Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Stephen Harper's Very Weird Winter Vacation

Wow, what a coincidence. Yesterday I wrote about how the old Con loser Joe Oliver wasn't missing anymore.  

And now they've found his loser boss Stephen Harper.

As you know Harper has been missing since he was last spotted about a month ago, outside a Shake Shack in Las Vegas...

Unshaven, his shirt pulled out of his pants, and with strange smile on his face.

Which had some people worried that his crushing defeat had driven him crazy, or crazier.

But now he's been spotted again, this time in Florida...

Still on his feet, but still looking a little weird.

Don Martin says he was relaxed and laughing...

But he seems awfully grim in that picture. I mean look at that face.

And the sight of Harper running all over America with a baseball cat pulled down over his nose so people don't recognize him, strikes me as more than a little bizarre..

Why is a former Canadian Prime Minister looking like our Donald Trump, or acting like our El Chapo?

And what is that strange logo on that cap?

That looks like two churches.

Has humiliation driven him to Jesus, and are people SURE he's OK? 

But then whatever his fragile mental state, it's obvious he doesn't want to be recognized, and who can blame him?

He blew the election campaign because he couldn't restrain himself...

The bigotry and the insanity poured out of him like diarrhoea...

He took down his own party, made the guy he said wasn't ready Prime Minister.

And of course he also bombed the economy, and took the looney down in pursuit of his oily obsession.

Global oil markets could “drown in oversupply,” sending prices even lower as demand growth slows and Iran revives exports with the end of sanctions, according to the International Energy Agency.

Which is now threatening to drown us all.

And the Harper peso...

Making us all poorer, and with food prices soaring, making more and more poor Canadians  hungry.

And since Vegas and Florida are full of snowbirds who are now packing their bags and preparing to fly back to Canada, because they can't afford to live down there any longer.

I'm sure they're not too happy with him, so he can't be too careful.

And since we also know he isn't the bravest man in the world.

He's probably just doing what he does when he feels threatened...

Hiding or running from all his enemies, real or imagined.

But yes, isn't it great how low the mighty have fallen?

People may not have noticed his strange disappearing act.

He does not haunt us still. If it hadn’t been a normal part of an orderly transition of power, the almost complete disappearance of former prime minister Stephen Harper might be a subject of more speculation — or at least curiosity.

But even his own party now seems anxious to forget him.

As far as I can tell, it’s already too late to say “wait, what?” when Harper’s old party does a 180-turn from where it stood just a few short months back. If nothing else, this tells us that the hunger for regime change in Canada — displayed so vividly in the fall election — apparently extended to those who worked with Harper as well.

From what I hear that's driving him CRAAAAAZY.

And only this could have been a better ending...

Great Ugly Leader, our economic El Chapo, paying for his crimes against Canada.

But then you can't have EVERYTHING.

And what we got was good enough.

We set out to destroy him.

And boy did we EVER...

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  1. Have you seen this man?

  2. Anonymous7:18 AM

    "And what we got was good enough."
    It isn't! It never was! But it's what we've told ourselves forever in this country and so we relegate ourselves to being nothing more than a wannabe, almost 3rd world nation because of our own idiotic complacency and our willingness to settle for second best on every fucking important issue in this country!
    That's why we'll never see harper brought to justice for the brigandage he committed for 9 1/2 years in our country. Because a half measure is, once again, pathetically "good enough". We're not a "polite society". We're just too stupid to demand the truth and justice that we actually deserve! We deserve what Trudeau will do to us also. We haven't seen the real Justin yet by any stretch of the imagination. He's been watching how obama has been working the 'murcans to his advantage and I'm sure our "boy wonder" is going to start using even more of the tactics that he's learned from the 'murcan political machine to further his own agenda at the expense of Canada...again. Lots of diversionary pretty pictures and cutesie photo ops while the knife is slipped in and twisted without our noticing because we're too busy not paying attention to what's really important...again.
    Happy Hump Day!

    1. hi that's quite a rant, I understand where you're coming from. And perhaps I should has written that sentence differently, and said "what we got was so much better than what we had before." Like you, I wish that people were so angry that they would demand that Harper and his gang be put on trial for what they did to this country. I'm hotheaded, I come from a fighting culture, my challenge is staying out of fights not avoiding them. And since I'm further to the left than all our parties I am constantly frustrated. But I accept the country we are, and adjust my message accordingly. And I am willing to see how far Justin Trudeau and the Liberals can take this country, and willing to give them some time to do it. To give up on them so soon after having waited so long for a real Canadian government doesn't seem right to me. And would only plunge us back into the same despair and despondency that we sought to escape. There are powerful forces on the move all around us that are setting up a global crisis like we have seen before. Trudeau will be shaped by them, and who knows what he might do? And if he doesn't , then we'll know that isn't the road to change, and we'll try another. I don't have much myself, but as they say, patience is a virtue...

  3. Perhaps he is attempting to foist his Cold Warrior mentality on the world's sole superpower so he can relive his youth.

    1. hi poltical junkie...I have no idea what Harper is up to, but from what I hear he is not dealing well with his defeat, especially since he must know he was the main reason the Cons lost. My guess is that he fees more at ho,e in the U.S. than he does in Canada these days, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's looking for a job down there, with some kind of right-wing foundation. I think we'll know well before the Con convention in May what he'll be doing next...

  4. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Steve is merely reverting to his natural state - his straight jacket has been photo shopped out of those Florida pics. (Seriously, this man has always had his mainspring wound too tightly.)

    The "K" that appears to be on his cap no doubt stands for the Koch Brothers.

    If he can ever find his U.S. birth certificate he will be a shoo-in for Trump's running mate.

    His surviving minions in Parliament seem to be proudly carrying on his legacy of CRAAAAAZY. I anticipate in the future Steve will be at home in Calgary dressed in his undershirt, watching hockey on cable, surrounding by vast quantities of chips, fritos and beer.

    1. ExMTLer164211:48 PM

      I thought 2 "Ks" were missing from Harper's cap.

    2. hi know I think you might be right...

      I anticipate in the future Steve will be at home in Calgary dressed in his undershirt, watching hockey on cable, surrounding by vast quantities of chips, fritos and beer.

      I remember the vivid scene Duffy recently described of Harper munching on a hotdog in his undershirt, while his shirt was being ironed, and maybe that is his natural state. I've always known that the uses the vilest language in his private domain. And although the media has always dressed him in the trappings of a political genius, I've always considered him a very small and vulgar man...

    3. hi EXMTLer... yes it's a strange looking symbol, and knowing Harper you might think it belongs to some hockey team. But whatever, I do find the way he's skulking around with that cap pulled down over his nose to be extremely bizarre, and I'm not sure he's playing with a full deck...

  5. Anonymous12:32 PM

    What's up with Harper and the baseball cap?

    1. hi anon...yeah it is weird isn'tt it? And thanks for that clip from the Sopranos. It is a great line. "Take that cap off we don't serve hotdogs here"
      And now that we know how much Harper likes hotdogs, it couldn't be more appropriate... ;)

  6. In a way Simon, Harpers behaviour is not too much different than when he was PM. He's always been strange.

    1. hi Pamela...yes I think you're right. In fact I think his strangeness goes back to his school days. His loutishness was hidden for so long behind a wall of bodyguards, and his image machine, and now we're seeing the real Steve in all his shining weirdness. To think that such a small man held sway over us for so long really is a depressing thought. But at least now we've got rid of him and I'm enjoying his slow descent into madness...:)

  7. Pierre Dupont11:32 PM

    Love your blog, and ESPECIALLY love the graphical inserts, all so vivid and amusing!
    Yes, Harper is gone but the Reformicons are still trying to convince us that Trudeau is so so bad for us, a closet jihadist and so on.
    Poor them, it's going to take another stinging defeat at the polls for them to REALLY change theri spots.
    @CrazyPierre on Twitter.
    Great read as always and thanks for the blogs.

    1. hi Pierre...thank you, I'm glad you enjoy my blog and it's primitive "art." It's my humble way of expressing what I think about Harper and his foul Cons. And yes, the Cons are trying to smear Trudeau as they have done for so long, and the fact that it isn't working is driving them crazy. The good news though is that the Cons have never been so weak and so vulnerable, and if we play our cards right we can finish them off in the next election...

  8. The circle in the middle of Harper's cap looks like a right-handed hockey player holding a stick. Hope there is a sharper image of the cap somewhere.

    1. hi David...yes I think you're right, it has to be some kind of hockey cap. I'll be looking for a sharper image the next time he is spotted, and if he wears it in the House of Commons I'll know he has finally gone of the deep end... ;)

  9. Anonymous12:44 AM

    1. hi anon...thanks for that link. I must admit I have never heard of that case. But I'll take your suggestion and read up on it...

  10. Anonymous2:51 AM

    Of course he's laying real low and avoiding every Canadian he can. The official opposition has alot of uncomfortable conversations and analysis to go through. The camps that merged into the Harper party had a long and sometimes respectable history. He played that base like a harp from hell and showed us all how eager the Cons are for such an authoritarian figure. That party isn't going away. They miss power, but their deep visceral hatred of liberals unites them, and they will still do anything if it smells like victory. Its a recipe for a new random jerk with a hidden agenda.

    1. hi anon...yes you're right, the election results showed that the Con base remained loyal, and that Harper was successful in holding it together with his dirty politics of division. However, on the positive side, it is an aging demographic, so the future is not on the Con's side, and while they may become even more extreme in their views, they will only marginalize themselves further...

  11. I really don't care where Harper is.

    But where is Harper's (former?) pet chinchilla Charlie, who has a much nicer personality.