Friday, November 21, 2014

When the Harper Cons Don't Listen to Canada's Doctors

In the aftermath of the SARS crisis of 2003, the government created the Public Health Agency of Canada, and the position of Chief Public Health Officer to strengthen this country's medical defences.

After they were shown to be almost catastrophically inadequate.

But now Stephen Harper and his Cons are slashing the Public Health Agency's budget, and neutering the country's top doctor.

And to make matters even worse, they're not even listening to them. They're all but burying their reports.

The Report on the State of Public Health In Canada 2014 is a case in point. To say that it was released with little fanfare is an understatement. There was no distribution, no press release, nary a tweet. It was posted on the Public Health Agency of Canada website, apparently in September, and only a handful of obsessives stumbled upon it.

Because even though those reports are vitally important for the health of Canadians, the Cons don't like them because they can't control the message...

The problem we have in this country is that the current government doesn’t want thoughtful, independent advice, especially on scientific matters. It wants toadies singing the praises of its policies, no matter how ill-conceived or partisan.

And they really hate messages like this one:

The report says, in polite scientific language, that climate change is already having an impact on the health of Canadians – more heat- and cold-related deaths, more infectious disease, more respiratory problems, and significant economic impacts – and it’s going to get much worse. Yet, we’re doing virtually nothing to mitigate and prevent climate change, and nothing to prepare.

They'd rather we didn't know that climate change is already killing us. Or what they're not doing to protect us from another deadly epidemic.

And of course, Stephen Harper isn't interested in how we might improve our medicare system...

As much as this report is a mechanism to increase awareness, it is also meant to inspire action to build upon existing health programs and initiatives and develop new solutions to promote, improve and maintain optimal health and well-being for all Canadians.”

He's more interested in destroying it, or privatizing it beyond recognition.

But then why should we be surprised that the Cons would put their foul ideology before the advice of doctors?

When as Rick Mercer points out, they hate science so much.

You know, I'm sure a lot of Canadians find science boring. 

But when it could determine whether they live or die, or the length of their lives, they really should pay more attention.

For this is too is true:

When a report of this import falls silently and invisibly, the sound you’re hearing is Canadians suffering harm.

And so is this:

Until we remove those rabid science hating Con ideologues from power. And place them under quarantine, or in prison.

Madness will rule.

And NOBODY will be safe...

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e.a.f. said...

No one ought to be surprised by any of this. If there is another major out break which makes it to Canada there may well be many deaths. However, Canadians will have only themselves to blame. Canadians have long known the P.M. and his herd's mentality. It is not keen on science. Yet Canadians continued to vote for him. He might yet win another majority, so if Canadians die as the result of the Cons actions regarding their health, they have only themselves to blame. However, it is very unfair that children who may not vote will be subjected to the same health issues.

This is a government which failed to spend a billion $ for Veterans' services, and we know how well that worked. Does any one think the cons value their lives any more than those of the Vets.

If it is cheaper to have some one die, than provide care, the cons will let them die. It saves them money. What other explanation can there be.

Steve said...

This reminds me of pedestrian deaths in Toronto. In Europe they cut the speed limit on residental streets to 30K, put in pedestrian overpasses on busy streets and now have near zero deaths. New York City is implementing the same policy. In Toronto such ideas are crazy talk.

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...yes a lot of Canadians are to blame for having voted for the Harper Cons. And tragically many of them are seniors who stand to lose the most from what the Harperite cult is trying to do to our health system. But the good news is it's still standing, and everyone can make up for their past mistakes, and save it and themselves, by evicting the Cons in the next election...

Simon said...

hi guiding principle is harm reduction. I apply it to every problem in this world. And yes the safety of our roads is a priority. I invite somebody to treat a person who has just been mowed down by a car, is bleeding internally and spewing blood out of every orifice. Let them take in that sight and then tell me what they think about bike paths and lower speed limits...