Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Justin Trudeau and the Erasing of the Harper Legacy

As you know I really like this image of Justin Trudeau slowly but surely demolishing Stephen Harper's foul legacy.

And today he took another step in that direction. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau​ says his job is to look out for Canada's best interests and not act as a "cheerleader" for various pipeline projects as the previous Conservative government did.

And since we now know for sure that the National Energy Board can't be trusted to enforce safety or environmental regulations. 

The National Energy Board is not doing enough to track whether pipeline companies are complying with conditions set out when projects are approved, according to a new report by the federal commissioner of the environment and sustainable development.

It will demolish all the hysterical pipeline arguments the shattered Cons have been using to try to discredit Trudeau and divide this country.

Remind Canadians that it's up to the NEB, not Justin Trudeau, to decide the fate of the Energy East pipeline.

And since we also know that Harper stacked the National Energy Board with a slew of last minute patronage appointments.

This only gives Justin Trudeau even more of a good excuse to scrap the NEB, and replace it with a new body, with a new name, new members, and a new mandate.

So that's why I really like this image too...

Because we really are rubbing out his monstrous legacy.

Rub a dub dub.

Bye Bye oil pimp.

Buh bye dictator...

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Anonymous said...

The little man with his little toy bulldozer. I agree, sums up the Little PM perfectly.

Thanks for making the point we have a child as PM, for now.

Anonymous said...

At least the kid is enthusiastic, has a smile on his face and supportive of all Canadians. Even Rona seems to be caught up in the moment and is now timidly supports same sex marriage,the aboriginal inquiry and who knows may even hug a refugee at some point in the future! Its not looking good for the disciples of the great oily messiah and his twisted vision of the Canadian future.

Simon said...

hi anon...well it might be a little toy bulldozer but it sure packs a powerful punch. Everything your ugly little leader built is being demolished. The crime bills, the muzzles, the plans to destroy the CBC, the Memorial to the Victims of Communism etc etc.
After only three months, with so much more to come. As the old song say "Oops there goes another Harper Con plan."
I mean, can you imagine what this country is going to look like after another three months? It'll be changed beyond... um...recognition.
And while your little shattered leader runs around the U.S. with a baseball cap pulled down over his nose screaming "My legacy, my precious legacy !!!! Or, "has anyone seen my precious majority?
Our "little" leader Justin is, according to the latest EKOS poll, even MORE popular than he was a month ago !!!!
Are you enjoying this show? I sure am... ;)

Simon said...

hi RT...yes I forgot that. Our sunny (Canadian) glow has even forced Rona Ambrose to reconsider her position on gay rights, after ignoring them for almost a decade. It's a miracle I tell you. Harper's legacy is also being shattered from within. The little man must be sitting in his sweaty closet, crying like a baby, and soiling his diapers...

Anonymous said...

So am I enjoying this show. The cons are crawling out of the gutter spewing their uppity with nothing but blatant lies.


Anonymous said...

People are enjoying the PM's show, our very only version of Jeresy Shore meets the Realhouse Wives of Berverly Hills.

But how long can it last?

Simon said...

hi anon...as long as it takes to erase Harper's legacy, and what's left of his party, by bringing electoral reform, and making sure your Cons never rule this country again. And BTW, are you really calling Rona Ambrose a Realhouse Wife from Beverly Hills? Shame on you... :)

Anonymous said...

If you watched Con MP Candice Bergen on CBC's Power and Politics today (Tuesday) you would think her party is still in power! It's as if she's saying: "So what if the NEB process is broke. Why fix it or replace it? Get the pipelines built ASAP to honour Stephen Harper--my former glorious oil pimp leader!"

2:30 mark

rumleyfips said...

The problematic Harper NEB appointments are conditional on " good behaviour ". Not doing the job honestly is grounds for dismissal.
Oh,thehumanity;tiny tories withoutfreehandouts.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait till Trudeau and Company turn their attention to the con infested CBC and get rid of Power and Politics and its gab fest that masquerades as public affairs.

John said...

Trudeau has to do something about the Harper appointed National Energy Board. These oil pimps are predicting that oil will rise to 100 US dollars a barrel by 2040. It was 105 US dollars less than 2 years ago. The Liberals and the Alberta NDP have the almost impossible job of converting the economy from fossil fuel extraction to something else in order to maintain the Canadian economy. The NEB prediction makes no notice of the commitments raised in Paris this year. These commitments will make oil and coal the new asbestos by 2040 and these carbon deposits will need to stay buried in the ground as the earth intended if we are to survive. These predictions, like the Conference Board of Canada predictions are just made up in order to advance the agendas of those who pay for such predictions. Get rid of the NEB it is harmful to the Canadian economy and it is directing us to go in the wrong direction.

David said...

It's become a gabfest since Evan Solomon was fired. My guess is he will have his own show on Global TV before too long. He is already a semi regular on The West Block (Sundays)