Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stephen Harper, Jason Kenney, and the Con Clown Circus

As you know, I sometimes like to portray the foul Harper regime as a Con clown circus.

Because although they are the most sinister government in Canadian history, fanatical, brutish, and cruel. 

They are also hysterically incompetent.

And today was one of their best shows EVER !!!!

For there was Stephen Harper today, shamelessly buying votes, and blowing a surplus that doesn't even EXIST !!!

It wasn't even two weeks ago when Finance Minister Joe Oliver unveiled the most up-to-date estimates of our small deficit and expected future surpluses. On Monday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper made all those numbers useless. 

Harper announced a new country-wide infrastructure investment program that will eat up nearly $5.8 billion of the already thin surpluses that Oliver projected we would have over the next several years.

And which may NEVER exist considering the precarious state of the global economy.

While at the same time handing some money to veterans, but nothing near the more than one billion dollars they were recently revealed to have stolen from them. 

And coincidentally the day before the Auditor General is to release a report which is expected to crucify the Cons for treating our veterans and injured soldiers so badly.

But if you thought nobody could top that Con clown act you'd be wrong eh?

Because there was the Con buffoon Jason Kenney, delivering this outrageous performance. 

An attempt by the Conservatives to catch a prominent Liberal candidate with his foot in his mouth has instead wound up biting several Tory MPs, including senior cabinet minister Jason Kenney. 

Can you believe it? First they get some sinister Con operative to conduct a sting operation against the Liberal candidate Marlo Reynolds, as only that mob are capable of doing. 

Then they hand the tapes to the slimy Brian Lilley at the bottom feeding Sun TV network. 

The recording was subsequently given to Sun News Network personality Brian Lilley, who used it to bash Raynolds and the Liberals in a newspaper column and on his television show. Raynolds, Lilley reported, had said the Tory tax break would give couples with children money for “arguably nothing” — money they’d spend on TVs, cars and other things that don’t benefit the economy.

You know Ezra Levant's good buddy...

Then Kenney uses Lilley's sleazy material to accuse the Liberals of not knowing anything about Canadian families.

“That is an echo of the Liberals saying that parents would spend money on beer and popcorn,” said Kenney, adding that Liberals think they “know how to spend money better than families.”

As if he knows anything about families. Living as he does in a state of sainted chastity.

Only to have it revealed that the Cons had gone after the WRONG guy !!!! 

There’s only one problem: another participant in the secretly recorded conversation has stepped forward to say it was he, not Raynolds, who actually made the offending remarks.

Leaving Kenney to look like an IDIOT.

With pie all over his face....

And then there was this comic note. 

If you thought the useless buffoon Julian Fantino would stick around to take the heat from the Auditor General's report.

A report on the shabby performance of his OWN department.

Well you'd be wrong, because he's making plans to go to Italy...

So he can escape the heat, and all those angry veterans.

Without having to share Stephen Harper's closet...

Because one thing is for sure eh?

We will never get rid of those Con clowns who are leading us to disaster.

Until we get rid of this one...

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  1. Canada has Sun News the USA has FOX news. Where is the liberal news? Harper has to make a huge stinker for reporters to notice. Yes Simon I am still pissed off about the fish. Blue fin tuna get a death sentence from Harper.

    1. Steve not just blue fin all of the natural world got a death sentence from the Harper-god...

  2. Apparently Justin Trudeau, in that dictatorial way he has, has issued orders to his candidates to solve this problem. All liberals will now be required to end every sentence with the words " and Jason Kenny is an idiot". He feels the immaculate pretender will be loath to repeat the phrase and , anyway, you can't libel someone with the truth.

    Kenny, hungry as on a celibate cherub can be, has resolved to spread rumours and lies only about the leader he wants to eliminate.

    1. hi rumleyfips...f you check out Kenney's twitter feed it is loaded with anti-Trudeau stuff. No other Con is as aggressive. But then of course I'm not surprised. He has to appeal to his Reform base, and I've always believed that self imposed chastity is bad for you...

  3. I am so bloody tired of Harper and his cons talking about this alleged surplus. Harper reminds me of a boy in a baseball team who continually strikes out, then when he finally hits the ball, he drives people nuts by talking about how great he is for hitting the ball once. Paul Martin had 5 consecutive surpluses including the last one that Harper inherited and ultimately spent in 2006. Pathetic!!

