Friday, January 22, 2016

Meet the Con Crazies Who are Threatening Our Leaders

For weeks I've been warning that the Con zombies out there are out of control

Spewing hatred in every direction, and even threatening the lives of Rachel Notley and Justin Trudeau.

I've been monitoring those Con crazies for years, and I've never seen anything like it.

And if you don't believe me, read Martin Patriquin's story and meet some of them yourselves.

Crazies like Lawrence Witko 

Lawrence Witko doesn’t actually want Justin Trudeau dead, he swears. Nor does he really want to kill all Muslims, moderate or otherwise, or hope for the mass killing of Palestinian children. “I hate violence, period. I don’t want to have to be ranting on like this,” Witko says.

Who claims he doesn't want Justin Trudeau dead, but spews out threats like this one against him and his family...

“Trudeau and his precious [wife] Sophie are both liars and teach their children to be the same way. Mark my words on the wall, this piece of s–t will turn on his own and be as treacherous as Sadam [sic] Hussein was to the Iraquis [sic]. Trudeau has to go—one way or another, he has to go . . . Lock n Load . . . ”

But somehow doesn't get arrested by the RCMP.

Witko says he was visited by the RCMP about two weeks after his “Lock N Load” post, though he wasn’t charged with anything.

Or meet Larry Langenauer.

A 67-year-old small business owner, Langenauer says he began posting on Never Again’s Facebook page four months ago. On Dec. 10 Langenauer wrote that “the most convincing non-confidence statement” against Trudeau would be to shoot him.

Then ask yourself why HE hasn't  been arrested or charged?

And of course as you wander through that Con sewer, meet Ezra Levant and his hate mongering site The Rebel.

The uninitiated visitor to The Rebel might be forgiven for thinking that under the Trudeau government, Canada has gone from being a staunch critic of radical Islam to radical Islam’s anteroom—a place where political correctness stifles criticism of Islam, and radicalized Muslims spread sharia law and tuberculosis on an unsuspecting citizenry.

The fecal foamer who whips up hate for money.

Ask yourself why he's allowed to get away with spewing vile bigot stuff like that? Or ask that grubby bully how he can claim this:

Levant steadfastly denounces violent threats against anyone almost as quickly as he laughs off the many he says he’s received as a result of his work.

Levant suggests that those threatening Trudeau, Notley et al. are just “venting.”

When his site is obviously designed to stir up violent emotions, and where does he think comments like these were published?

Answer: on his filthy site, and as far as I can determine, were never flagged let alone denounced.

And of course let's never forget that it was the filthy Stephen Harper who gave all those crazies the licence to hate...

By spewing bigot excrement out of every orifice during the election campaign.

And yes I know, they are Cons, and they are pathetic.

Though Lawrence Witko says Trudeau is a dangerous nuisance who should be removed “by any means necessary,” as he has written, he says he is too old to do anything himself. “Let’s put it this way. If [Trudeau’s] plane went down, I would probably be doing the happy dance.” 

An assassination, he says, “would take balls. I’m too old for that. I’m 65, with a herniated disk and a bum ticker.” Instead, his plan is to move north to live in the bush, well away from an Internet connection and the governing Liberal elites. He recently applied for a firearms acquisition certificate. A man’s got to eat, after all.

But they are also dangerous. And if Witko does get a gun, police are going to have to explain what the hell they are doing.

For no democracy can function with death threats flying around. This is Canada not crazy Amerika...

And our homegrown crazies should be treated like any other wannabe terrorists.

Before those angry Con maniacs cause some horrible tragedy, or kill one of our leaders...

If you see any death threats please make a copy and pass them on to the police.

We need to make an example out of some of those couch commandos, so the others get the message. 

The police must do their duty.

The wannabe terrorists must be crushed.

And the hate mongers should be jailed...

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  1. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Can you imagine if it was Harper getting those threats? I'm sure the people threatening him would be in the klink the same day by order of dear leader. I'm guessing JT and RN opted not to press charges because as far as I know, uttering death threats is a crime in this country. Part of me would love to see these "slack jawed yokel keyboard cowards" tossed in jail but that would create a redneck martyr to whom all the other yokels would aspire to be.

