Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rona Ambrose and the Not So New/Nouveau Harper Party

Ever since she was elected interim Queen of the Cons, Rona Ambrose has been claiming that they are the new/nouveau Cons, not the shattered remnants of the Harper Party.

But now that Parliament has returned that is turning out to be just another Big Lie.

With the Cons trying to turn our Parliament into a fascist circus again.

By attacking the Liberals like bats out of hell...

With the hapless Ambrose accusing Justin Trudeau of "swanning" around the recent Davos Economic Forum. 

With the first question period of 2016, the prime minister stood accused of "swanning," specifically around Switzerland and in the company of actors and billionaires. 

 "Conservatives," Rona Ambrose noted by way of contrast, "were back at home, listening to business owners and volunteers and regular Canadians."

While claiming her Cons are the champions of the little people, instead of the champions of the one per cent.

But forgetting to point out that at the last Davos meeting Harper attended, he rubbed shoulders or buttocks with the same group of millionaires.

And announced plans to increase the age of eligibility for Old Age Security...

Which no doubt pleased them greatly.

But does make Ambrose look even more pathetic. If that's possible. 

By also trying to claim that it's the Liberals who created the deficit, when it was the oil pimp Stephen Harper who created it with his oily obsession...

Because he was no Great Economist Leader, he didn't see it coming, and he didn't know what he was doing.

And if all the above wasn't enough, Ambrose and her new/nouveau Cons are also causing a scandal in the House of Commons, by heckling like hyenas.

Or gobbling like turkeys...

And when Geoff Regan, the  Speaker of the Commons tried to calm them down yesterday, he was also heckled. Can you believe that?

But then it's obvious what the Cons are trying to do with the help of their friends in the Con media. 

Disrupt, destablize and attempt to destroy the Liberal government by creating a national unity crisis. 

And trying to blame the Trudeau Liberals for the economic mess the Cons created.

Or with Ambrose in her leathery outfit. looking a bit like a black swan herself...

Blaming them for EVERYTHING.

And the good news? It is all hogwash or sour grapes. 

Conservative bile is bubbling as Parliament resumes today and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government gets fully up and running. To hear the Tories and their acolytes tell it, the Liberals are fumbling and stumbling on every front, getting nothing right. 

Rarely has Canada’s political winepress squeezed out quite so many sour grapes so soon after an election.

The Trudeau government is off to a great start...

There’s fresh energy and purpose in Ottawa. For the first time, the cabinet is gender-balanced. Relations with premiers, First Nations and cities are much better. The Liberals are bringing in more tax fairness, and more support for a greener economy. MPs and scientists are free to speak their minds again. Draconian security laws are being reviewed. 

This is not a government flying by the seat of its pants. It’s the leadership Canadians voted for.

And according to the latest EKOS poll, Justin Trudeau is even more popular this month, than he was last month. 

While Rona Ambrose is losing her swan feathers already.

Canadians know who is really to blame for the state of the economy.

And that judging by the foul way those Cons are behaving.

It is STILL the Harper Party...

Stephen Lautens

And of course we know what we must do.

Fight them, expose their lies, destabilize THEM.

Then introduce electoral reform.

And give them all the hook...

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  1. Anonymous6:59 AM

    The Con member from St. Albert--Michael Cooper--was sanctioned Tuesday by House Speaker Geoff Regan, who called him out by riding.... which is a bad thing.

    Tell Mikey he is being a bad boy. Flood his email box:

    1. Why play up the Conservative parrot?

      Let's see if the St. Albert Gazette mentions Cooper's sanction.

    2. Heckling by MPs is nothing new.

      But what I want to know.... did Cooper actually heckle Geoff Regan?

      Hon. Geoff Regan (Halifax West)
      2016-01-26 14:43 [p.442]
      As the member for St. Albert—Edmonton is a new member, there are some things not to learn from older members, members who have been here longer, and one of them is heckling. Let us try to avoid that.

  2. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Same old repugnant ReformaCons now led by sausage neck Rona. Squack, distort, lie, rinse, repeat. They just can't help themselves. It's in their DNA to be nasty and being morally bankrupt doesn't help either.
    You're right though Simon, we need to keep exposing this twisted bunch of opportunistic douchebags for what they are, and I do every chance I get.

