Monday, January 18, 2016

The Incredibly Sad and Sorry State of the Harper Party

I can only imagine what Stephen Harper must be telling his psychiatrist these days.

But if he's claiming he's still a Great Economist Leader it must be crazy stuff.  

As his oily obsession and his rampant incompetence come back to haunt us.

And of course Rona Ambrose also deserves some down time on that shrink's couch.

For her outrageous claim that Kevin O'Leary, would make a great leadership candidate.

As she did the other day...

So enthusiastically.

When in fact O'Leary is just a mini version of Donald Trump...

And as Bob Hepburn points out, just the latest sign of the sorry state of the Cons.

Claiming that Canada is “broken” and that he’s the guy to fix it, O’Leary is turning what had been shaping up as a boring race into an exciting fight for the hearts and minds of the Tory party faithful. But his possible candidacy also says a lot about the sorry state of the party and the quality of other possible contenders for the job.

If O’Leary gains any traction or shred of credibility as a serious candidate, it will show the Tories have completely lost their way.

With a list of possible candidates that couldn't be less exciting or more mediocre...

First, there’s Peter MacKay, the former hapless defence minister. He’s best known for making arguably the dumbest blunder in Canadian political history when he agreed in 2003 to merge the Progressive Conservative Party that he then headed with the Canadian Alliance led by Stephen Harper to form the Conservative Party of Canada. MacKay was totally outsmarted by Harper, who subsequently sidelined both MacKay and the progressive wing of the merged party.

Peter Dumbo MacKay trying to win back the party he sold to Stephen Harper.

Or Tony Clement the Con clown who killed the census...

But who now says he's sorry.

Or Kelly Leitch who must be hoping that Canadians will forget what she did...

And does former labour minister Kellie Leitch really think she can win? She ruined her reputation with her disgusting display of “hate politics” during the election when she proposed a “snitch hotline” to report “barbaric cultural practices.” In effect, Leitch was going after Muslims, a shameful legacy for which she shows no remorse.

Good luck with that one.

And of course let's not forget Maxime Bernier, the bobo from the Beauce, and his scandalous past...

How about Maxime Bernier, the Quebec MP who was dumped as foreign affairs minister after he left classified documents with Julie Couillard, his then-girlfriend who was friends with Hells Angels gang members. Couillard said in a book she later wrote that Bernier was often more interested in his looks than anything else.

And who is just another sorry loser in a party full of them.

But then of course, Stephen Harper made them in his own image...

So what do you expect?

When he's so unpopular.

A new poll ranks Justin and Pierre Trudeau respectively as the best loved—and Stephen Harper as the least.

But as I pointed out yesterday, is STILL the elephant or the monster in the room...

“This underscores one of the central challenges facing the Party, whether it needs to do more to draw in more progressive Conservatives or remain more true to the vision of Stephen Harper and reject that idea.”

And Bob Hepburn is right.

With such a lacklustre list, it’s easy to see why O’Leary thinks he might win. But that’s how low the Tories have sunk.

They can't get rid of Stephen Harper.

They can't say no to Kevin O'Leary.

They are Con clowns.

And they really are heading for oblivion...

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  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Rona now believes in "personal freedom"? Funny how when "El Harpo" was taking ours away she was okay with that too. So which is it Rona? Which flavour are you next week? Whoever has the best chance to win would be my guess.
    I heard this A.M. that a poll amongst reformacons shows equal support for Ol'Eerie and Dumbo. Clearly the bar has been set too low or, that is as deep as their gene pool goes.

    1. hi JD...if there was any justice, every time a Con mentioned the word "freedom" they would be struck by a bolt of lightning. For after what they did to our freedoms they deserve nothing less. As for Dumbo and O'Leary, I was surprised to see them sharing the top spot. But that should get both the PC faction and the Reformers up in arms, and of course drive Michelle Rempel absolutely wild. So that can only be good. It's going to be bloodbath so settle back and enjoy the show....