    1. hi JD...I'm sure Notley and Trudeau would never lay charges but with all the threats that have been flying around I don't understand why the RCMP hasn't yet charged anyone. For as I said in my post, they need to send a message that those kind of threats are unacceptable. They can only create an atmosphere of violence, and lead us to tragedy....

    2. Anonymous12:00 AM

      what a racist blog post I voted NDP but I seen lots of posts and comments about kill Harper all over the internet before the election just go to twitter as type in kill harper this has been going on for years on the internet I'm sure it wasn't harper supporters putting them on and NDP supporter are more refined than that

  2. A significant number of the comments made by the anti-Trudeau crowd are an indictment of the current state of the education system in Canada. In this day of automated spell-checking, one would think that, at the very least, these commenters would correct their comments to make it appear that they have a modicum of intelligence. Sadly, this does not appear to be the case.

    1. hi political junkie....yes I've noticed how illiterate some of those comments are, the classic one being the Con dummy who spelled coup d'etat as kudatah. But it's probably just as well, for that way we know exactly who they are...

  3. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Man, still don't get it!
    R_oyal C_ONSERVATIVE M_ilitarized P_olice.
    Get used to it. heil harper turned them into his personal SS years ago and they, because of all their shiny new toys provided by the con hate machine, are totally loathe to go back to the rule of law.
    My father used to tell me stories of the real RCMP who I held in almost mythic status when I was kid. He wouldn't even believe them now...

    1. hi anon...I realize that the RCMP's reputation is not what it once was, but I blame the leaders not the ordinary officers. For I have known a few through my work, and some of them are very good and decent. I am encouraged that the old Con who wrote the "lock and load" nonsense was visited by them. And I know they are reluctant to get involved in a freedom of speech argument, but they really do need to make an example of someone, to get the others to chill out. Because it is creating a very unhealthy atmosphere ,and it could inspire some crazy to try something awful...

  4. Anonymous10:54 AM

    How can we allow this hate mongering ? RCMP need to do their job. I don't mean troops, I mean marching orders. Harper's hate legacy needs to be de-escalated soon. We are a peaceful society, the mouth breathers need a time out in the corner to focus on their breathing skills.

    We had a PM who allowed and promoted divisive politics, policies, and let's not forget snitch lines. The page has turned, we have a majority voice. This needs to be dealt with, sooner the better. I dare say that decline of Post Media Mothership is a good first step. Very sad for those who lost jobs. But there is a need for those people on a brighter ship.

    Here's hoping for new Canadia investments in media, and a wake up to the brass of the RCMP (ahem you are on the public purse guys). Sunny ways :-))


    1. hi TS...yes I do hope the RCMP can nab one of those violent hate mongers, for that kind of nonsense is not the Canadian way. In ten years of blogging, and despite my obvious dislike of the Harper regime, never did I or anybody else ever threaten to harm them. I reject violence absolutely. And I must say that when I see Justin wading into crowds it makes me nervous, and I'm sure his bodyguards look back fondly at the days when Harper never went anywhere near the public. We really need to clear the air, and teach those hate mongers a lesson...

  5. Where is CSIS..Where is the hate crime division of the RCMP...They must have people available to look into those terrorist threats now that the registered charity witch hunt is over and First Nation infiltration project has ended..

    Stephen Harper is directly responsible for the actions of these deranged people, he fostered and nutured Canada's haters and bigots..

    Cmon RCMP..Do your job!

    1. hi Grant...yes as I've been saying, they do need to crackdown on those nut jobs out there. And judging by the cowardly nature of those hate mongers, all it would take is one well publicized arrest and they would crawl back down the holes where they came from. And yes as I tried to point out in my post, I hold Harper responsible for having poisoned the well in this country with his evil politics of division. Those kind of violent threats belong in crazy America not Canada....

  6. Things are starkest in the USA. There, our sort of people rally behind someone like Bernie Sanders, who proposes real legislation to lower inequality and limit the power of the wealthiest to influence democracy unfairly. On the other side, there are stupid yahoos who rally behind a babbling grifter like Sarah Palin and an egomaniacal boorish billionaire who openly lusts after his own daughter.

