Friday, January 08, 2016

Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper's Poisoned Well

If it was Justin Trudeau's happy fate to be able to best represent change at a time when most Canadians were screaming for it.

It is also his unhappy fate to take over a country where Stephen Harper has poisoned the well. 

Led the country into the darkness of economic disaster.

Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz says Canada is facing a long and painful fallout from a “seismic shift” in global resource prices that could last up to five years and drain $50-billion a year from the economy.

And populated it with right-wing zombies who are now making threats to kill him. 

A 57-year-old Ontario man has been charged for allegedly threatening to kill Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Trudeau’s family and female MPs while the man was aboard a VIA Rail train headed to Toronto earlier this week.

Because let's be absolutely clear, that Con zombie might be mentally ill, but there are far too many like him out there...

Screaming their hatred on the internet, spewing bile in every direction. I've never seen anything like it. 

And to make matters worse they are being stirred up by members of the Con media like the Sun's Mark Bonokoski.

Who would portray Trudeau and electoral change as a mortal threat to this country and its democracy.

As the year unfolds, it would appear the Trudeau Liberals will be stubbornly sticking to their slapdash plan to celebrate 150 years of Confederation next year by ripping apart our democracy’s very foundation. This is not spin; this is fact.

Despite outcry from the opposition, threats of a Senate blockade, and constitutional experts and editorialists urging them to reboot their thought process, the Liberals will change our electoral system essentially by coup, using their majority as a truncheon and locking out the public as if inconsequential to the outcome of their unilateral treachery. This is inherently dictatorial.

When in fact Trudeau campaigned on a promise to bring in electoral reform. He isn't locking out the public, he's inviting them to participate in the process.

Stephen Harper and his foul Cons were the real mortal threat to this country and its democracy...

The ones who assaulted our country and its values like a pack of rabid animals. 

The ones who now claim we need a referendum to change the election rules, but never did themselves.

And Bonokoski's deranged rant couldn't be more absurd or more inflammatory.

But then why should we be surprised? When that old hack's last job was working as a senior communications advisor and speechwriter for Lisa Raitt.

Who likes to portray herself as a moderate, but as the Con's shadow finance minister has been doing a little inflaming herself...

Stirring up the Con zombies by trying to blame Trudeau's Liberals for the deficit and the disastrous state of the economy.  

As does the Postmedia columnist Gary Lamphierre, whose contempt for Trudeau couldn't be more obvious or more disgusting. 

I’d love to be irrepressibly sunny, like our Hollywood-handsome, selfie-loving prime minister. Really, I would, pinky swear. It’s a pain being an economy-obsessed, cranky old grump with a double chin, as opposed to the hunky heartthrob who recently graced the pages of Vogue magazine. Hey, some guys win the lottery in life, some don’t. What can I say. 

Besides, it makes more sense to be sunny than sombre, at least tactically speaking. It’s easier for people to like you. And now that the cheerleader-in-chief — “In Canada, better is always possible!” — has replaced that dour other guy, being sunny is no longer viewed as naive. Instead, it’s seen as a mark of virtue.

Who seems to be suggesting that Trudeau is laughing while Alberta burns.

Which in a province where so many people are now desperate, and Rachel Notley has been deluged with death threats, also couldn't be more inflammatory.

Especially since the province has a legion of American-style teabaggers whose heroes are people like Donald Trump and these militia maniacs...

Who are ignorant enough to believe what Lamphierre is saying, and crazy enough to try to wipe that imagined smile off Trudeau's face.

And yes, as I've been saying for a while, enough is enough.

The Cons must accept that they lost, and that there's nothing they can do about it. 

The Con media must control itself. The police must do their duty.

This is both a time of great hope and great danger.

Don't let Harper's zombies poison the well further.

Don't let them shatter our dreams...

And of course let's use electoral reform as our peaceful democratic weapon.

Show those bestial Cons no mercy.

And make sure they never rule this country again...

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  1. .. at some point Simon, the term 'partisan' began to blur and liquify.. and puddled over to start blending into the term 'journalist' .. an analogy for the net result might be oil spill .. an unusable toxic blend. Though I visit National Newswatch daily, its stunning to see an almost daily parade of partisan shills given voice there. Equally stunning is coming across OpEds from the likes of Joe Oliver, Tony Clement. What was the old saying? If you don't have anything good to say.......

    Newswatch also presents many many useful articles, opinions, reports etc from a variety of credible journalists.. but.. that's a wonderful environment for the creeps to flourish in.. pretending to be concerned, informed jouralists or experts... and in today's open mileu of the web, twitter, blogging, there's even more opportunity for partisan parasites to thrive.

    I also remember though.. tellviceverything .. and ridemewilfred.. and Truth has a certain ring to it that Hysteria always lacks.. and does Bombast.. and Deception. No matter that Duffy will likely be exonerated & return to sit with smug aplomb among the Senate.. what counts is that Stephen Harper will never get to sit as an Honorable Member from Calgary Heritage.. The stench is damning & toxic. It would be for him, like being in a vast public closet, cowering in plain sight, a magnet for ridicule.

    You're quite right.. he did poison the well, and he had lots and lots of help. What will be important going forward, is countering the attempts to shelter him or beatify him and his so called legacy. We learn from our mistakes Simon.. and we need to know just how miserable a mistake Stephen Harper truly was.. and truly is.. I think that where Journalists, Indy Bloggers, Artists, Ordinary Canadians come in.... capiche ?

