Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Hermit Harper's Horrible and Embarrassing Day

Well we still don't know where Stephen Harper is hiding, for there hasn't been a sighting in days. 

We don't know whether the man they're now calling Hermit Harper, is holed up in a closet, or living in a car, or getting plastic surgery.

Or living in Ray Kovac's garage, like his Robin once lived in his....

Or whether he is still wandering around Las Vegas, like poor Howard Hughes did after he went crazy.

But what we can say is he's lucky he didn't surface yesterday.

Because that would have been REALLY embarrassing.

He would have been running from one bad new's story after the other. Starting with this one. 

A former elementary school teacher who once played drums in Stephen Harper’s occasional rock band has been sentenced to two years in jail on sexual exploitation charges. Phillip Nolan pleaded guilty in October to two counts of sexual interference involving a 13-year-old girl.

He was also one of three regular members of Herringbone, a Celtic folk band that backed up then-prime minister Harper, who played keyboard and sang in live performances in Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary.

Not because Harper can be blamed for anything. But having your name associated with sex and children is never a good thing.

And it's sure to make a lot of Canadians wonder yet again: 

Is he attracted to people who get in trouble?

Or are they attracted to HIM?


And of course music being such a big part of his life, and The Boner being his band.

It must hurt...

Or be giving him nightmares...

Just like this other bad news story must be keeping him awake at night. 

An Ontario court will hear former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro’s appeal this week of his conviction for breaking election spending rules. Del Mastro, once parliamentary secretary to then-prime minister Stephen Harper, was sentenced to one month in jail and four months’ house arrest for breaking the spending limit on his 2008 election campaign in Peterborough.

For obvious reasons...

It's one thing to have your longtime band mate go to jail. But having your Parliamentary Secretary go to the Big House just a week later could be REALLY embarrassing.

And let's not forget that the grand finale of the Mike Duffy trial in just a few weeks is also promising to be quite a show...

And is bound to raise those same old questions again. Are they attracted to HIM? Or is he attracted to THEM?

As well as the big question: should Duffy go to jail, or should Harper?

Which is good too, because let's not forget that it's still the Harper Party, and that by discrediting him we discredit all the others. And make it harder for them to rebuild.

And what I find ironic is that the man who spent millions trying to improve his image, is now too afraid to show his face. And is letting others define him.

Which won't end well for him...

For it only makes him look like he's guilty of something.

Or is running from the past.

And with a little luck that will help destroy them all...

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  1. I'll never forget old Maestro Steve serenading that youngster on the keyboards with the song Imagine. I wonder if Herr Harper ever really listened to the lyrics on John Lennon's Imagine. I wonder if his evangelical sycophants ever listened to the message of the song, especially the "no religion" mantra. I mean here's a guy who has no qualms hamming it up for the cameras, singing a song that repudiates everything he stands for. What a hypocrite.
    On another note, in my opinion, 2 years for statutory rape, abusing the trust of authority and stealing the innocence of a child is a joke. Our legal system is a joke. There are people who are doing harder time for cannabis charges. They should have tacked on another two years just for the shitty music they played. Please clean this mess up, Justin.

    1. hi GreazedLitenen... the sight of Stephen Harper singing Imagine is ghastly beyond belief. An absolute travesty. And one of the things I give thanks for is that hopefully I will never have to listen to him sing again. He not only ruined this country, he ruined so many songs...

  2. Anonymous10:32 AM

    If you're not with us,you're with the child pornographers

    1. Well he certainly never was with us, but now we know who he was with.

    2. hi anon...now you've put a horrible idea in my head. Stevie pounding the keyboard and old Vic Toews crooning like a vampire...

    3. hi ron...yes, birds of a dubious feather, do tend to flock together...

  3. Anonymous11:23 AM

    From all perspectives, a small victory for music lovers every where.

    Read the twitter account of Charlie the Chinchilla (a Harper family pet) for gritty insights on Steve's endeavors in the world of music.

    1. hi anon...it certainly is a big victory for music lovers. And I have enjoyed Charlie Chinchilla's diary a lot. It's a brilliant idea and very funny. Although I worry that poor Charlie may end up in Laureen's hands, as a pair of gloves... ;)

  4. Anonymous12:35 PM

    You think the puppet of PM Butts is going to clean-up anything? Wow, people really fell hard for him.

    1. Anonymous8:30 AM

      You really make no sense anon 12:56 PM. Are you nine?