    Most of us like Michael Moore. There side likes Ann Coulter. Which of the two has repeatedly called for the deaths of people she doesn't like?

    Our side liked Keith Olberman or likes Rachel maddow, who use facts and arguments to criticize politicians. They like an abusive, stupid and lazy Bill O'Reilly, who thinks "God" is necessary to explain the tides and who challenged "pinheads" thusly; "Why does the Earth have a moon and Mars doesn't?"

    In short; their side are full of stupid, ugly-minded losers. And they should have their rights respected, but our ruling class and our institutions should stop pandering to them and should deal with them with a firm hand.

    Because they're dangerous. Give them enough leeway and enough time and they'll do to the USA what Hitler did to Germany.

    1. hi thwap...I couldn't agree more with you, and what I see is that some of the teabagger stuff that is out of control in the U.S. is starting to leak across the border and is now poisoning our politics. Unfortunately many of those crackpots come from Alberta, and the dire economic situation, and an NDP government, has them even more riled up than usual. And all that violent talk could lead to a very dangerous situation. All it would take would be one tragic incident, and things would never be the same in this country. The police should know that right-wing extremists are a far bigger problem in North America than the Islamic kind, so they should be treating them like any other terrorists...

    2. Starting to leak over?!?

      Sorry Simon, it has been going on for a long time now, decades in fact, although it does seem to have picked up speed. After all, the entire Harper project was an extension of the American right wing machine's desires to turn Canada into a good little Con helot and stop setting all these bad examples of things like national medicare for all.

      The crazies first managed to take over the GOP establishment which once upon a time thought they could keep them under control, and now we are seeing the same process starting in our Con side, thankfully our nation is far less sympathetic to a hard core politically conservative message, especially one rooted in anti-education ignorance and hard core jingoism and zealotry with some religious extremism tossed in for flavour.

      The tea-baggers are only the latest incarnation and refined version of a range of crazy that has lived within the American political right wing for many decades now. Granted it started out as being more than such but the speed at which it ended up becoming essentially another extension of the US right wing politically speaking shows where the true home for most of these always was. I've watched American politics closely almost as long as I have Canadian (since childhood) because I always got that what happens there could well spill into us, as Pierre Trudeau put it when I was growing up, the US sneezes we catch cold, except these days I would say pneumonia given the power differences and the increased powers socially speaking thanks to the developed information age of today versus that of the PET years.

      This new pattern of violent threats becoming common though in our political culture, even within our right wing, that is fairly new, troubling, and needs to be firmly dealt with. On this I quite agree. I would surrender the title of fiercest critic/opponent of Harper throughout his rise and stay in power to no one, yet I Never EVER called for any acts of violence where he and his government was concerned, I solely kept myself to political actions, and I *ALWAYS* made clear that anything I said that had even the slightest possibility of being taken as such was pure metaphor and solely dealing with his political actions and career, never his actual body nor life! I say that because I did a couple of times say we needed to executed his political career as soon as possible, but I also made clear I was talking solely through legal legitimate political means.

      What I've seen in the wakes of the Notley and Trudeau wins is worrying me too Simon, worrying me a LOT in fact. The RCMP need to set an example soon before these folks egg each other on enough that someone decides it is their mission to take on. That kind of dynamic is very well understood and deeply programmed in most of us from our elementary school days, and for some reason it tends to be really effective with zealots/fanatics of any sort, probably because they rely on emotional fuel as ego support so much.

  7. Trudeau declared a "youthful torch-bearer" at Davos

  8. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Stephen Harper's criminal friends

  9. To the people that are on this site. Are you kidding me with your B.S. Harper was threaten so many times by some crazy lefty that it fill the web. Search on Google; "I hate Harper" or "F@#k Harper" It will completely blow your mind. The left in this country has to start waking up, before all freedom of speech is taken from everyone.

    1. hi's not B.S. "I hate Harper" or "F@#k Harper" are not the same as making death threats. And death threats are not free speech, they are a clear violation of the criminal code. If I had seen anyone threatening to kill Harper I would have felt the same about them, as I feel about those who would threaten Justin Trudeau or Rachel Notley. Whether w are on the right or the left we should all agree that's unacceptable and not something that should be happening in Canada...