    1. hi salamander...yes you're right, there is a lot of Con propaganda out there masquerading as journalism. Part of it is because the MSM is in such desperate financial shape so they take anything to fill the space between the ads. But I also learned recently that the Cons are also blaming their defeat on what they claim is the Liberal media, and our domination of social media. So they are all out there trying to force themselves upon us. But one thing is for sure, I will never forget or forgive what they did. And will continue to attack his foul legacy until the day I die...

  2. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Morning Simon,

    Stephen Poloz latest speech gave me the impression I was hearing Harper
    spouting his lies. Poloz, in my opinion, does not convey the right direction for Canada at this time. If we sit back and wait as he suggests we can only expect disaster. Certainly those in Government
    must be able to recognize his incompetence and will act to get rid of him.

    1. hi anon...yes I agree with you, I have no confidence in Stephen Poloz either. I don't know if he is trying to protect the housing market, or whether he really believes that a fifty-cent loonie will bring back our manufacturing sector back from the dead. But from the day I heard him musing about negative interest rates, I knew we were in big trouble, and the sooner he goes the better...

  3. Anonymous9:12 AM

    National Newswatch was bought into by the Anderson Brothers two years ago so it is a conservative rag in disguise.

    1. hi anon...I didn't know that, but hat explains why so many Postmedia stories make it into its lineup, and people like Lorrie Grunter have such a pulpit to spread their third-rate nonsense. And of course, it is an accurate reflection of how low our media has fallen...

  4. The hysterical journalists of whom you speak work for failing organizations: Post Media, Sun, etc. They must be terrified of losing their jobs. As evidenced by Andrew Coyne's problems with editorial bullying, it's toe the line or the unemployment line. The line seems to be getting more and more shrill .
    In my part of Nova Scotia, salemanders seem to be rarer year by year. I am delighted every time I see one.

    1. hi rumleyfips...I think they are afraid for their jobs, and with good reason. I read a story yesterday about the desperate state the MSM is in, and I have to admit I did feel a bit sorry for them. But at least there are more alternative independent publications out there every day, and if we support them hopefully they will survive the coming catastrophe....

  5. Anonymous9:50 AM

    I wonder if in all of the files can can be ATIP'ed in Ottawa, when will some old school hard working journalist stumble on something that could result in criminal charges? Surely our system has the inherent ability to withstand the assault of the last nine years. Doesn't it??

    Alberta wanted in. Well now, if they want out, that would be ok.


    1. hi TS...I hope now that the Cons are gone it will be easier to retrieve information from government departments. Because what we need is some kind of progressive task force to start breaking some stories about what the Cons have been up to. For just a few of them in the next year would I am convinced finish off the Cons. We can't count on the MSM to do that, even if they wanted to, because their resources are now so depleted they don't have the time to do that. So we are going to have to do it ourselves...

  6. Anonymous9:57 AM

    "ripping apart our democracy’s very foundation" and "this is inherently dictatorial" are perfect descriptions of Harper's reign yet Bonokosky tries to pin this on JT. What a joke. These are the main reasons we cleansed Canada's bowels of Harper and if Boneheadski thinks he'll sway anyone with these ridiculous quotes I suggest he go back to driving Lisa's limo.

    1. hi JD...yes it is a joke. If Bonokoski had strained any harder to deliver that turd I fear he might have ruptured himself. It's hard to believe that any sane Canadian doesn't know that Harper was the real dictator. But then I read a study recently that showed that the Con base still believes every word. And if you can steel yourself to read the comments these days, it's absolutely frightening to see how they are echoing that nonsense, blaming everything on Justin Trudeau, and sounding like maniacs. And the good news? They are doing it for themselves, and it won't help their chances of surviving what we have planned for them...

  7. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Similar to packaged meat that has past its best before date,the Cons emit a certain toxic stench that can be covered up by repackaging and dousing with barbecue sauce.It fools enough of the public to make it an viable economic proposition but never the majority. The Liberals really need to get on with electoral reform and probably the simpler the better. Vote ranking of candidates in order of preference at the local level would seem a logical way of ensuring that the candidate selected has at least 50% support from their constituents either as a first,second or third choice if necessary. Before the Harper era my voting preference was either 1 or 2 for the Conservative party now its 4 or 5 depending on how I feel about the Bloc on any given day. Voter reform is death to the Harper Cons if an old curmudgeon like myself won't support them.

    1. hi RT...yes in a certain sense it's sad that the Progressive Conservatives aren't around any longer. Because even I reluctantly admit that Canadians deserve parties that cover the whole of the political spectrum. And I am very fond, for example, of people like Joe Clark, who is a decent man and fully reflects our Canadian values. But the Harper Party was always an alien presence, and when we finally get electoral reform they will be marginalized as they so rightfully deserve...

  8. e.a.f.3:36 PM

    perhaps we could put up a billboard next to Lisa's and ask what Harper and her did with the surplus and decent economy Paul Martin and the Liberals left them? We know Paul Martin was able to "balance" the books, but Harper in most of his years in office wasn't able to do so.

    If we want to look at who ran a better economy, I'd have to say Paul Martin.

    1. hi e.a.f...I must say I was surprised that Raitt would allow herself to be used by the PMO in such a fashion. For it is the same old strategy. Repeat a Big Lie over and over again and hope that enough people will finally believe it. If Rona Ambrose is serious about reforming her party, she needs to cage those monkeys before they make her look ridiculous...