Saturday, January 09, 2016

The Bigot Cons and the Cowardly Assault On Our Refugees

There couldn't be a more brutish act, or one more disgusting or more cowardly.

Than attacking a group of refugees seeking shelter in Canada.

Men, women, and children.

On their welcome night.

Police said they were looking for a suspect after more than a dozen Syrian refugees were pepper sprayed late Friday night in Vancouver. The attack happened outside the Muslim Association of Canada Centre during a “welcome night” event for newly-arrived Syrian refugees. 

City police said a crowd of men, women and children had gathered outside the MAC centre when a man wearing a white-hoodie apparently rode by on a bicycle and sprayed 15 to 30 people.

And although it pains me to say it, I have to admit, that if I could get my hands on that bestial bully I would seek to beat him within an inch of his life.

For being such a miserable coward, and such a ghastly bigot. And for embarrassing us in the eyes of the world.

But sadly that monster is not alone.

For it seems that like a silent but deadly cancer the bigotry is spreading.

For retired librarian Sandra Onufryk, finding affordable rental housing for the Al Balkhi family – Syrian refugees she helped privately sponsor – meant stepping into the Greater Toronto Area’s red-hot real estate market and experiencing the bitter sting of disappointment.

She called 15 landlords around Oakville, Ont. – an area west of Toronto with a vacancy rate hovering around 1.6 per cent. The conversations started off well. “And then when I mentioned seven people and Syrian refugees, the tone changed. So we didn’t even go and look,” she said.

And is undermining the good work of so many decent Canadians.

Who have been working so hard to find a room at the inn for those forced to flee the horror of their homeland...

The helpless homeless who today must believe that they are not safe even in a place like Canada.

It is so depressing and so shameful, it's almost beyond belief.

But it is only too appropriate that the coward who pepper sprayed those refugees was wearing a white hoodie.

For so did the filthy Con who lit those bigot fires...

By portraying the refugees as a deadly threat, rather than as an opportunity to demonstrate our Canadian values.

The fires that I warned over and over again, would be easy to light, but very hard to put out.

Especially since people like the Con clown Michelle Rempel helped fuel the flames by beating her bigot drum...

For crass political purposes.

And by so doing only played into the hands of scummy lowlife hogs like Ezra Levant...

Whose grotesque hate mongering website The Rebel should have been closed down long ago.

You know, I am not ashamed to admit that when I first read the story of that cowardly attack, I felt like weeping for those refugees, and for my country.

But my consolation is that there are so many Canadians who are better than those bigots.

A Syrian refugee is finding comfort in his new homeland through the use of universal tools — barber scissors and an electric trimmer. Mohammed Kurdi gave his first haircut in Canada to the mayor of his city, an honour the politician and Kurdi's sister say symbolizes a fresh start for the family of a drowned Syrian boy.

And that the family members of that poor dead toddler...

Are now safe in our hands of those who would welcome them like I do...

As are so many others.

And this ugly episode will only make me even more determined to fight the scummy Cons.

Destroy the bigot bastards...

Put out the fires Stephen Harper started.

And take my country back...

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thwap said...

More and more it seems that the Conservatives is the party by and for the dregs of society.

Anonymous said...

I too was stunned by what happened Simon. This was an attack on a group of adults and children with the intent to injure and instill fear in a targeted group of people. That my friend is terrorism and when they catch this scumbag he better be treated as such. This piece of trash was no doubt inspired by our suggestive bigot/racist Cons who keep planting their seeds of hate and now get to sit back and watch their depraved brethren do the dirty work. They are just as guilty as the one holding the spray can.
To our new arrivals: Dont let the acts of these racist cowards tarnish your view of Canada. The majority welcomes you and will help protect you as you settle in to your new lives.

e.a.f. said...

this happened in Vancouver and I think Senator Larry Campbell said it best when describing the person who did this. It is doubtful this person was motivated by anything the cons said or did. They don't need anything or anyone to motivate them.

On the 11 p.m. news in Vancouver they showed the event which not only had members of the Muslim community but people from S.U.C.C.E.S.S which is an organization which assists those in the Asian community. People were really having fun. So it was with some surprise I awoke to see the noon news with the pepper spraying incident.

the guy is an idiot. he most likely will be found out. people like him can't wait to brag about what he did.

Its a very weird thing to do and its weirder that it happened in the City of Vancouver. This is not reflect of the city at all.

Anonymous said...

It's sad when economic refuges get attacked

George said...

There are only 3 types of conservatives. The filthy rich, their sycophants, and the ignorant. Nothing that advances their filthy agenda is beneath them.