Thursday, January 14, 2016

Will Kevin O'Leary Be the New Leader of the Cons?

Well now we know why Kevin O'Leary came charging out the other day.

Claiming he was willing to invest a million dollars in Alberta's sagging oil industry if Rachel Notley resigned.

And looking and sounding a lot like Donald Trump.

Because believe it or not, he's thinking of running for the leadership of the Harper Party.

The Conservative leadership race has yet to start, but potential candidates are gearing up, including celebrity businessman and ex-Dragon Kevin O'Leary and some high-profile former cabinet ministers.

"I thought at some point, someone is going to say to me, if you can be such a critic, why don't you do better? Why don't you try it?" O'Leary told CBC News. "I thought to myself, hmmm, maybe I should."

And yes he would be Canada's Trump.

O'Leary freely acknowledges he is inspired by the campaign success of Donald Trump. "I know Trump. I know his family. I've watched him work. I think he's smart as a fox," he said, adding that Trump's approach to politics taps into a growing fatigue with politicians in general coupled with a desire for better management.

And of course after I finished reading that I could only think, what have we done to deserve such a gift from heaven? And thank you Jesus !!!!

For if he does run, that absurd blowhard can only turn the Con leadership race into even more of a circus...

And even more of a bloodbath.

Because as John Ivison writes, even before the race begins the Cons are already fighting themselves.

The Conservative party will release the rules for the contest to replace Stephen Harper within the month, but there are already signs it will be a fractious affair.

With some claiming that the real leader of the Con cult is the party president John Walsh NOT Rona Ambrose. 

And it's getting ugly.

“There was much anger and name-calling,” said the source. “Nastiness and bullying still pervades the national council. Rona (Ambrose, the interim Conservative leader) has given no leadership when it comes to council. She talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. There is a lack of leadership in the (Conservative party) at the moment and John Walsh is filling the void, for better or worse.”

And I can only imagine what poor Rona Ambrose must think about that slap in the face. 

Or what Kellie Leitch, who wanted to start her campaign last month, must be thinking about the possible entry of Kevin O'Leary.

Because Leitch is a surgeon, and it won't be pretty...

They both must be as devastated as Tony Clement and Michelle Rempel...

Lurking in the shadows so must Jason Kenney...

And wherever he's hiding so must Stephen Harper. 

Because you know how he likes to think he's a Great Economist Leader.

And that it's HIS party...

And he must know that if O'Leary enters the race, it won't be long before his Harper Party starts being called the Trump Party...

We'll make sure of that.

Yes indeed, thank you Jesus.

And thank you Kevin Trump.

Somebody call the guy at the cemetery.

And tell him to start digging...

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  1. O'Leary might be the perfect guy. Bay Streeter (sort of), successful (sort of), a loud mouth (always), unsympathetic to anyone who doesn't have money, talks a good game, but doesn't walk it (perfect), a bully and doesn't care about nuance.

    1. hi Dan... I think you've summed up O'Leary up well. He is one of he crassest bullies I have ever seen, and he has absolutely no class.

  2. Anonymous10:38 AM

    How wonderfully refreshing to see them turn all that nastiness and bile on each other. A gift from heaven.

    1. hi you know I've long predicted that the Con leadership race would be very ugly because there is a regional conflict as well as an ideological one simmering below the surface. And when it erupts it's going to look like a blazing inferno. That's why I am keeping a bucket of gasoline handy, to help put out the fire...;)

  3. Anonymous10:51 AM

    There's something surreal about it...

    1. hi anon...yes there is, and of course we should not be surprised because it's coming from Trump and his teabaggers and their act is insane...

  4. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Popcorn it is! Laugh out out at comments posted to the John Ivison NP piece that you linked Simon. It's like watching Neanderthals trying to organize a science experiment.


    1. hi TS...I didn't read the comments, I've been trying to stay way from the comment pages. Just keeping an eye on the Ezra gang is stressful enough. But yes, I think all the signs are very promising. And it could end up in a massive conflagration. So keep the popcorn, but don't forget to being marshmallows and weiners... :)

  5. Anonymous1:37 PM

    The first problem Kevin should have is his intent to corrupt a public official through offering this enticement or BRIBE. ( Shouldn't the RCMP be knocking on his door about now? )


    1. Anonymous8:46 PM

      the royal conservative mounted police only investigate those who are not psychopathic right wing fascists. they've been very bored since October. no marching orders from herr oberguppenfuhrer heil harper.

  6. Definitely putting popcorn on the shopping list (cheaper than cauliflower).

    Now, add Doug Ford in and we've got a complete roster of clowns for the circus.

    1. hi Julie...Gawd. I always keep forgetting that Doug Ford also wants the job. Can you imagine what Ford and O'Leary screaming at each other might look like? I is as I said manna from heaven...

  7. e.a.f.8:42 PM

    as you say, thank you jesus. what have we done to deserve Kevin O'Leary running for the con leadership. Oh, thank you. Simon you will have material for months and months. You'll be able to crank out at least 3 columns per day for us, the laughter, the fun, the drawings, the cartoons. its like Christmas came late this year and Santa is going to bring you all that fun material. Its wonderful. this will be better than anything on t.v. I'll have chips instead of popcorn.

    Julie is quite right, add Doug Ford, that would be like so wonderful. Simon if that happen we will need four columns per day. No I don't care if you have to go to work and want a life. I could really use the laughs.

    Then when its all over you can write a book and retire.

    1. Anonymous9:34 PM


      I make home made chips all of the time. Far superior to store bought crap!!! Slice them really thin - a mandoline is your best tool. Let them soak in a sink of salted water with a bit of vinegar thrown in for about an hour. Rinse and pat dry - very dry actually. They should take on a 'leathery' texture and you can see through them. I cook them in my Wok at a relatively high temperature - any good vegetable oil will do - small batches at a time like 12 or so chips. (Maybe two inches of oil at most.) As soon as they start to brown around the edges, immediately remove with a spider or tongs on to paper towels and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Best served fresh but can be stored in an air-tight container after they have cooled for up to four days.

      It's a time-consuming process with slicing, soaking, drying and then cooking but well worth the effort. No preservatives either!

      Get that bowl ready! I absolutely can't wait to see that POS O'Leary enter the fray. The uneducated masses will be in God's land. Gazebo Tony will be TOAST!!!


    2. hi e.a.f... Lordy that sounds like a lot of hard work. But yes I may have to get all the Con clowns new monkey coats and hats...

  8. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Remember when Huff Post designated Trumps leadership bid to the Entertainment section? They eventually moved it to News and Politics as his so-called popularity increased. In general, I must say that I am impressed with their coverage of politics. I also like ipolitics and The Guardian. The CBC needs to clean out their closets and re organize, as evidenced by scandals and sketchy policies. Since they are on the public purse, this needs to happen ASAP.

    The mothership of the NP will hopefully go with the dust. Sooner the better, this way journalists can get on with better employment opportunities. There is a need for good journalism in this country. Many changes are coming, and public consultation and education are on the horizon. I think the good journalists will land on their feet. Those of us who care to bother, know who the good ones are.