Thursday, January 07, 2016

Why Justin Trudeau's Honeymoon Will Continue

Yesterday I tried to explain why I believe it's going to be very hard for the Cons and their friends in the media, to dent Justin Trudeau's popularity.

Or end his honeymoon.

And how polls like this one.

Were driving Cons like Stephen Taylor wild...

So I'm glad to see that Carol Goar also believes that Justin Trudeau is going to have a long honeymoon. 

The consensus is almost universal. The cold winds of January will expose the cracks, holes and gaps in Justin Trudeau’s ambitious governing plan. With each missed target, Canadians will become less forgiving, less hopeful, less enchanted by their new prime minister.

Because while the Con media may be throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him, and predicting his early demise.

“I feel fairly confident forecasting some sort of fall from grace for the Trudeau Liberals, probably even their first scandal,” said Globe and Mail columnist Marsha Lederman as the New Year began.

“When MPs next convene, Ottawa will not have quite the cheery snow globe sheen,” The Star’s Tim Harper predicted. “The long frozen days of January will mean the long dark reality of governing.”

And while Lisa Raitt has been going after him like only a desperate Con can...

“Nearly every plank in their fiscal platform has splintered into pieces,” said Conservative finance critic Lisa Raitt in late December. “The only surprise is how quickly it happened.

Nobody believes anything she says. Not after what's happening to the economy.

And as Goar points out, logic isn't always the key to human psychology.

For the first time in a decade Canadians feel good about themselves and their country. They like welcoming refugees; tackling climate change; being seen as a consensus-builder on the world stage and a friend in Washington. They like working together to accomplish shared goals. It will take more than a few missed deadlines and delayed commitments to sour the public mood.

Canadians are feeling better than they have felt for a long time. They haven't forgotten this nightmare...

The second factor working in Trudeau’s favour is the deep sense of relief many groups feel. Isadore Day, Ontario chief of the Assembly of the First Nations put it into words at a recent meeting of the Toronto Rotary Club. “The decade of darkness under Stephen Harper is over.”

By rescinding the dictums of the previous Tory government, the new prime minister can keep large segments of the population onside well into 2016.

And since there is so much of Stephen Harper's foul legacy to demolish...

The list of regressive Harper legacies is long: his punitive crime bills, his regressive tax credits, his subsidies to fossil fuel producers, his disproportionate anti-terrorism laws, his one-sided Middle East stance and his cutbacks to everything from employment insurance to food safety inspections. That should keep the Liberals busy — and hearten fair-minded Canadians — for a good while.

Justin Trudeau should be able to keep most of his support for a long time.

The Cons will be driven even crazier than they are now, if that's possible. 

And as Stephen Harper's monstrous legacy comes crashing down.

The honeymoon will continue...

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  1. They will be especially maddened by seeing that it is the destruction of their "legacy" which keeps Trudeau so popular, and showing that for all their talk and perhaps even genuine belief that Canada was becoming a more Conservative friendly place, the reality always was something quite different, and that we are simply returning to it. Should this prove to to be what happens, I will be taking no small amount of pleasure in watching the CPC heads explode in the party and in the media.

    1. hi Scotian...I notice that the Cons have suddenly gone silent, even Rempel is subdued. So I think they have realized that their grand offensive has been bouncing off Trudeau, and bouncing back at them. After the exhilaration of getting rid of the Cons, they don't want to return to the darkness of Harperland...

    2. Anonymous10:24 AM

      Simon, you are soooo right !

  2. Anonymous2:12 PM

    The only the segment of the population that bought the Oily Messiah's economic vision in the first place still believe that the economy tanked as soon as the Liberals came to power or was it the day the provincial NDP won in Alberta? Either way the average Canadian can see through the BS.Undoubtedly the Trudeau honeymoon will eventually come to an end but not nearly as soon as the Cons hope for and by that time it will not matter if the Liberals/NDP/Green push on with election reform.Its clearly possible to fool a significant percentage of the population with bigotry and war mongering disguised as fear driven public safety issues but not over 50%. The average Canadian's nose for this type of Con inspired bull crap is working quite well, thank you!
    Hopefully its not too late but some of the European countries are starting to question and trying to correct the hopeless mess the puppet master driven US foreign policy has created in the middle east.Politically its a treacherous road but Canada seems to be on board with something more than just bomb,bomb,bomb until our "local friends" come to the rescue or we all explode which ever comes first.

    1. hi RT...You wouldn't believe how many Cons are blaming Trudeau (and Kathleen Wynne) for the economic problems the country is facing.It's frightening, and to make it even worse many of them are hoping for a total collapse to we can all go down like Jonestown. It's really hard to determine who are the dumb, and who are the crazy. Or who are both.What we need to do is stay calm and focus on the big picture. We are masters of our own destiny again, and if we're smart and united we can neuter the Cons forever...

    2. Anonymous10:26 AM

      Once again Simon You are TOTALLY right !

  3. Anonymous2:13 PM

    The Con smear campaign is quite laughable but truly pathetic. What ungodly act will they expose next in their never ending attacks? His tie doesn't match his shirt? The fact is the Cons and their MSM enablers are blinded by jealousy of Justin and his immense popularity. The kid they kept making fun of is all grown up now and he thoroughly kicked their sorry asses to the curb. The sweet irony of that keeps me chuckling on a daily basis and the Cons desperate whining make me laugh out loud.

