Thursday, November 27, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Porky Action Plan From Hell

Well I see Stephen Harper is leaving the country again today, this time to attend the Francophone Summit in Senegal. 

Which as you may or may not know is the greatest collection of corrupt dictators in the whole wide world.

But that's not the only reason he's going.

He is no doubt also fleeing Canada so he doesn't have to answer any more embarrassing questions about his latest and most disgusting Porky Action Plan.

Which is as I have pointed out before, not only an outrageous scam to bribe some voters with OUR money...

It is also, as Frances Russell points out, just another way for the rich to skin the poor. 

This month, the same month the Conservative government unveiled income splitting, its signature gift to the core of its base – wealthy, single-income 1950s era ”Father Knows Best” families – Food Bank Canada reported that more than 840,000 Canadians are forced to resort to food banks to feed their families.

Just another sop to his rabid base who want women to stay at home barefoot and pregnant in a Daddy Knows Best Canada...

Harper has been touting his preference for a return to a Leave It To Beaver/Father Knows Best 1950s society since he became Conservative leader, when, ironically, income taxes on the wealthy could climb as high as 90 per cent on the top income bracket, something unheard of today. 

He’s been signalling his desire to provide family income splitting to reward the Conservatives’ family values core support –groups such as REAL Women, evangelicals and social conservatives – since he took office in 2006.

Which in a country where so many people are suffering, if there was any justice, should be enough to send him to the International Court in the Hague, along with most of those other dictators.

But of course the worst part is that although most of us are getting NOTHING from that scam, we are being barraged with all those porky action plan ads, paid for with OUR money.

Which as Rick Mercer points out, is comparable to the torment one might expect in Dante's seventh circle of Hell...

Because it is cheating, it is outrageous, and the only good news is that the Cons will PAY for it in the next election.

For as I have also pointed out, there is nothing that can motivate even the most complacent Canadians to get out and vote, more than the thought that others are getting bribed and they are NOT...

And while it may not be enough to send him to the seventh circle of hell. 


It should be enough to help defeat him.

And with a little bit of luck send our porky dictator to the place he BELONGS...

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  1. Rick Mercer says it all "They have turned it into a fine art and its called cheating] if I may paraphrase a little...

    I love Mercer's rants I love your contributions too Simon you both do a great job of firing in humor with at look @ see the truth...

    Accolades my friend accolades...


  2. I would really like to know if the Canadian government is paying royalties to John Hiatt. Just listen to Hiatt's song 'No wicked grin' and then watch the family tax cut ad. We know what the cons think about copyright.

  3. Corrruption has its roots in royalty. These francophone nations know no democracy. But today so does the consumer in polite society.

  4. e.a.f.3:06 AM

    another vacation in the sun, away from our Canadian winters where an ever increasing number of Canadians can not afford to heat their homes. Its a waste of our tax payer dollars but at least he is out of the country. Perhaps he can get some advise on how to make a living once he has to leave office. Perhaps he is looking for a job elsewhere.

    the porkie ad campaign will work, because people at election time will only remember the "handing out of money". They won't really remember who handed it out, to whom or why. It will be up to the opposition parties to run decent campaigns to remind voters, why only the privileged few received this money.

    yes as charities all across the country ramp up to find a way to provide a Christmas too so many children, those who have, get even more. If hide in the closet harper really wanted to do something useful he might have had a $500 cheque sent to every family in Canada with a child, who made under $50K a yr. Now that would have been a nice Christmas, stimulated the economy, etc.