  2. Anonymous10:40 AM

    The CPC simply needs to purge the misfits from the party. How that can happen beats me, but it needs to happen. Actually, I don't care, if we contain the clown show, we're probably better off. :)

    1. hi anon...yes, they can't purge the misfits or they'll lose half their party, And if it turns into a Con clown show as I'm sure it will, it will only marginalize the Cons further, and make it even easier to introduce electoral reform and drive them from power forever...

  3. There is nothing really sad or sorry about the Harper Party.

    Just seems more like Mad Max's Thunderdome.

    Out of the losing, out from the wreckage
    We'll make the same mistakes this time
    We are the deluded, the scared generation
    We are the ones Stevie left behind
    And I wonder when we are ever gonna change?
    Living under only fear, till nothing else remains

    We don't need another Harper,
    We don't need to know the way home
    All we want is life beyond the Harperdome

    1. hi Dan...yes, I was thinking that Mad Max might be the perfect Con show. For nothing represents where they would take us better, and they are crazy desperate. They can't change, they only know fear, and if we play our cards right there will be no life beyond the Harperdrome....

  4. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Kelley Leitch.... Is she still muzzled? Clement, now that's as pathetic as human flesh goes!!!! Talk about two faced, opportunistic bunch of sleaze bags!!!!!! These morally depleted ReformCONS just do not get it......! The village idiot Rona leading the pact!!!!!! Man she must have smoked a bunch of Mary Jane in her past...... Not two brain cells to rub together!!!!! At least they are in the past, going nowhere!!!!! And Canada once again has a Prime Minister with a moral compass!!!!!! These CONS are merely a circus sideshow!!!!!!! FS

    1. hi Leitch hasn't been muzzled, but her attempt to launch her campaign about a month ago upset so many in the party she has been temporarily shamed into keeping her mouth shut. As for Clement he is looking more ridiculous by the day, insisting that the Liberals do what the Cons never did. But yes, for now at least, they are just a circus sideshow...

  5. e.a.f.2:53 PM

    If Kevie runs for the leadership it will be good for the cons. He may well make a lot of silly comments which will get his and the party's name in the papers. As the used to say, just spell my name right.

    The Canadian economy is tanking. That we all know. We can only hope the federal Liberals make some adjustments which include lengthening the amount of time people can claim E.I./U.I. It would go a long way to helping people, especially in Alberta. Now while people are unemployed and kevie and the rest of the "villiage idiots" start talking about slashing social programs, that will work very well indeed, for every other political party.

    Peter McKay, not a starter. No one in the current field is going to help the Cons out of their problems.

    as to where Harper is? who cares. as long as he doesn't come back as party leader. don't say it can't happen. with him out of circulation, memories are short, as is the number of qualified candidates for his job, people may start to think of "drafting" him. You know if he doesn't get a nice offer from the corporate elite, living at the Opposition leader's house in Ottawa, may be better than whatever else is out there.

    The race for the leadership is going to be entertaining and I think perhaps Kevie, is going to want a coronation, not a competition.

    1. hi I don't think O'Leary will be good for the Cons. His past is dubious and his outrageous statements will come back to haunt him He may arouse more interest in the leadership race, because he isn't as boring as the other candidates. But that's about it. And if O'Leary is elected leader he will only help bury the Cons by costing them what little credibility they have left. So needless to say I've stopped cheering for Kenney and started cheering for him... ;)

  6. Personal freedom for Rona is throwing marijuana users in jail. Depriving addicts of treatment in safe injection sites. Bombing other nations to ensure 'freedom'. Freedom to making it free to discriminate against gays, trans etc. But not to wear a niqab. And we are free to throw her right out of politics I suppose.

    1. Anonymous6:27 PM

      One up for John..... Great comment sir!,,,,,, perfection!!!!! FS

    2. hi John...well said, Ambrose's record couldn't be shabbier. She may appear nicer than most of them, but when you look at that record it's clear that she's just another inhuman ideologue like all the rest of them....

    3. e.a.f.3:00 PM

      too bad for Rona, Vancouver just got its second Safe Injection Site! A few more of those in Canada and we will be not only saving lives but money. Now if we want to get really progressive, we would supply the drugs, if the people were confirmed as addicted with little to no chance of recovery. That would reduce crime in great heaps,