Saturday, November 08, 2014

Stephen Harper's Bizarre Missionary Mission to China

Well I see that Stephen Harper's visit to China has got off to a heavenly start. 

With our new Chinese overlords wanting to talk about business, now that Harper has signed the sellout FIPA deal, and they have us over a barrel for the next thirty years.

While Lord Harp seems more interested in talking about crosses. 

Stephen Harper talked Canada-China trade with a Communist Party chief who has been accused of directing the removal of crosses from church steeples‎.

Or so his flunkies  would have us believe:

Asked what Mr. Harper told Mr. Xia about the removal of visible exterior crosses, and the demolishing of churches, which is also taking place, Jason MacDonald, the director of communications for the Prime Minister, said the Conservative Leader spoke up on the matter. 

 “He indicated that Canadians would be concerned to know that religious freedoms were being restricted,” Mr. MacDonald said. “Beyond that it was a private conversation,” he said.

Because only God or Godzilla knows what he really said when he was alone with his new bosses...

And since Jason Kenney hasn't tweeted ONE word about this daring religious crusade.

And you know Kenney...

I'm forced to believe that principled statement was something less than the Con Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation would have us believe.

Because let's not forget this China visit is THEIR production. It's just one more extravagant photo-op. It's all about politics not business. An attempt to shore up their rabid religious base who hate the godless commie capitalists just like Kenney does.

One of Mr. Harper’s key lieutenants, Employment Minister Jason Kenney, is leery of moving too close to Beijing given its dismal human-rights record. Mr. Kenney, who played a key role in helping the Conservatives win a majority by converting new Canadians into party supporters, wields a lot of influence in caucus.

One more attempt to pander to the ethnic vote as Harper has from Israel to Ukraine.

And of course this is FARCICAL:

Industry Minister James Moore said the Conservatives continue to defend human rights. “Of course there are always opportunities that we seek to not only expand free trade but certainly assert the principles of freedom and democracy and respect for human rights and diversities,” Mr. Moore said.

When everybody knows that the Cons wouldn't know freedom if it hit them in the face like a big pizza pie. Not when they spend all their time trying to suppress or muzzle it. And not when they're destroying democracy in Canada not defending it.

And as for human rights, let's just say it's not a Con thing. 

Because if it was, you'd think Harper might have mentioned the struggle of the students in Hong Kong...

Who have been standing up for democracy for MONTHS. 

Students calling for full democracy for Chinese-ruled Hong Kong are hoping to take their protest to Communist Party rulers in Beijing and are expected to announce details of their new battle plan on Thursday.

But despite that heroic struggle against all odds, Harper hasn't mentioned ONE word about the protests from the moment they began.

Because he's more interested in Christians and crosses eh?

And the good news? We can use all of this against him in the next election campaign.

Portray him as a religious fanatic who would sell his country out for the price of a cheap photo-op. 

And since he has more in common with the tyrants in Beijing than he has with any Canadian leaders. 

And since young people in Canada are been told to work for free, so we're just as enslaved as the ordinary Chinese people.

I'd like to run this video I made to pay tribute to those heroic students, and dedicate it to Great Jesus Leader...

Because his time is coming too.

The Canadian people are revolting.

Hallelujah !!! Hallelujah !!!

And God or Godzilla willing.

His days are also numbered...

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Unknown said...

Simon as far as I can tell the FIPA and the CETA violated the Canadian Constitution the Canadian Bill of Rights as well as The Charter of Rights and Freedoms. So Harper's clan can all be jailed for the violations...

Anonymous said...

Harper is a traitor doing acts of treason for, selling Canada to Communist China, for a minimum of 31 years. Why has not the opposition acted, on this vile Harper FIPPA deal with Communist China?

Mulcair and Trudeau's silly juvenile squabbling, has turned me right off the both of them. Harper has sold Canada to the most hated country on the planet. However, Mulcair and Trudeau are far too busy nit-picking each other, to look out for our Canada.

Read of: Mugabe, the Red China Communist Army and China's blood diamonds.
Read of Communist China torturing the people of Tibet and murdering them.
Read of China cheating African people of their wages, paying them $100 per month.
China does not respect other countries mining claims in Africa? China just steals them, with loaded guns.
China mowed their student down with, machine gun fire.

China is provoking and menacing other countries around the globe. They sink other countries boats and uses water cannon on them.
Communist China is menacing the Philippines and Vietnam.
Japan has had to escort Communist China out of their territories.
Japan had to scramble their fighter jets because, Communist China invaded Japans airspace.
Communist China has hacked into Canada's secret files along with, many other countries secret files.
Communist China sold the US infected electronic components. US missiles and other weapons, had China's infected components in them. There was a worry, US planes could fall out of the sky.

China has polluted much of their farmland and 40% of their water. Dead pigs come floating down China's rivers. Now Communist China will foul our country too. We know, we will never get that vile country out of ours. They can't even feed themselves. It will be only a matter of time, until China makes Canada a polluted wasteland, as China is.

Communist China is an evil country and, no-one wants them in our Canada. Harper the evil traitor and his treason, has totally destroyed our, once decent, democratic Canada, to an evil empire we all hate.

e.a.f. said...

there is only one god in harper's world and that is the almighty dollar. that is all he hold dear. that is his religion, the almighty dollar.

UU4077 said...

Again, thank you Simon.

Unknown said...

Umm this speaks to our concerns Crawford Kilian could not have nailed it better: "'Party of One': An Indictment of Stephen Harper" a must read for Canadians that love this country and dislike what the red cons are doing to it...

Anonymous said...

A remind to read The Authoritarians by Bob Altemeyer. It can be downloaded in PDF form for free. It explains a lot including the endless lying all these so called Christian people don't seem to think is wrong.

Simon said...

hi mogs moglio...well when the FIPA deal has been described by even the Con columnist Diane Francis as the worst deal ever signed since the one Neville Chamberlain made with Hitler, I certainly hope it will be challenged in court... ;)

Simon said...

hi anon....All that you say may be true, but it's getting really late in the game to do anything about it. So may I suggest that just to be safe you start learning Chinese... ;)

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...the almighty dollar, his almighty majority, and when it suits him, his almighty Jesus... ;)

Simon said...

hi're welcome, I wish I could do more to support those brave students. The odds against them are enormous, but they are setting a great example for all of us...

Simon said...

hi anon...thanks I'll check it out. As I mentioned in my post it's both stunning and significant that Jason Kenney hasn't tweeted a word about Harper's trip to China. Which only shows that there are some tensions bubbling beneath the surface of the Con regime. One can only hope that they erupt like Mount St Helens in the middle of the election campaign...