Friday, January 29, 2016

Jesus Harper and the End of The Office of Religious Freedom

Stephen Harper likes to call himself a Christian, and some of his supporters have been known to call him Jesus Harper.

But both claims couldn't be more absurd or more blasphemous.

Harper is too evil to be a Christian. It is just an act designed to appeal to his monstrous satanic base.

And now it seems that his hollow instrument, the so-called Office of Religious Freedom, is about to be destroyed.

Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion has given his strongest indication yet that the writing is on the wall for Canada’s Office of Religious Freedom. 

Speaking at a foreign policy conference Thursday, Dion said the Liberal government, like the Conservatives before them, will continue to champion religious freedom abroad. But he said religious freedom should not be “disconnected” from other human rights. 

“Human rights are interdependent, universal and indivisible,” he said. “How can you enjoy freedom of religion if you don’t have freedom of conscience? Freedom of speech? Freedom of mobility?”

For all the right reasons. 

Jason Kenney was it's only real disciple, or would be Messiah...

For the same crass and very ungodly purpose.

It never did anything to champion the cause of religious freedom, for those who weren't right-wing Christians, or right-wing Jews,

It remained silent while Harper and his monstrous Con bigots went after Muslims in this country.

It was a farce, and an outrageous waste of money.

The Liberals should destroy it as soon as possible.

And drive yet another nail into Jesus Harper's hollow legacy...

Golly or Godly. Justin Trudeau really is destroying everything the monster built.

It's all going up in flames.

And isn't it heavenly?

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  1. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Capitalizing anybody's name shows a mark of respect for that person. Stop wasting precious energy on ur computer by doing that with heil harper's name, Simon.
    So, if we get rid of the office of religious freedom, does that mean junkyard dog baird can't be important anymore and and that we can't turn in our parents and neighbors on trumped-up, idiot "charges" like the hitler youth were taught to do and pig-in-the-polk ambrose and mad dog candy become even more preposterous and irrelevant? To quote one of my folk heroes from "Hackers": "I think so!!!"
    (Wry smiles all around the table....)

    1. hi anon...while I do want to agree with you, capitalizing a name for me is not a matter of respect, it's just a grammatical convention. But yes, having John Baird pose as a champion of the religious fanatics, was an abomination and absolutely hilarious. And no, I don't think pig-in-the polk Ambrose and mad dog or hog Candy could be more absurd...

  2. Percivus7:38 AM

    Yes, because it's 2016!

  3. Anonymous9:33 AM

    I will cheer when it is gone.

  4. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Gotta love Stephane Dion! Can see why Chrétien recruited him all those years ago. We are so fortunate to have the elected Liberal government of today. Need that electoral reform to protect our system from crooks. BTW wasn't Maryam Monsef amazing during question period? we really are lucky to have her in Cabinet (a refugee at that :-)) lucky Canada).


  5. Christianity, like any other faith, is putrefied by fundamentalism. Makes little difference whether it is Christian, Muslim, Judaic, Hindu even Buddhist. Harper was a fundamentalist and his religious notions were squarely at odds with the teachings of the figure he purported to worship.

    1. Harper believed it was better to do to others before they did to him! That's why he sicked Revenue Canada after environmental groups and charities who disagreed with his policies. And keep in mind not all Christians are fundamentalists eg.

  6. Anonymous4:10 PM

    We need a Freedom From Religion Office.

    1. hi anon...yes, considering what religious fanatics of all stripes are doing to this world, a Freedom from Religion Office would make more sense....

  7. You're absolutely right, Anon 4:10. Freedom of Religion cannot exist without Freedom from Religion.

    1. hi Mound...although I try not to go out of my way to offend people's religious beliefs, and I try to see the good parts in all of them, I do give thanks that I am an atheist...

  8. e.a.f.8:26 PM

    Just another reason I like Dion. The sooner that ridiculous department is deep 6ed, the happier I'll be.