    1. hi Pamela...I can only hope that the next time Harper talks about the deficit and the surplus, somebody has the nerve to say that the surplus has disappeared but the deficit is back...

  4. Brilliant observations Simon I really hope as Lewis said “I cherish the possibility of a return to a vibrant democracy, where equality is the watchword, where people of different ideological conviction have respect for each other..."

    He said it all I can say no more...

    1. hi mogs...thanks, I also thought Stephen Lewis summed it up nicely. In fact, since I'm naturally lazy, I've copied it for future use. ;) But yeah in this country, in this darkness, we need to dream good and big...

  5. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Harper is bribing our Veterans with their own money. Meanwhile taking our Veterans to court and cheating them of their care.

    Jason Kenny is an out and out blatant liar and his TFW is, pure unadulterated bs. Over 4,000 applications for just one job, is an acute shortage in Canada? I don't think so. Kenny and Harper have now added, Romania and Bulgaria, to their list of cheap foreign labor. Jason Kenny the coward does not answer his e-mail. I guess that his way of proroguing, so he doesn't have to answer for his lies and deceit.

    Then treason Stephen Harper sold our country to Communist China and I have no idea why Harper isn't in prison?

    1. hi anon....first we have to defeat him, the we have to hold a massive public inquiry into the Harper years. And after that I'm pretty sure that somebody will be going to jail....

  6. Anonymous4:22 PM

    And here I was thinking that one cannot insult him more than by calling him Jason "Kijiji". Seems he should actually be henceforth called Jason "Idiot" Kijiji. Lol

    There seems to be no shame among this bunch. Not after their glorious leader stepped out of the broom closet, after the bullets had stopped flying of course, and then proclaimed that Canadians were not intimidated.

    You'd think they would be more careful of making fools of themselves but it seems every week brings on at least a fresh episode of idiocy.

    1. hi anon....you said it, they really are shameless. The very act of secretly taping people tells you that their moral compass is broken. And in pursuit of their enemies they will stop at nothing. It's appalling, it's American-style dirty politics, and the Cons have been playing the dirty game from the moment they took power...

  7. e.a.f.5:15 AM

    much of what has been written, was known by Canadians when they re elected harper. Obviously they haven't had enough of him yet. he isn't gone yet.

    A news report advised 1 in 5 children now live in poverty in this country. that is not a record any country as rich as Canada ought to have. obviously the cons do not care about children, but then they do not vote, so I guess from the con perspective, they can continue to go hungry.

    It was entertaining to watch Ambrose announce a $200M "investment" in veteran health initiatives. that is not much at all. In Vancouver. B.C., that would buy you only 20 homes because a nice house runs you about $10 Million in a good neighbourhood. $200 million at an art auction might get you a couple of nice paintings. People have become so out of touch with what things cost these days, they actually think $200M is a lot of money. In some ways it is, but in the grand scheme of things, it isn't all that much at all, especially when you live in Greater Vancouver. Oh of course Ambrose forgot to mention the billion they didn't spend. now that is a reasonable sum to spend on mental health initiatives for veterans. it is easy to pick up that kind of money. just raise the corporate taxes 1% and we could even have a balanced budget. We might want to close a few tax loop holes. Germany, France, Holland got wind of what is happening with tax loop holes in their country and Australia is a tad miffed about IKEA avoiding paying tax on a billion dollars worth of profit by funnelling it through some nice country in europe, I do recall them mentioning Luxenburg. Oh, and then stevie boy cut that dept. at Revenue Canada which had the really good staff who tracked those corporate tax evaders. yes can't have those corporations paying their fare share of taxes. they need to give that to the cons come this election.

    I do hope there is a special place in hell for Harper and his cons, who have condemned Veterans and Military Personnel to such mental anguish they killed themselves. I hope there a special place in hell for Harper that he does nothing when one in five children in this country live in poverty. While he continues to grow fatter and fatter, others grow thinner and thinner. Harper's actions will condemn him to the history books as one of the worst prime ministers this country has had, sort of on par with the idiot who was in office during the depression. He too thought it was o.k. for people to do hungry. If this country was doing as well as harper and his cons would like us to believe, why are all the charities out there trying to get enough Christmas presents for children whose parents can not afford them.

  8. Anonymous6:38 AM

    And don't forget y'all . . . "jockstrap kidney is an idiot!!!" The newest and bestest mantra I have heard in a long time. :-)