    1. hi JD...well after they spent gazillions of dollars attacking Justin in the most despicable manner, only to see him win, and become incredibly popular, what do you expect? They're absolutely devastated, and lashing out in every direction. And yes, like you, I find the sound of Cons whining in the morning to be like music to my ears... ;)

  4. “Nearly every plank in their fiscal platform has splintered into pieces,” said Conservative finance critic Lisa Raitt in late December. “The only surprise is how quickly it happened.”

    Dear Lisa - they haven't actually done anything yet. It's all leftovers from Harper's rule.

    1. hi UU4077...yes when I saw Raitt say that I practically fell off my chair laughing. How ridiculous can she be? I guess they're throwing mud in every direction and hoping some sticks. Like Raitt's ridiculous assertion that the Liberals had turned their surplus into a deficit. When in fact we all know there was no surplus, and they're just desperate...

  5. e.a.f.4:46 PM

    Trudeau's popularity will last a tad longer. You just have to look at that picture of him and the wife. That picture of gold!

    why shouldn't he "pilot the raft"? Its not that he is so young. its that so many of us and especially the Cons are so old. Obama and Clinton weren't much older when they took over the American presidency nor for that matter Kennedy.

    A government can be more than its leader. If the leader has a strong cabinet and caucus and they do their jobs, they will survive and most likely do a better job than the Cons did. I also figured as long as Trudeau had Dion and Goodale in cabinet, the federal Liberals would be good to go.
    If all Trudeau does is repeal the Cons "citizenship act" which created 2 classes of Canadian citizens some of us will be happy no matter what else happens. Harper offended some many groups, that if Trudeau fixes even only half of what offended them, he will have "friends/voters" for a long time. Those crime bills were a crime. Harper's plans to cut $17 billion out of health care was truly frightening. Forcing First Nations to post their business on line, not good business. It was discriminatory. John Duncan's refusal to sign for more housing in Appawatskat after they won their court case. Its all those petty things Steve and his cons did. If Trudeau stays away from that, he may be good to go until the kids hit their teens and he can retire.

    1. Anonymous10:09 PM

      John Duncan reside's some where on Vancouver Island near Campbell River I believe. How that man even gets elected is beyond me. He is a total jerk or worse. Vancouver Island is an NDP. Probably because of their fondness for unions. With the exception of Victoria BC.

    2. hi e.a.f...I think Trudeau's popularity will last for a while, for what is the alternative? That we should all return to the hopelessness f the harper years? I don't think so. Trudeau will really have to screw up badly for people to lose faith in him. And as Goar points out, he has so much material to work with....

    3. e.a.f.3:42 PM

      John Duncan held a riding which included Campbell River and the Comox Valley. The Comox Valley was a tad on the "right" of things. When the new ridings were created, the divided the valley in half, and John decided to run in the "new riding" where he would have a better chance of winning. The NDP. this time did something smart. they got a former local politicians to run against Duncan and he won. He had a good base in Tofino and just went for it. John Duncan, yes it was a wonder he got re-elected each time, but he did have a base in Campbell River, which he established back in the day with fishermen, but as the years went on John Duncan became less and less of a local politician and more and more, in my opinion, a political hack, whose best before date had expired elections before he was finally turfed.

  6. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Trudeau has ideas, people, and conviction on his side. He also has a moral compass. He's the real deal. Ordinary people know this. Some will never get it. Even with the economy tanking with our Harper peso, there is a feeling of hope for our future that has been absent for too long.

    Yay! TS

    1. hi TS...yes I think that Justin is still riding the great wave of hope that propelled him to victory. Too many suffered too much for too long to give up on him too soon. I look forward to the year ahead, as rough as it might be, and couldn't be happier with our new prime minister...

  7. Anonymous8:46 PM

    A free range Con escapes to the Feds... and is found wanting

    Judge who berated rape victim is a Conservative Party hack

    Judge Robin Camp got his law degree in South Africa in the 1970s when apartheid was still the law of the land.

    He is an Alberta Tory Party insider, working in the same law firm as Alison Redford's husband in commercial law (The same law firm at the center of a roiling scandal over improper tendering of Alberta's tobacco company litigation.) before being appointed to the provincial bench by the government of the day.

    Because he was already a provincial court judge he could be appointed to the Federal bench without the same kind of vigorous review other candidates have to go through.

    He was also on the board of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, a far right legal group founded by Reform Party and Wildrose party member John Carpay who once berated Ralph Klein for failing to use the Notwithstanding clause to block gay rights.

    Anything to add Peter Mackay ?

    1. Anonymous9:37 AM

      Yes indeed! As well, he sold the PCPC down the river with his underhanded deal with Stephen Harper. Some memories are long. And this is the white horse candidate for the leadership race? I'll be watching with my popcorn on the side lines.


    2. hi anon 8:46...yes I saw that story, and I hope that when Peter MacKay runs for the Con leadership, he will be questioned about that judge, and all his other idiocies. Because goodness knows they are many...

    3. hi TS...I will also remind MacKay of the day he borrowed a neighbour's dog and used it to try and guilt Belinda Stronach out. Because being a huge dog lover I could never forgive him for that... ;)