Sunday, January 03, 2016

Crazy America, Canada, and the Right-Wing Menace

It should be obvious by now that Donald Trump is taking the United States to a very bad place.

And that the bigoted demagogue is stirring up ignorant and violent right-wing extremists all over that country.

As well as being a poster boy for Islamic terrorists.

So it should be no surprise that some of those crazy right-wingers are now acting like    terrorists themselves.

A group of militiamen have occupied a wildlife refuge in Oregon, it has been reported. The group, who describe themselves as “patriots”, claim to have around 150 members stationed in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, The Oregonian reports. 

Their leader has reportedly informed local press that the men are planning to stay in the refuge indefinitely and are “willing to kill or be killed” to do so.

But it couldn't be more disturbing.

And since that looks and sounds like a video a suicide bomber might record before blowing himself up, it has some progressives wondering whether there is a double standard.

Or whether in a country where police can kill a 12-year-old kid armed only with a toy gun, those armed wingnuts aren't considered terrorists...

And what makes it even more disturbing, is that the same kind of right-wing crazies are also starting to make their presence felt in Canada.

Where Rachel Notley is under assault by redneck thugs who have been making death threats against her.

And are now apparently planning some kind of rally to try to overthrow her.

While at Ezra Levant's hate mongering site The Rebel, stories about Justin Trudeau attract comments like this one...

Which couldn't be more disgusting or less Canadian.

We know who lit the fires of hatred in this country...

And left others to put them out.

But the fires still burn, and enough is enough.

The police need to crack down on those Con crazies, those wannabe terrorists.

Before America's nightmare becomes our own...

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  1. I don't know about taking action. Ignoring them would deny them the attention they crave. Shut the roads so no bystanders get hurt and turn off the electricity and forget about them.

    1. hi rumleyfips....yes that probably makes sense. We don't want to turn them into martyrs. Like Islamic terrorists those cowboy jihadis probably crave that kind of fate.
      But let there be no doubt, they are dangerous, and they threaten us as well...

  2. Anonymous11:35 AM

    The attached article in the New York Times sums up the growing Right Wing terrorist threat in North America. Unfortunately politicians such as Trump are willing to openly fuel the crazies while others like Bush and the Ambrose try a slightly more subtle manipulation of the same fear and bigotry driven forces to try and suck in a wider following.The goal is the same;control of the population to the benefit of a select minority.The link is


    1. hi RT...yes I should have mentioned that right-wingers top the terrorism charts in the good old USA. With the election in November it's going to be a real horror show. And I see the same thing happening here to a lesser extent of course. There are a lot of angry teabaggers and Cons out there, and they need to be restrained because they are crazy and dangerous...

  3. Anonymous4:35 PM

    These people are supporting a farmer who owes the US Federal Government a million bucks, because he decided to let his livestock graze on grass in the subject US National Park for years, and refused to pay. The million is for fodder his livestock have already eaten and which no doubt greatly lowered his cost of production.

    Why the farmer and this group of dangerous nitwits think that the USA and its citizens should feed his livestock for free is beyond me. Why aren't all the other local farmers decrying the freebie he's had for years?

    Sometimes you just have to wonder about the thought processes these people have used to hypnotize themselves into believing rubbish. They probably hate people receiving free food stamps as well, which is the exact dichotomy posed in that great cartoon above. Nitwitz.

    1. hi anon...those right-wing militia groups with their paranoia, and their religious fanaticism, and their guns, have the mindset of terrorists. And in an ultra violent society like the US they are capable of anything...

  4. Obama is going to announce some executive action moves eg. strengthen background checks, before his state of the union address.

    1. hi David ...good for him, but let's face it, in a society drowning in guns it sadly won't make much difference, and in an election year it will only make that election even crazier and more disturbing....

  5. Anonymous11:56 PM

    These Cons and their cult of followers are psychopaths. We knew it when they were in power which is why we worked so hard to get rid of them. Clearly " losing the election " is lost on them and accepting defeat gracefully isn't on the agenda. I am worried about Notley's and Justin's safety and and believe these threats should be taken seriously. The RCMP would be at our door if they even thought there was a vague threat against a con. In fact that's what happened to poor Don Dumphy. His daughter now has to live with the knowledge that her dad was terrorized and murdered in his pyjamas by the ones who are supposed to protect us. ( RIP Don , so sorry Megan ) No, it's obvious the RCMP aren't interested in protecting us from them , they are them. Another reason Paulson has to go and all the other Cons in their beyond the grave appointments. Justin's got work to do, we need a clean sweep and electoral reform so the psychopaths will never have another chance to destroy our Canada. After their 9 years of destruction it's unlikely anyone will ever vote for the Cons again but they're crazy and desperate and you never know what they'll do. Remember Ralph Bucks? Every albertan over the age of 16 got a cheque I think it was for 200. Harper was more generous with our money but maybe if everyone got paid ..... I shudder to think. I can't even let my mind go there right now,I want to wallow in the Joy that they finally got what they deserved. We'll get the remaining 99 next time. ( I mean in the 2019 election, please do not come to my home and shoot me ) In case they're monitoring this Simon , pretty sure I'm on the list. �� Sunny Ways Simon And friends. Pam

  6. hi Pam...yes the Cons have shown themselves to be bad losers, and there is a lot of violent and crazy talk out there. And to make matters worse the recession in Alberta has hurt a lot of people and made some of them really angry and looking to blame someone. So it is a dangerous situation. And yes, we need to focus on the positive, it's the only way to live. We did defeat the Cons. And we have earned the right to celebrate...

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