Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Stephen Harper's Horrible Day at the Front

Well it wasn't the photo-op Stephen Harper was hoping for. The grand meeting between la France and le Canada, or le Harperland.

Or two Great Warrior Leaders.

Because there was the horny old goat Francois Hollande, fresh from his bruising battle with his ex-wife and his ex-mistress, the so-called trio from hell, as they call them in France.

Embarrassing Harper instead of praising him. 

French President Francois Hollande served notice Monday he wants to see Canada taking an active role in helping the world achieve a major climate change agreement well in advance of the December 2015 Paris summit he will host.

Forcing Harper on the defensive, and making him lie like a THIEF.

Harper didn't shy away from the challenge, touting Canada's sector-by-sector approach and success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the Alberta oilsands and banning coal-fired electricity generation. He also noted that the European Commission had backed off its plan of ranking Alberta oilsands crude in a category that would have branded it as dirty oil. 

"I think we have a good story to tell," the prime minister said.

When in fact when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Canada has the worst record in the industrialized world. 

And when it comes to banning coal-fired electricity generation, any success is almost entirely due to the actions of the Ontario government, not his. And was something he bitterly opposed.

But then to make matters worse, Hollande went on to remind Great Warrior Leader that a bombing campaign alone won't defeat ISIS.

"It won't be resolved with a few bombings,'' Hollande said. "The bombings will not help us find political solutions."

Just as Harper was getting ready to brag about how we took out an ISIS dump truck.

In what our air force commander described as a revenge attack.

The cloak of secrecy the government has thrown over Canada's first bombing runs in Iraq is set to lift at a briefing Tuesday, but the commander of the air force appears to be injecting a new element into their objective: revenge. 

Only to have to reverse himself in a hurry.

The tweet was removed on Monday afternoon. "The comments made by Lt.-Gen. Blondin were inappropriate and have been removed," Johanna Quinney, a spokesman for Defence Minister Rob Nicholson, said in an email. 

But not before helping to raise even more disturbing questions about this doomed mission, and Harper's response to the deaths of those two soldiers. 

Like why would we risk the revenge of ISIS for such a small contribution?

Harper, in what has become his standard adolescent response to events in the Middle East, bravely declared he would not be "cowed by threats while innocent children, women, men and religious minorities live in fear of these terrorists." Yet Canada's contribution is laughably minuscule -- but just big enough, perhaps, to put us at risk of a future attack.

Or how many freedoms must we surrender to Great Strong Leader?

Mr. Harper, who eagerly adheres to the (simplistic) idea that jihadists "hate our freedoms," might reasonably be asked to explain why he is so eager to destroy those freedoms in response to the jihadists' "war" against the West. Isn't that exactly what they want -- or does Harper want to rid us of freedoms so the jihadists won't hate us so much?

And of course, does Harper even know what he's doing?

Harper enthusiastically bombed Libya, with the unintended but predictable consequence of handing over thousands of tonnes of sophisticated weapons to another branch of radical Islamists. He gives Israel absolute carte blanche in its savaging of Palestinians, alienating even moderate Arabs throughout the region, and now he pointlessly tweaks the tail of the ISIS tiger. 

His every act in the name of Canada creates more jihadists. 

And I think we all know the answer to that one eh?

He doesn't know what he's doing. He's making it up as he goes along. All he's interested in is trying to win the next election. 

He's leading us to disaster for crass political reasons.

And we will not be safe from that planet burning maniac.

Until we get our own dump truck.

And take care of HIM....

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  1. I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Stephen Harper (does know) exactly what he is doing.......but, only in his own mind! Scary, isn't it????

    I'm just waiting for the "bomb" to drop on our UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE and seniors, like me, will have to stop eating because it is getting too expensive and thus we will die.......hence our OAS and CPP and GIS will be SAVED by the Government to spend on "WHATEVER MR. HARPER says it will be spent on........with NO Flack from his MP'S.


    1. hi Kathleen...yes Harper does have a plan in mind, but since his mind is so twisted, it can only lead to disaster. And yes, if he can kill or cripple medicare he will. But don't worry medicare has many strong defenders, and we will fight to the end to protect our seniors. He will not get away with it and he will be defeated...

