Thursday, January 07, 2016

The Day the Ghost of Stephen Harper Came Back to Haunt Us

Another day has gone by, and Stephen Harper is still missing. There have been more UFO sightings in the last month than there have been of him.

So I'm glad to see the pictures on the milk cartons have been updated to show how desperate he might look today.

But then there were a lot of Canadians looking like that yesterday.

After his ghost or his mummy came back to haunt us.

And prove once and for all, that he was no Great Economist Leader. 

Oil skidded to its lowest level in more than 11 years despite heightening tension in the Middle East, extending a dismal run for Canadian stocks and the loonie.

On Wednesday, Canada’s benchmark heavy crude price was hit hard again, falling below $20 (U.S.) a barrel for the first time since record-keeping for that grade began seven years ago.

The Canadian dollar, which sank 16 per cent last year, has now reached depths last seen in August, 2003, and further weakening is possible.

And although the Cons are screaming all over the internet that it's all Justin Trudeau's fault !!#@!!

There can no longer be any doubt that Harper's decision to put all our eggs in one oily basket or barrel, has led us to the verge of disaster...

His decision to sell us out to the Chinese government...

Now seems like madness.

Another sell-off in the fragile Chinese stock markets heightened investors’ fears around the world that Chinese equities are wildly overvalued for an economy that may be slowing faster than expected, threatening its ability to prop up global growth. 

On Thursday, China halted stock trading for the second time this week after shares fell more than 7 per cent, roiling the world markets and sending oil down more than 5 per cent in one of the biggest energy selloffs since the 2008 financial crisis.

And his claims during the election that only HE could lead us to prosperity...

Have now been exposed as nothing but lies, or the work of a shabby Con artist.

One can only imagine what he might have done if he had won the election BEFORE his lies were exposed...

Or how much more suffering he might have inflicted on Canadians.

Even as rising food prices are already sending many poor Canadians to bed hungry.

And all I can say is that Harper can hide, but he will not escape the verdict of history.

Rona Ambrose and her Cons are going to wear this one all the way to the next election...

And if you do spot Stephen Harper, or his ghost, please alert the competent authorities.

So he can be held accountable for his economic crimes against Canada.

And hopefully sent to the place he truly belongs...

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Scotian said...

Got to love how while the CPC were still the government all the economic bad news was as a result of international influences that could not be avoided, whereas less than two months into the Trudeau government it is all because the Trudeau government has destroyed the Canadian economy! Of course the reality is that the situation is a combination of the bad international climate combined with the disastrous economic policies the Harper CPC government put in place and stuck to for a decade. Harper made resource extraction and sale the primary focus and mostly let manufacturing and value-added (except for military products) fall by the way-side.

This was exactly the wrong way to go, and we would have been in far better shape now if Harper had put some real focus into technology and especially green technology development, not because of it placating the environmentalists, but because it also was good economic sense especially given how the rest of the world was turning. That is what shows Harper was no conservative economist in traditional terms, he even ignored good basic conservative economic considerations in the way he mismanaged the Canadian economy for his energy sector sponsors (who I expect were the ones who pad for his CA leadership bid, the donor list he never publicly released, which given his view on unions having to disclose and Aboriginal communities needing to disclose was yet another example of harpocrisy in action but I digress)

I suspect 2016 will be the year where the myth of Harper the great economist and strong leader/defender of the Canadian economy will meet its doom. This is looking to be a very rough year, and the fallout for the bad choices made by Harper will become more and more obvious to every serious person regardless of political affiliations, and the serious academics who study such things, wow, the degree of pointedness they will be having on this topic should be indeed a sight to see!

It takes any new government many months to a year or more to really start being responsible for the impact of government policy on national economies, this is a well known truth/fact. Which is why we always judge the first year of a new incoming government's economic data primarily on the outgoing government, which is why Harper gets no credit for the early surpluses which were clear from Martin and Chretien's actions, and the reason we weathered the 2008 fiscal banking crisis was also as a direct result of the policies of the Libs, and rightly seen as so even at the time. This has always been the area of governing that takes the longest to make new impressions in and lingers the longest after a government of length has been defeated. This is not news.

e.a.f. said...

Harper tied the Canadian economy to oil. that was not a good thing. We had our "fun" during the good times, now its back to normal except there is no manufacturing really left in Canada. the jobs aren't there. A country which relies pretty much on resource exports is bound to feel the pinch when those commodities fall in price. If a country doesn't produce things, (manufacture) they will develop a failing economy.

All those free trade deals are not helping the Canadian economy and that started when Mulroney signed the first of them with NAFTA. had Canada not done that, we might be in better shape today because we might have a few more manufacturing jobs left.

with people trying to buy homes in the Toronto/Vancouver area, locals are putting most of their money into their homes and don't have a lot of disposable income left.

Steve might have a degree in economics, but he had no real practical experience in life. "what do you expect.

Tying your economic life line to one country or one sector is not a good thing.

We might want to start an oil refinery in Alberta, keep the oil for Canadian use and keep some of our money in Canada also. Sending it to oil companies outside of Canada was never a good idea.

jj said...

Hind sight is always 20/20.
Let's see just how much hindsight this government will have at the end of its term