdue - retirement .. and a resounding public silence. Someone should demand a public minimal accurate analysis from this overpaid overbearing old stock snotling regarding his cheerleading for Energy East.. As a public service, a coherent retraction and sincere apology for spouting falsehoods would be required.

    Bleating the Big Energy mantra in his convoluted tired lexicon and 'style' is hardly useful in 2016.
    Hopefully there's a simple reservoir of the sheer nonsense he peddles.. and dipping into that public record for choice examples of absolute bitumen blather is child's play.

    A great challenge for primary school Canadian students would be comparing fundamental facts about Canada's energy status quo - to the distorted baloney Rex Murphy spews at parents from his public pulpit. Best to have this vaguely amusing fairy tale spinner, humiliated by his betters.. ie schoolchildren.. Any coherent adult or parent who embraces the preposterous utterings of this egotistical shill are perfect candidates to donate to Jason Kenney, Kevin O'Leary, a sack of hammers like Peter MacKay.. or experiments to revive a political pariah & Big Oil zombie named Stephen Harper.

    Here's a simple mathematical equation to stimulate curiosity regsrding Energy East. That former natural gas pipeline will send a variety of Alberta tar sand dilbit east - plus various crudes from Saskatchewan etc.. all told, approx 1.1 million barrels daily, aimed at Quebec and New Brunswick. What is the daily refining capability of the three refineries and ports? What other pipeline or supertanker sources are currently feeding those same refineries daily.. and from where?

    Well goodness gracious, lordy me n Halleluja Rex Murphy ! If schoolchildren can add up big round numbers.. and Maritime Canada needs approx 250 thousand barrels of crude per day.. and those refineries can process in total about 500 thousand a day.. and Newfoundland is sending about 200 thousand a day, and the US of A is sending even more.. and of far higher grade shale oil.. and the Maritimes themselves are supplying crude.. and the Saudis are landing supertankers daily.. where in hell is that Alberta blended bitumen crude going?

    Stephen Harper, bless his soul, told us that 'discointed' western dilbit was going to provide 'energy security' for Canadians ! What do you say Rex Murphy ? A nation of eager schoolchildren await your pontification on the matter..

    1. Anonymous11:23 PM

      Eastern refineries cannot process dibit without expensive upgrades so most of the 1.1 million barrels per day will be leaving St Johns on super tankers destined for Europe and Asia. Additionally "pet coke" is a byproduct of refining dibit and contains high amounts of sulfur and heavy metals so it will not be used in Canadian coal fired plants and will either end up as secure landfill or be exported to less environmentally conscious countries.Because of these hurtles it is likely the crazy math of both importing and exporting oil along the eastern coast will persist for some time. This math is not nearly as crazy as the one where the producers are loosing money on every barrel of oil yet want to invest billions in infrastructure to ramp up in the belief its only temporary. Besides they believe they are too big to fail so banks and governments will keep propping them up until the tide turns. Where have we heard that before?

    2. hi salamander...great comment, which sums up the whole insane situation in an excellent manner. I simply can't believe that Rex Murphy is being allowed to spew his nonsense on our CBC, as if it was the Teabagger Broadcasting Corporation. It's an insult to our intelligence and our values. Especially since as you point out the mathematics make no sense. And a very strong argument can be made that the tarry sludge should be left in the ground if the planet is to be saved. Besides, from what I understand, Canada is already exporting a record amount of it to the United States, and at the present price is not doing Alberta one bit of good...

    3. hi excellent comment from you too. I am really impressed by the intelligence and knowledge of so many of those who comment here. The fact that a would be energy superpower has such limited refining capabilities is beyond belief and worthy of a banana republic. Until we recognize the limits of our bitumen dreams, we will never move beyond them and properly prepare for a greener future. It really is like shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic...

  3. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Rot in CBC is systemic and at highest level. Amazes me that as a tax funded corporation, this is still going on after so many scandals.


    1. hi TS...there are a lot of very talented and dedicated people who work at the CBC, but they are being let down by their useless managers, who don't seem to realize that the Harper regime has been defeated, and they don't have to dance to its tune anymore. Or for that matter realize that progressives are their only friends, and the Cons want to destroy them. But then like so many other Canadian institutions the CBC has been badly damaged by the Harper years, and hopefully like the country itself, it can be healed...

    2. Anonymous10:54 AM

      Hi Simon, Yes there are many excellent journalists at the CBC. I feel empathy for them with Weird Rex in their midst. I always ran for radio dial or remote when Rex gets on the air because he just creeps me out. Never thought he was playing with a full deck.

      Trudeau does have a lot on his plate with undoing Harper, and other challenges of 2016. Thank you for two posts on RM, at least we are talking about it.


  4. boobalicious....that word is just not worked into the conversation enough anymore
    rex uses verbage and vocabulary as the lipstick for the pig he is selling
    which tells you
    he is always selling
    and what he is selling is generally very ugly
    boobalicious ....such a great word

    1. hi lungta...I used the word because I thought it summed up Murphy's lubricious vocabulary, which when dealing with women verges on the pornographic. The man is a disgusting little tinpot demagogue, and his message couldn't be uglier...

  5. Anonymous12:05 PM

    It's like CBC's The National has a Sun News moment when that creepy old curmudgeon is on. Time to put old Rexy out to pasture or better yet, he could play Gollum in the Lord of the Rings and talk about his "precious" all day.

    1. hi JD...I'm not kidding when I say that watching Rex Murphy's hollow diatribes is for me a painful experience. And inflicting that video on my poor readers makes me feel very guilty indeed. But yes, now that you mention it, Rexy would make an excellent preciooooous. Let me see what I can do... ;)

  6. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Yes, that's right. Let's have a purge of the CBC and make it completely left wing. That'll show all those right-wingers who want it defunded.

    1. hi anon...any and every Canadian institution must be purged of all its Cons, for they do not know what the word Canadian means, and al they ever did was try to destroy them...

  7. The odds of Rex Murphy being fired by CBC execs are essentially ZERO (unless charged with an offense, like Jian Ghomeshi was)

    So CBC COULD revamp the format for Murphy. Why should he get free rein with no opportunity for rebuttal?

    The CBC producers should have a journalist/reporter take Murphy on like CBS News used to do with their regular "Point - Counter Point" segment on 60 Minutes in the 1970's:

    For most of the 1970s, the program included Point/Counterpoint, in which a liberal and a conservative commentator debated a particular issue. This segment originally featured James J. Kilpatrick representing the conservative side and Nicholas von Hoffman for the liberal, with Shana Alexander taking over for von Hoffman after he departed in 1974. The segment was an innovation that caught the public imagination as a live version of competing editorials.


    Point Counterpoint from January 1 1978

    1. hi David...yes, what I object to the most is that a right-winger like Murphy is allowed to rant and rave like a teabagger without ever having his views challenged. It only makes a bad situation worse. So yes the idea of a Point Counter Point is a very good idea. For I haven't the slightest doubt that if Murphy was ever challenged he would be totally demolished and made to look like an absolute idiot...