  2. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Once again Harper has spewed manure re: climate change but it was sweet seeing him put on the spot. I'm surprised he didn't run (in tears) to his closet. His continued disregard for the environment will further alienate us from the world powers that seriously want to combat it and will ultimately cost us dearly.
    As for Harper's War, yesterday was bulldozers and a dump truck, today? Backhoes and tool sheds? What a waste of resources when our boys could be training the ground troops needed to eradicate ISIS. No glory in that for Harper though. He wants the rockets red glare to boost his election chances and is exactly why he is doing it. For that alone, he is truly despicable.

    1. hin anon...yes he is using his absurd mini-war in Iraq to distract us from the war that must be waged against climate change if the planet is going to survive. But the planet is making its displeasure known more loudly all the time, and it will sweep the Cons away like it disposed of the dinosaurs...

  3. I heard that it was more than just a dump truck. They broke a pick and burned a couple of shovel handles too. That'll learn em.

    1. hi rumleyfips...at this point I have only two wishes for this doomed mission. That we avoid killing innocent civilians, and that our pilots return safely. Because the Syrian resistance has warned that ISIS may have sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons, and seeing one of our own beheaded would be the ultimate horror...

  4. Replies
    1. hi mmccormi...thank you, I'm glad you liked the post. I always feel I could have done better, but it comes from the heart, and it's the refusal to remain silent that counts...

  5. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Yes. $1 million to bomb an, ISIS dump truck and 3 bulldozers. Harper is not wanted in this war and he was told so. It was said, Harper should have been training the other countries outfits, that have boots on the ground.

    The shooter was a deranged Crack Cocaine addict. What set him off was? He was trying to obtain a Passport. He was ranting and raving over, Harper's foreign policies. First he was going to a mall, to shoot a lot of people there. Instead he went to the source of his rage, which was the Parliament building. And, Harper hid in a closet.

    Harper forced his way into this war with ISIS. He was told he was not wanted, he still isn't wanted. Harper was told he could be training the forces, that have their boots on the ground. However, Harper is rabid to look the big shot and trying to redeem himself, for his cowardly behavior. All Harper looks, is stupid and embarrassing to Canadians.

    Harper is using every dirty tactic in the book, to win the next election. Harper is also off to China again. Most Canadians do not want, China's boots on our ground, what-so-ever.

    1. hi anon...yes I didn't get into the cost of this mission, but I'm pretty sure the bombs cost more than the bulldozers. And I can only imagine how much money we are going to have to pay to make Harper look like a Great Warrior Leader. Billions of dollars that we could have spent helping the legions of desperate refugees in the region. Which would have been a far more valuable contribution to the War on ISIS, and definitely more Canadian...

  6. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/29/world/americas/computing-the-political-impact-of-canadas-attacks.html


    From more robust military budgets to tax cuts to looser firearms regulations, Mr. Harper might well be termed George W. Bush light — a man with Mr. Bush’s deep mistrust of government and muscular foreign-policy instincts, carried out with a Canadian touch.

    1. hi David....thanks for digging up that NYT article, and yes that is one fine paragraph and sums up Harper well. Even the Times can see him for what he really is, why can't more Canadians?

    2. Canadians listen and watch TOO MUCH mainstream media and believe most everything that is reported.........

  7. Why hasn`t the RCMP released the so-called video the Parliament Hill shooter apparently made before his attack..Why hasn`t the video been released..We have only been told what it contained.

    1. hi Grant...I can think of no reason why the RCMP is withholding that tape. If it is as the RCMP claims proof that the Parliament Hill shooter is a "real" terrorist, then we should all see it so we can make up our own minds. I wish I could trust the RCMP, but considering how the Cons are politicizing it and muzzling it, I'm afraid I just can't...

  8. e.a.f.8:22 PM

    that con is wasting my tax dollars to bomb dump trucks? Then we have Chris Alexander saying he isn't paying to provide health care for refugees in Canada. How crazy is that? Oh, right, con crazy. Like all good cons these cons ought to be put in jail for wasting tax dollars by bombing dump trucks. If we were going to bomb anything, why don't we bomb the oil refineries ISIS/IL has? It does make more sense to cut off ISIS/IL money supply.