Saturday, November 22, 2014

Stephen Harper's Outrageous Boondoggle Tour of the North

We knew it was just another extravagant photo-op, a chance for Stephen Harper to pose as a Great Strong Leader and a Great Explorer.

The man who found the remains of the Franklin expedition, and told Putin to take a hike...

We knew he made an absolute fool of himself.

We knew he managed to spend a week in the Arctic without ever mentioning the words climate change...

Which takes a certain skill. The kind they teach you in prison.

But holy moly poley bear, who knew it was so EXPENSIVE !!!! 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s six-day trip to Canada’s North in August cost taxpayers over $786,000. Documents tabled in Parliament this week show that RCMP security for Harper’s annual trip came in at $252,921 alone, including overtime, accommodations and meals.

I mean how many bodyguards does he need to protect him from the roughly 2.000 inhabitants of Fort Smith?

Even if he is paranoid...

How many members of his personal PMO propaganda team did he take with him?

No cost was provided for the Kingston’s trip, but the Des Groseilliers cost $62,800 alone. That includes a 12-minute, $582 trip for Harper’s official photographer on a helicopter, after the Kingston and the icebreaker stopped to survey a large iceberg.

And holy bulging beluga how much did he EAT ?????

In a place where so many go hungry...

“People should know what it costs for him to bring his entourage in,” said NDP MP Dennis Bevington (Northwest Territories), who requested a breakdown of the trip’s cost. 

“We have people that are going hungry in the North, because there’s not enough money in the Nutrition North program. It’s really, I mean this is a very large amount of money.”

But then of course in Stephan's Harper's Canada propaganda is priceless. 

And poverty, like climate change, is inconvenient...

And best ignored.

Because he'd rather give money to the wealthy few with his new porky plan...

To try to buy their votes with OUR money.

And he'd rather get that message out, even if he has to politicize the civil service.

Public servants were asked to use official government Twitter feeds to promote Prime Minister Stephen Harper's recently announced tax measures, using the slogan "Strong Families." 

A senior bureaucrat with the Finance department sent out a mass email across government asking organizations to retweet messages about the announcement using the hashtag #StrongFamilies.

So he can let the rich know that if you vote for him life can be a blast.


But of course, most Canadians will be getting peanuts or NOTHING.

And I think we can use that against the Cons in the next election.

Because there's nothing like good old resentment to bring out the best or the BEAST in Canadians eh?

So I wouldn't be surprised if his Great Pork and Bribe campaign.

Ends up the same way as his Great Arctic Boondoggle...

He was no Great Leader. Just a shabby Con artist. And a climate change criminal.

And he will end up where he deserves...

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  1. Anonymous8:29 AM

    At least some of us are acting like Canadians:

    'One individual tweeted back at the department, asking, "Since when are you an arm of the CPC advertising group?"'

    My reply to the Harperite collaborators in the public service would be more direct: Go fuck yourselves. Cause this is the Canadian way, eh?

    1. hi anon...yeah good for that individual, because it is outrageous and yet more evidence that the Harperite cult is out of control. But I understand that it isn't easy to stand up to those foul Cons when it could cost you your job. So the only way to solve this situation is to drive the Harperites from office...

  2. 2500 actually. And cops all over the streets. Fortunately I was out of town. Good for Denis. No goodies for Fort Smith I guess.

  3. hi Anne...sorry about that, I come from a small place so I know that every person counts. ;) But yeah you were lucky to have been out of town, because I've seen Lord Harp's motorcade a few times, and it looks like the entourage of a third-world dictator. Even Obama's motorcade which I've also seen wasn't half as sinister and threatening. And of course, the one thing this Great Tour wasn't about, was the real and urgent needs of the people of the North...

  4. Anonymous11:54 AM

    "But I understand that it isn't easy to stand up to those foul Cons when it could cost you your job"

    It is interesting to note that you side with the collaborators, whatever the excuse.