    1. hi JD...yes they are the same old ReformaCons, it is the same old Rona, and they really can't help themselves. And if we are to build a powerful movement to ram through electoral reform and bury them forever, we do need to expose them for what they are, every day and all the way to the next election...

  3. They didn't expect to lose the election. They didn't expect the Saudis to continue to flood the market and further collapse the price of oil. They didn't expect the Iranians to jump back into the oil market and do the same. They didn't expect their 'wonderful' economic policies go to shit.

    They still aren't ready (but they never really were to begin with.)

    1. hi Dan...yes you're right, judging by their state of shock the Cons didn't expect to lose the last election. And yes, they didn't see it coming, and they didn't know what they were doing. And the tragedy is that so many Canadians, especially in Alberta, are now paying for the Con's mistakes ...

  4. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Thank you Simon! Great post and illustrations (gobble, gobble, cracks me up).

    Can't get past the black polymer (buckskin) shirt she was wearing. Well, both are products of Alberta. Maybe she can flog those at the next fundraiser for her church, I mean party.


    1. hi TS...I'm glad you liked the post and the turkeys. They really are a shabby group of gobblers. And yes, I don't know why Rona Ambrose likes black leather so much, and quite frankly I'm afraid to ask. ;)
      But she did have a chance to try to make us believe that the Cons had changed, and she's already failed miserably...

  5. Let's develop a list of all the flip-flops Rona has made since the Oct. 19 election

    1. Before the election, was against going into deficit. Now she's OK with a small deficit.
    2. Before the election, supported same-sex marriage ban from Con policy. Now she supports dropping the ban.

    But Rona's current view on pot is not really a flip-flop:

    1. hi David...yes I was astounded to see the first version of the pot story. I couldn't believe that Rona had got over her reefer madness. And sure enough, the story was wrong, and she's still the same old reactionary...

  6. e.a.f.5:04 PM

    If Rona thinks she can pin the falling price of oil on Trudeau and the federal Liberals she is dumber than I thought. Everyone pretty much knows the oil prices fell because the Saudis were pumping too much. they wanted all their competition out of the way. They will keep this up until the other countries go out of the oil business.

    Iran is back into business and that will further reduce the price of oil. What may help Canada, if it gets into the game fast enough, is selling manufactured goods to Iran, such as airliners and other things. Harper isn't here any more bad mouthing the Iran, so who knows, they may prefer to do business with us.

    1. hi e.a.f...Ambrose isn't the only one trying to make it sound like the Cons left the country in great economic shape, and the Liberals blew it in just three months. They are all, in the Commons, and in the comment pages of newspapers all over Canada.
      It's absolute madness, and all I can say is thank goodness the Cons didn't win the election, because if they were still running the economy, we'd be in even worse shape than we already are...

  7. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Yes Simon Thr Harper Show really is a spectacle these days. The "new tone" is long gone and the Vultures are attacking our Swan. I don't know who they're performing for, could it be that shrinking base? I really don't think they're watching what with overthrowing the Govt of Alberta, sending out threats on Facebook. Ironically our Prime Minister is addressing the issue of Mental Health on The Social today. He has a front row seat to the insanity across the aisle. I'm all for bringing back the muzzle for the Head Vulture, Rona. The best part about Question Period .. They lose every vote. Just like they lost the Election. Sunny Ways Simon. Pam

    1. hi Pam...yes they really are putting on quite a show, and I hope Geoff Regan can bring them under control before they turn our Parliament into a freak show again. I don't know what they are thinking, they should be trying to broaden their base, but they're still using the same old playbook. Although I have to say that I'm not really surprised at the way Rona Ambrose is behaving, because although she might present a more moderate image she is and has always been a hardline right-wing extremist. And of course she is as dumb as a spoon. But as you say, that's good for us. The more people see that freak show, the more they will be reminded why we need to make sure that they never rule this country again...

  8. To me, this is appalling!

  9. The Cons act like they are still in power.

    Many of them still seem to be at stage 1 of the grieving process, the rest at stage 2: