Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Cowardly Attack on Refugees and the Silence of the Cons

I'm glad that police in Vancouver are calling it a truly disturbing hate crime. 

Vancouver Police Chief Adam Palmer is calling a pepper spray attack outside a welcome event for Syrian refugees a very troubling hate crime and asked the perpetrator to turn himself in.

I'm glad that Justin Trudeau is saying it's not who we are.

But what I also find truly disturbing is the silence of the Cons.

For while Rona Ambrose did tweet this out...

Her enthusiastic support for the divisive policies of the depraved Harper regime that lit the fires of bigotry, somewhat blunted her statement. Or made it sound hypocritical.

And from her shadow minister for refugees Michelle Rempel, there was absolutely nothing. Rien. Nada.

Because as you know she's been too busy doing other things...

And this was her last tweet on the refugee subject five days ago.

Which was followed by this timely reminder of Rempel's shabby record.

And this tweet from her good buddy Sheila Gunn Reid.

A wannabe Anne Coulter, and the Alberta "Bureau" Chief of Ezra Levant's hate mongering site The Rebel.

The one who just couldn't wait to show Rempel the FABULOUS sweater she got for Christmas...

Which tells you what part of the Con loonyverse she's coming from.

If you didn't know already.

From the Rebel Roach Motel where its self styled Rebel Commander also had nothing to say about the pepper spray attack.

At least until he can figure out how to blame it on Justin Trudeau AND the refugees...

And can use it to milk his dumb redneck followers for even more bigot dollars.

Or in the case of The Rebel, nickels, dimes, ANYTHING.

While at the official Conservative site there was also no mention of the cowardly attack. 

Just this:

Because they can't afford to lose even one of their bigoted supporters, they are shameless and they are desperate.

As they should be.

For we will not forget or forgive how they whipped up hatred against these helpless refugees...

Who trusted us to provide them with a safe haven, and whose reaction couldn't be more moving.

And the good news?

We are going to show them and the world, that what happened isn't who we are.

And we are going to use electoral reform to drive the Cons from power forever.

And put out the ghastly fires this fallen monster started...

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Anonymous said...

The Cons know that our new friends will never vote Conservative and their children and hopefully their children's children will be taught which Govt. saved their lives and which one didn't care if they drowned. I hope it gives them nightmares. :)))) Pam.

Anonymous said...

Who do you figure approved the authorization to transport for Mohamed and Mohamed to take a restricted firearm to a nightclub?

Simon said...

hi Pam...that's a hopeful way to look at the situation. And their bigotry did help defeat the Cons in the last election. But really what monsters the Con are, and aren't we glad we got rid of them?