Saturday, November 01, 2014

My Scary Halloween in Harperland

Well I'm glad Halloween is over, because it really is a challenge trying to scare people in Harperland.

Where every day is Halloween and scarier than the day before. 

Especially if you're forced to run or hop around in a bunny suit that's at least two sizes too small. And people laugh at you instead of scream.

But while I recover from last night's events, I thought I'd show you a few Halloween pictures and ask YOU to decide which one is scarier.

The scene outside 24 Sussex Drive...

Where the creepy guy in the closet lives...

Who would try to make us us feel as frightened as he is, of being defeated and HUMILIATED.

Or the young trick or treater dressed up as Stephen Harper...

Before he was sent to a juvenile facility.

Lest he become radicalized...

Grow up to be a monster like Great Ugly Leader.

And set out to bribe Canadians...

With their OWN money.

Or how about this picture of the former Con MP Brent Rathgeber dressed up as Mike Duffy...

Just six months before the real Ol' Duff comes back to haunt Harper.

Or Jason Kenney as the police state zombie. 

The threat of homegrown terrorism arising from Calgary and elsewhere points to the need to boost police powers in Canada, Conservative cabinet minister Jason Kenney said Friday.

Who would have us believe that we should surrender our freedoms to protect ourselves from religious fanatics. Even though he is one himself.

And like his depraved leader would ignore the even greater threat...

Which I think you'll agree really is terrifying.

But don't worry there is good news.

Help is on the way...

The angry bird along with the happy pirate...

Will peck the Cons to bits and/or make them walk the plank.

And the best news? 

By this time next year the Harper regime will have been defeated. 

Canada will be Canada again and a far less scary place.

So this is the last year the crazed cult in the PMO will be able to hold their ghastly Halloween party in the basement of 24 Sussex. And sing their favourite song Oh Harperland.

Or Oh Banana Republic...

Before the fickle hand hands of fate drag them back to the hellish place they came from.

And of course next year I'll have a bigger bunny suit eh?

So I can dance without risking disaster, and party for DAYS.

Now isn't that something to look forward to?

Have a great weekend everybody !!!!

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  1. The person sitting to Catherine O'Hara's right is the late actor Glenn Shadix. Too bad he has passed away. He would have been perfect to play Dean Del Mastro in: "Man of Convictions: The Dean Del Mastro Story"

    1. hi David....I'm sorry to hear about Glenn Shadix. I've seen other clips of him and he was great. And of course in this clip I thought he was great as Jason Kenney...

  2. Good on Rathgeber for dressing up like Duffy.

    Have you seen the 90 grand "Duffy buck"?

    1. Not only have I seen the Duffy Buck, I've played a musical version at least a couple of times on this blog. Where Ol' Duff SINGS and the buck BELCHES...

  3. e.a.f.11:10 PM

    O.K. best in show for costume, Mulcair as the duckie. He is absolutely totally cute. never thought of him like that because he never looks that kind or cute in his suit in parliament. Very close second is Trudeau, the kid, as Johnny Depp doing Pirates of the Caribean. Now Trudeau wins it for best line, challenging Harper to take off his shirt, because we know that can't happen. So both leaders of the other 2 main parties win. Now you did forget Elizabeth May. I would have put her in an outfit something with daffodils and some wild salmon and perhaps a bear looking lovingly at her, but no fangs out, more like a buddy. You know, she is their friend.

    Great post, with pics. Harper and his cons are scarey enough without costumes, What was really scarey was C.B.C's documentary last night about G.M. and those ignition switches which malfunctioned and what did the Cons know and when. One of those blonde female cabinet ministers featured promentetly. There was some questions about when she knew what. most interesting. If the cons knew about the malfunction and did nothing and people died, well, for goul of the yr, the cons get it.

    1. hi e.a.f....yes I agree Mulcair wins First Prize. He should walk into Harper's office dressed like that, I bet old Harpo would dive under his desk, or into a closet. And yeah, I read about the GM ignition scandal. One must never forget that the Cons are not just insane, they're dangerously incompetent....

  4. Anonymous2:28 AM

    Thanks for the laughs Simon. I wish I could be as cheery as you, but I'm just so sad about what the Conservatives are doing to this country.

    1. hi anon...don't be sad. Lord Depravity and his cult members want us to feel depressed and hopeless. It's part of their voter suppression plan to turn people off politics. Just remember they really are desperate, and we are going to defeat them. Like other progressives when I see what that scummy regime is doing to this country I also feel depressed. But then I think of them going down in flames, and the last hours in the Fuhrer Bunker, as depression turns to panic, and all you can hear are the screams, and the sound of the shredders, and I feel so much better. So cheer up, the best is still to come. The scarier the movie, the better the happy ending... :)

  5. If you watch Question Period at all...

    it's easy to spot the smug look on so many of the Con's faces. Being in power for so long has contributed to an atmosphere of overconfidence and entitlement. But as the saying goes: "Pride goes before a fall."