Saturday, January 09, 2016

Stephen Harper and the Twilight of the Cons

As you know I've been trying to figure out why Stephen Harper has been keeping such a low profile that some are now calling him the invisible man.

And why he hasn't been seen in public since that strange sighting in Las Vegas.

Where he was spotted with the loonie, or the Harper peso, that was also going south in a hurry.

But if Not So Great Leader is practically invisible, so are the shattered survivors of his Harper Party...

For it truly is the twilight of the Cons. Never have I seen a political party so demoralized.

They still don't understand why they lost. 

And for many of them, especially the religious fanatics, it must be like Halloween or Helloween in January...

As they try to figure out why they stumbled so badly.

Their once mighty propaganda machine has ground to a halt. Many of their Twitter feeds have gone silent. 

Even Michelle Rempel is keeping her own company...

As the grim reality sinks in.

They've lost their limos, and their big offices. They are apparently having trouble trying to learn how to do their own research.

And their desperate attempts to end Justin Trudeau's honeymoon are, as I pointed out yesterday, failing miserably...

So it's not surprising that the only sign that the Cons are still alive is the screeching sound of Rona Ambrose's desperate begging...

Because in addition to everything else, Stephen Harper left her shattered party up to its knees in debt.

Which might help explain why he doesn't dare show his face. 

But I think it's mostly because he was so sure he was going to win the election. 

The previous Conservative government went into last summer’s election campaign armed with internal polling that showed Canadians strongly supported Stephen Harper’s much-touted tax cuts, newly released documents reveal.

Or buy it...

But still managed to blow it.

Despite the apparent initial goodwill he had on that front, however, Canadians rejected Harper’s pitch and put their trust in Justin Trudeau’s Liberals — who promised to rescind the Tories’ tax proposals in favor of other measures they said were fairer to the middle class.

And for that he can only blame himself...

For running the dumbest, dirtiest, and most depraved campaign this country has ever seen.

And that must really hurt almost as much as this did...

Being humiliated by the Son of Trudeau and the man he claimed wasn't ready.

And if what I hear about Stephen Harper's present mental state is true, I very much doubt he'll recover.

No matter what he does next...

Graphic/UCCO supporter

And neither will his party when we pass electoral reform, and give them all the hook FOREVER.

Isn't that a happy thought?

Great Political Genius Buffoon Leader is slowly going crazy.

And it is the twilight of the Cons...

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  1. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Harper gang never appeared to be an educated lot. Not surprising that they are having tough time doing their jobs now in Opposition. As new government works on their agenda, plus undoing many silly Harperisms like IT issue for Supreme Court, cons will fade into memory for most Canadians except those in the oil patch. Oil patch people will hopefully self destruct. We all have choices in life in how we earn a living and how we live our lives. After a brief stint in natural resources sector many years ago, I made the decision that I would like to preserve my soul. Not an easy transition, but one has to be able to look in the mirror and not cringe.

    Stevie and Ray have gone AWOL, can only imagine the paranoia in his head with literally bumping into Putin on purpose and his ridiculous taunting. With his hair loss, he likely imagines that he's being poisoned much like Litvinenko was, probably counts the remaining hairs every morning. With no hair dresser and no security, he must be loosing what few marbles he has.


    1. Anonymous11:00 AM

      Undoubtedly radiation poisoning and associated hair loss adds a new twist to what already must be a convoluted conspiracy theory with the Communists and Trudeau at the center.Cons thrive on conspiracy, the bigger the better but unfortunately the more elaborate the theory the less believable it is to the average person which puts them into a class (or padded room) of their own.My first thought was that we should help them build even more elaborate theories but the downside is that some of them do major harm before they get to the padded room.So its worry,genetics and age that causing Harper's hair loss and not Putin but somehow this answer is so uninspiring.

