Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Battle for Burnaby Mountain and Kinder Morgan's Day of Defeat

They have gathered on Burnaby Mountain to try to prevent the giant energy company Kinder Morgan from drilling a hole through its heart.

Dozens of young and old activists have been arrested.

But today they won a big court victory, and Kinder Morgan got a big slap in the face.

A B.C. Supreme Court judge has dropped civil contempt charges against dozens of protesters who were arrested at an anti-pipeline protest near Vancouver.

And were made to look like IDIOTS.

The order came Thursday after Kinder Morgan acknowledged it had used incorrect GPS co-ordinates when it sought an injunction related to its Trans Mountain pipeline.

“What’s happened thus far is that apparently people have been arrested on the basis of an order that refers to some other piece of property,” Judge Austin Cullen said, prompting laughs and jeers from the courtroom’s crowded public gallery.

For if that energy octopus can't even get its GPS measurements right, how safe could that pipeline be?

And the answer is not safe enough and nobody should be surprised about what's happening on Burnaby Mountain. 

The approval process was a farce, orchestrated by the Con regime and it's Big Oil masters. Where climate change was ignored, the citizens of BC were prevented from having their say, and all their oily promises were rendered hollow.

A new report from SFU and The Goodman Group Ltd. shows Kinder Morgan exaggerated the jobs associated with the pipeline construction while seriously underplaying the risk of a potential pipeline rupture. And remember, this pipeline has already ruptured on several occasions, including once in 2007, sending 250,000 litres of crude into the community and 70,000 into the Burrard Inlet.

Just like nobody should be surprised that NOBODY is more to blame for this confrontation than the great oil pimp or pipeline pig HIMSELF. 

The civil disobedience at Burnaby Mountain is exactly what you get when your government fails to provide a lawful, democratic process for making decisions that affect the health, safety and sustainability of communities.

Who as only he could, corrupted the process, made a mockery out of democracy, and then had the nerve to call peaceful protesters TERRORISTS.

So it's great to see all those young and old people on that mountain, and believe me, if I lived in BC I would be there with them. 

Because this is the opening battle in Stephen Harper's insane crusade to build more pipelines EVERYWHERE. And it is a war to save the future of the planet, so failure is not an option. 

Or we will save it or it will BURN.

And as Grand Chief Stewart Phillip said before he was arrested today:

“I said that if push came to shove and there were arrests, that I would stand with the courageous people that were willing to be arrested as a matter of principle,” he said before his arrest. “We need to reclaim this country ... and return it back to the voices of the people that have invested a lifetime of hard work to build this province.”

We do need to reclaim this country.

But for now let's savour the moment, and think of Stephen Harper soaring over his disloyal kingdom on his shiny flying pipeline...

Or on his way to a summit of dictators in Africa.

On his woody broomstick...

And send him this message:

Harper you grubby oil pimp, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Here's to the sacred mountain.

And those who would save the world...

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  1. If you watch Ezra Levant's show long enough, he would have you believe all pipeline protesters are extremists who are "professional protesters". But isn't Levant a professional protester and an extremist?

    1. hi David....I would consider Levant a right-wing extremist and the closest thing we have to a professional tea bagger. And I really would like to see the donor list of "Ethical Oil" and see how much money the Koch brothers contributed....

  2. See also:

  3. e.a.f.2:57 AM

    opec has spoken, they will continue to pump oil out at its current rate. The resulting drop in oil prices will result in things such as the kinder morgan pipelines not being required.

    It is good the court case was won. Unfortunately the court case which has Kinder Morgan suing individuals who protested, for millions, is still ago. That is the court case, if won, which will put an end to protesting for anyone who has assets.

    With oil at such a low price, many provinces will have a problem. hide in the closet P.M. is going to have the shock of his life, when his attempt to turn Canada into another oil economy fails. It will enable our manufacturing sector to get back to work once the petro dollar has fallen. It will be entertaining to watch the premier of B.C. start her dance when all those trillions of $s don't start coming into the provincial coffers, not to mention all those jobs she promised us

    1. hi e.a.f...yes hopefully falling oil prices will put a brake on this pipeline mania. We should be developing a green industry to compete with other countries because that is the future not tarry oil. But hopefully all of this will expose the Harperites as useless incompetents, and damage them all the way to the next election...

  4. Ya Simon so did the RCMP get slapped for illegal arrests the protestors won a grand victory against mall cops or should I say security guards [RCMP] for a foreign national corporation I laud the protesters...

    1. hi mogs....yes I too congratulate the protesters, especially those who allowed the police to arrest them. In a world full of shallow values, that takes decency and courage...


    Ha ha ahh it is catching up with them...

    1. hi mogs...and what's even better I see that Kinder Morgan is now pulling out before completing its survey.
      That's a very good start to what will no doubt be a long and hard war...

  6. Keystone Pipeline Will Create Only 35 Permanent Jobs;
    Emit 51 Coal Plants’ Worth Of Carbon


    1. hi Nadine...thanks for that. Those figures can't be repeated enough. Their claims that pipelines create good jobs is nonsense, The good ones are short-lived, and after that there are almost none. Those who claim they will should be arrested for fraud...