Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Stephen Harper's Great Shabby Trip to China

Well it wasn't much of a trip, not the grand photo-op he was expecting.

He never got his pandas.

And as for those two caged Canadians they're still in a Chinese jail. 

China’s second-most powerful leader emerged from a meeting with Stephen Harper to say his country’s courts alone will decide what happens to two Canadians detained by Beijing on allegations of spying.

Because although Stephen Harper claimed he raised the matter of human rights in his private meetings with the Chinese dictators, nobody could prove it, and if he did they ignored him.

But still Great Leader did declare the trip a huge success, and say that he was very very pleased.

As Prime Minister Stephen Harper returns to Canada after his third dance with the dragon, he believes he took the lead for at least some of the time on the dance floor.

“Look, I’m very pleased with the visit, that on each trip that I’ve done here, I think we have significantly advanced the economic relationship,” Harper said.

When in fact the only reason he spent 26 hours on a plane flying there and back to meet his new Chinese overlords, was to pleasure them, pose as a Great Economist Leader, and court the the ETHNIC VOTE.

Lobby groups – representing Canadian businesses with relationships with Chinese communist state firms, as well as associations largely composed of recent immigrants from the PRC – predicted dire consequences for Canadian interests in China if our PM showed “disrespect” by not attending APEC in Beijing. 

And as for leading the dragon around the dance floor, the opposite was the case...

Chinese media reports of the Harper visit focused on boosting relations, increasing trade and “building mutual trust.” This seems to mean trusting Beijing’s assurances that Ottawa should have no cause for concern about allegations of pervasive serious human rights abuse in China, or about Chinese cyber espionage threatening Canadian security.

He was the one being led around by the nose, and being seen to enjoy it.

Indeed there were many photographs of Mr. Harper and his accompanying cabinet ministers laughing and smiling and giving the impression that they thoroughly enjoyed interacting with leaders of the Chinese Communist Party.

As for the "economic relationship" it was also much less than advertised...

For Canada, the much-trumpeted take-away – the reward for paying tribute to the Chinese regime – was a ceremony where, in Mr. Harper’s presence, 18 contracts and memoranda of understanding were signed, purportedly worth $2.5-billion in business and trade. That these are mostly pre-existing agreements or are early agreements to negotiate deals, many of which never come to fruition, is not as important as the symbolic value.

And the bottom line was even SHABBIER.

The real bottom line is that the Chinese leadership got the affirmation of political legitimacy that they wanted from Canada.

So much for Great Human Rights Leader.

But then why should we be surprised? When he signed the sellout FIPA deal, that some have described as the worst deal ever signed since Neville Chamberlain made that deal with Hitler.

So he's SHAMELESS eh?

And besides, I'm sure Harper was just happy to be able to use the trip to have breakfast again with his best buddy.

His fellow climate change denier Tony Abbott...

I'm sure he got a bigger charge out of that, than being able to have lunch with the pandas.

And I'm sure they felt the same way...

In fact, the more I think about it, that could have been a REAL disaster...

Because even pandas know a stooge when they see one.

Yup. Stephen Harper, NOT a Great Leader.

Just a shabby sellout. A Con artist if ever there was one.

And unfit to be Prime Minister...

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Anonymous said...

And he worked to bring about that TPP which is so bad for ordinary Canadians in so many ways and the main stream media doesn't report on that. They just cheer it on.

e.a.f. said...

he wasted a lot of canadian tax dollars for a photo op for the chinese government. china's government isn't exactly the type you'd want to have over for sunday dinner so why is harper going over there? oh right, he gave Canada to them and now he reports to them. nice going stevie

he may allege he brought up all sorts of topics but we have no evidence. there is no proof. we have only him to believe, and if we do that, well i've got a bridge in some swamp in florida.

Simon said...

hi anon...yes you're right the coverage of all of Harper's sellout deals has been appalling. I understand that the Cons have been doing their best to obscure matters. But the MSM should be able to connect the dots and explain how these deals are undermining our sovereignty and affect our lives all the way down to the municipal level. And the fact that they haven't done that is simply unforgivable...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...He wasted a huge amount of money by rising off to China and then back again for Remembrance Day. And now he's heading back to Asia again, when he could have stayed there and saved a couple of million. And as for having lectured the Chinese in private, judging by their broad smiles, I don't believe that for a minute....

David said...

Now that the Canada-China FIPA has passed, China’s companies can take over Canadian resources and then sue Canadian governments in secret if the government does anything that threatens the company’s profits. These lawsuits would be decided by unaccountable arbitrators in secret tribunals outside of Canada’s court system. Unlike NAFTA, which Canada can leave with six months notice, this FIPA with China locks Canada in for a whopping 31 years!

The Hupacasath First Nation still have a legal challenge ongoing against FIPA, and the court has not yet released its decision. Passing FIPA while the court case is ongoing is disrespectful of the Hupacasath First Nation AND Canada’s courts (but disrespecting the courts is nothing new for the Cons).

With FIPA, Harper Shows There's More than One Way to Skin a Constitution