    2. hi TS...yes I hear it's quite a comedy, as the Cons try to set up their offices, without the army of grovelling slaves they once had at their disposal. And have had to take lessons on something as simple as working a photocopier. But I'm sure Stevil still has his faithful Robin, and his personal hairdresser... ;)

    3. hi RT...listen, let's be absolutely clear, Harper can't lose his hair helmet because it's glued on. ;) And all that interests me about him these days, while I wait in vain for justice to be done, is to determine whether he is still trying to influence the leadership race. For as soon as I find out who Harper is favouring, I will do my best to portray it as the Kiss of Death...

  2. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I think Harper's biggest blunder was the whole niqab issue. Canadians with any decency could see the anti muslim rhetoric for what it was. That he would put a target on innocent peoples backs to garner votes is about as low as you can go. This is why none of the remaining Cons can be trusted with running this country ever again. I can picture them looking on at Donald Trump with admiration as he tries to turn America into a melting pot of neighbor vs neighbor, race vs race and us vs the world. Hopefully the decent Americans will do to Trump exactly what we did to Harper and toss the asshole to the curb.

    1. hi JD...yes I think you're right, but only as the first step in the wrong direction. For sadly his position on the niqab was supported by many Canadians, and many only changed their minds when he brought in the cultural barbarism proposal, which suddenly made the niqab issue look part of the same madness.
      And what I believe finished him off was when he threatened to take away the citizenships of dual citizens, which lost him his precious ethnic vote. And BTW you don't have to picture Cons looking lovingly at Donald Trump, because the Ezra show is starting to look and sound like a Trump fan club. One crazy attracts others....

  3. Simon - have you seen the Toronto Sun article by Joe Oliver?
    You won't believe it...
    He has the audacity to suggest how to fix the mess that his government helped to create.

    1. hi Liberta...I did and needless to say I was stunned that old Joe should dare to show his face and lecture others, as the economy slowly collapses thanks to him and Steve's oily obsession. In fact I couldn't see the point of the piece, unless after all the time he spent hiding, he's STILL trying to make us believe that he's a real economist..
      or he's actually thinking of running for the Con leadership. But that would be too good to be true...;)

  4. Jolly Roger2:21 PM

    I believe I mentioned this before Simon, harper and the Manning school of tax evasion ilk, ETC. are in the planning stage of pulling Alberta out of Canada. I hope he opens his big mouth before bill C-51 is changed, because he, and the rest of the reformacon cannibals can immediately be labelled terrorists under his asshole legislation, and prompley tried and jailed forever, or better yet, executed. I'm sick of these American Teabaggers, as you have rightly labeled them

    1. Anonymous3:19 AM

      Silly pinko excutions are for the left not the right.

    2. hi Jolly Roger...well I wouldn't execute them, but long prison sentences would be good, or even better twenty years on the Tar Ponds chain gang... ;)

  5. e.a.f.10:55 PM

    Harper has disappeared because he doesn't care anymore. that is all she wrote.

    Now as to the Cons having to do some of their own research, don't despair they are still are the official opposition, so they do have some staff, its just not the same type of staff as they had before. They'll get over it and some may even start to enjoy a little freedom.

    The frantic religious base may move on to other things.

    As to Alberta pulling out of B.C. Some idiots idea of a pipe dream. We've heard that one before, B.C. and Alberta going it alone or joining California, Washington, and Oregon. Not happening. For the next little while Alberta will need transfer payments. Alberta is no longer just "ablertans" A whole lot of other people from other parts of the country live there now.

    Every time people think Alberta is just a bunch of "right wingers" do remember who their mayor is. Best mayor in the world. Alberta isn't going anywhere. The only one who is going anywhere is Steve and that will be onto a new higher paying job, just like Mulroney did. As to Presto, well he has been behind the curtains for some years playing elder statesman of the far right and they'll stay on the far right of the stage behind the curtain.

    1. hi e.a.f... No, Harper hasn't disappeared because he doesn't care. The man is obsessed with keeping the Cons HIS party, and preserving the control of the Alberta Reformers. So until that happens he will be sticking around....