Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Con Clown Circus and the Hypocrisy of Tony Clement

Uh oh. Move over Michelle Rempel. There's a new star at Rona Ambrose's Con clown circus.

His name is Tony Clement also known as The King of Muskoka.

Or the new shadow minister of Foreign Affairs.

And he couldn't be funnier... 

Or more hypocritical.

Former Conservative cabinet minister Tony Clement called on the Liberals Monday to release or pledge to make public any details of the assessment Ottawa has, or will conduct, on the implications of the shipment for human rights in Saudi Arabia. 

“Canadians don’t want these weaponized vehicles to be used against innocents in Saudi Arabia,” said Mr. Clement, now foreign-affairs critic for the Conservatives in opposition. “We need to know, given this rapidly changing environment in the Middle East, that the weapons are going to be used for the purposes that are intended and that there has been sufficiently rigorous assessment of Saudi Arabia.”

He wants the new Liberal government to answer questions about that deal with the Saudis the Cons signed. 

Even though THEY never did answer the questions they were asked.

For obvious reasons...

Mr. Clement acknowledges that the Conservatives are asking for information they refused to release while in office under Prime Minister Stephen Harper. But he says the new leadership of the Conservative Party feels differently.

And is now claiming that the new/nouveau Cons have changed.

“This is a [Liberal] government that has promised more transparency. I think that is consistent with the times in which we live,” Mr. Clement said. “So don’t take the signal from the last government. If you want to be true to your principles and values, which the Conservative Party under new leadership shares, let’s move forward.”

As only he could...

Only to join forces a few hours later with that other absurd clown Michelle Rempel.

And prove once again that they are still the same Harper Cons.

Official Opposition Foreign Affairs Critic Tony Clement, and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Critic Michelle Rempel, today wrote to Liberal Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion asking if Prime Minister Trudeau made any commitments to lift visas on St. Kitts and Nevis residents during his recent visit.

Who will do or say anything to smear Justin Trudeau.

“It is vitally important for the strength of our sanctions policy against the Iranian regime, one of the world’s greatest offenders of human rights, that policies which preserve Canada’s strength and security are not weakened. That is why Canadians need to know just what key policy commitments Prime Minister Trudeau may have made to the Prime Minister of St. Kitts.”

By trying to portray him once again as a terrorist stooge.

And portray the tiny island of St Kitts as a nexus of terrorism, while never having criticized the real nexus of terrorism, Saudi Arabia.

When if Clement and Rempel wanted answers about that arms deal, they only had to ask those who signed it.

The other Con clown John Baird...

Or the former defence minister Jason Kenney...

Who like all the other Cons kissed the ass of the Saudi regime like there was no tomorrow.

And was never bothered by their appalling human right's record.

But then why should we be surprised?

When Rona Ambrose, their new leader, also doesn't know what she's doing.

And as we know, the whole Con clown circus is running for its life...

They are desperate, they are crazy.

And whatever they say or whatever they do.

They will always be the Harper Party...

The worst  government this country has ever known.

And we can't bring in electoral reform soon enough.

So we can finish them off for good...

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  1. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Tony Clement and transparency and values ??? Mmm Muskoka gazebos and other face lifts (50 million was it ?) in an election year that was diverted from G20 security funds?

    Never ceases to amaze me that someone didn't go to jail.


    1. hi TS...yes, I'm sorry I wasn't able to use a graphic I made a few years ago where Clement is half hog half gazebo. But if he runs for the leadership, I'm sure I will find another good excuse to use it... ;)

  2. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Wow,terrorists from St Kitts is a major issue? Do these clowns really believe what they say or is it just a belief that if you say it loud and long enough people will voluntarily put on the shackles of fear and negativity and become good little serfs again? Unfortunately they do have history on their side and hope springs eternal as long as they can stymie or water down electoral reform.Then again their sponsors have likely given up on these clowns and have moved on to sponsor discord within the Liberal party. Justin had better be ready to face some real leadership challenges before electoral reform becomes a reality.

    1. hi RT...well it may be easy for you to dismiss this threat, but I'm absolutely terrified. It's the little threats you can't see that get you !!! However, even though it's a balmy -7 degrees where I live, I am prepared to be sent by the Canadian government to St Kitts to investigate this threat to our freedoms. Somebody has got to do it, and it might as well be me...;)

  3. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Nothing worse than hypocrits with short memories.

    1. hi anon...yes, I don't know who's running the fake PMO these days, but they probably should hire somebody else....

  4. It's good that they are criticizing their own bad policies.

    1. hi Hugh...well that's true, and I am a strong believer in the power of human redemption. But first you need to apologize for what you have done. I note that Clement has also said that killing the long-form census was a mistake. But although he led the charge, and it has done great damage to Canada, he still hasn't said he is sorry. So much for redemption...

  5. Grenada is smaller than Montréal Island. St. Kitts and Nevis together are smaller than the island of Laval north of us, and has a far smaller population. If every citizen of that tiny country moved here, we wouldn't even notice them among all the other immigrants from the Caribbean.

    1. hi lagatta....yes exactly, it's not like they are going to overwhelm our immigration controls. And it's the pettiness of Clement and Rempel that appalls me. They will find anything to try to throw at Justin Trudeau...

  6. The reform/alliance/cons. are sounding very desperate! Your pictures really hit the mark today Simon. LOL.

  7. hi Pamela....thank you, I'm glad you liked the pictures. I've been a bit tired recently, and I've been forced to let them do most of the work, in my desperate belief that sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words. But of course, as you point out, I could never be as desperate as the Cons, for they are truly pathetic....