    2. hi anon...well he has got off to a good start. A lot of Stephen Harper's laws and projects are ending up on the cutting room floor, or on a big bonfire. Don't be so bitter and, come warm your hands, and bring some marshmallows to toast...

  5. Anonymous1:00 PM

    2 years is pretty light for the "fiddling" drummer. They should have tossed Harper in there as well for his "assault" on our ears and for his "fraudulent" portrayal of someone with talent. As for Dean Del Fatso, I hope the judge tacks on a few more months to his sentence for wasting the courts time with his sanctimonious bullshit. What part of guilty do you not understand Deano?

    1. hi JD...yes, it's hard to believe that the Deaner is still keeping up his legal battle against that judge. Let's hope her patience is finally exhausted, and does add a couple of months on to his sentence...

  6. Are they attracted to HIM? Or is he attracted to THEM

    It has to be a mutual attraction. It is hard to believe any single person can make that many bad picks (well with the possible exception of James II of England) all on his own.

    Come to think of it, it's surprising that more cabinet ministers did not get into trouble.

    1. hi jrkrideau...yes it must be a mutual attraction, nothing else could explain why they are bound so closely together. Still, like a black hole, Stephen Harper does seem to have an uncanny ability to suck them into his darkness...

  7. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Is he really gone? Really? I don't believe he is. Somewhere in his fetid lair he's plotting his ferocious revenge. That's my nightmare.

    1. hi anon...well let's just say that at the present time he is not visible. But I haven't the slightest doubt that he is still in the shadows trying to influence the future of HIS party. So we will have to be vigilant...

  8. e.a.f.4:46 PM

    it is hard to say whether they attract him or he attracts them. It may simply be a case of bad judgement. There are people who lack judgement. Its just the way they were born or raised. Its not whether its bad or good, it just is. However, if you have bad judgement, you ought not to be the P.M. of a country. That is bad for business, the country, and everyone around you.

    One can become a CEO or P.M. and have bad judgement. All you really need is a work ethic and ambition and some luck. I think Harper had those 3 qualities and he got to be P.M. It says volumes about Canadians. They showed some real bad judgement by electing the guy 3 times. of course the country did get it right the 4th time, but by that time, so many people were seeing e.g.s of bad judgement and it impacting them, they exercised some good judgement and got rid of him.

    as to where he is, who knows, who cares. He is gone from the PMO and that is all I care about. Now if Trudeau will just repeal that "citizenship bill" which takes away citizenship some of us would feel a whole lot better.

    I suspect Steve has simply gone off to a nice climate and sitting in a nice villa which is owned by some billionaire/millionaire. Now where is the wife?

    1. Anonymous8:35 PM

      Don't know, could be in a closet somewhere. The only thing for sure is that it is not being shared with Stevie.

    2. Anonymous7:34 AM

      I too would really like to know where Laureen Harper is. All sightings since October have been solitary or with Ben.


    3. hi e.a.f... I used to think it was just bad judgement, after I realized it couldn't be just bad luck. But now I think that Harper for some reason has a fatal attraction for people who lack a moral compass, just like he does...

  9. Such childish mean spirited trash. last time I heard such petty mean spirited talk, it came from the bullies that picked on he other kids when they were down and out- in grade school ! Are you really adults? And you certainly can't be Canadians who take pride in civility, and tolerance Beware, cause when you fall( and you will!) you'll be the first crying for mercy. Harper was also surrounded by good people. We all have so - called friends and family members who are bad eggs. And if we are judged by other people's failures or successes, who are close to us, then we would all be judged about every- good or bad decision others close to us make
    No I'm not my brothers keeper. Neither is Harper, or you for that matter. Your childish mean spirited comments you did all on your own. And it certainly reveals your character. And you can't blame your friends for your mean spirited hearts. . unless you are in total narcissistic denial? .. Not everyone. But you should know who you are.
    You and I stand or fall, and take responsibility for our own lives
    .Not for every Tom, Dick or Mary whom we know that makes good or bad decisions for their lives. You who are so mean spirited - please, once in a while, take ownership for your own lives ... and please grow up.
    For God's sake ! And for your sake.
    And, if not for your self.. at least for the poor beggers who know you. Or even worse ... for the poor souls who live with you

    1. Thanks for sorting that out Steve.

    2. Thanks for clearing that up Steve.