Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why The Harper Cons Must Pull These Porky Ads

As you know, I had a little fun yesterday with this latest Porky Action Plan ad, produced and directed by the Con Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation.

Because it's so misleading, so obviously partisan, such a blatant attempt to brainwash Canadians with their own money.

I simply can't help myself...

For how else are you supposed to react to such totalitarian propaganda? Except laugh in the faces of those who made it.

But of course, it's not funny. It's just the latest attempt by the foul Con regime to corrupt our democracy. And even in this broken country, enough is ENOUGH.

Sarcasm can be a potent rhetorical tool, and on April 19, 2004, then-Official Opposition Leader Stephen Harper rose in the House of Commons to wield it. Condemning a Liberal government ad campaign that was reportedly going to cost $120-million as partisan pork, he acerbically noted, “This advertising, this information just happens to be the same as the government’s own election platform.”

The hypocrisy of Stephen Harper knows no bounds.,,

Ever since, the Harper government has indulged its unfortunate habit of using federal dollars for partisan ends – from ads touting a post-recession economic plan that continued to air years into the recovery, to the attack ads aimed at the country’s biggest telecommunications companies. 

Even by those low standards, a just-launched series of ads trumpeting a child-care tax credit regime that has yet to be approved by Parliament – incidentally, a practice Mr. Harper threw in the Liberals’ faces in Question Period in November, 2002 – is an egregious misallocation of public funds.

Him and his Cons are repeat offenders.

It would be one thing if this were a new phenomenon, or at least a rare one. It is not. The opposition parties claim $600-million in public money has been splashed out on partisan ads over the past decade. The accuracy of that figure is open to debate; the principle at stake is not: A government must not be allowed to use public money to fund promotional ads for itself. Ever.

And with an election on the horizon, they must be stopped, and the ads must be pulled.

If the Conservative Party wants to advertise its election platform, let it foot the bill. These ads should be pulled. And then Parliament should imitate Ontario and ban the use of public funds for partisan purposes. Stephen Harper, circa 2004, would surely agree.

Just as I always like to remind people, the Cons were forced to pull another series of Porky Action Plan ads because they were FRAUDULENT...

You know, the worst thing is that in a way we have all been brainwashed into accepting what the Cons have been doing as NORMAL.

Until you ask yourself what other government in a supposedly modern democracy would try to brainwash its own people with their own money?

And what does it say about them and their Big Brother leader?

Or what does it say about those who could be bought so cheaply?

And the good news? We can and must use this sleazy campaign against him.

Polls show that Canadians HATE those porky ads with a passion. And we can use this latest scandalous campaign to help pull them off the air once and for all.

Expose that grubby Big Brother and his gang of Con artists.

And make this country clean again...

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  1. Why Canada should tell Harper to STFU about Ukranie.

    1. hi Steve...well at least they're not running porky ads about Ukraine, as they did about Israel after the latest Gaza War. Even after all these years I still find it hard to believe that a Canadian government would try to brainwash its own people. And although I do like to mock them, they should not be tolerated...

  2. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Lawrie Hahn gave a million dollars of the Action Plan money to the private Glenora Club in Edmonton to build a 'breathtakingly beautiful' (words of the Edmonton Journal) glassed in swimming pool. Just a reminder of how the money was used and Lee Richardson got money to bail out his own company. I will research where and when this was reported. Each happening only got one small hidden report about it. Not front page as it should have been. Crooks!!!

    1. hi anon...yes, and don't forget Tony Clement's gazebo in the middle of nowhere, or Harper's fake lake at the G20 summit. Those Con artists claim to be good money managers, and then waste it all over the place. I believe the figure for those porky ads is now over $600 million. So imagine what could have been done with all that money...

  3. In yesterdays Globe its reported that International Piarah Canada got the quota on seriously endangerd Blue Fin Tuna raised. Do not worry about tommorrow its going to be Armmagedon anyway should be Harpers motto!

    1. hi Steve...please try to stick to the topic. I thought I nudged your Ukraine comment gently in the right direction. But the Blue Fin tuna defeated me... ;)

  4. Those ads are maudlin, stupid, and who in the country relates to that 'vision' of Canada?
    Looks more like a trailer ad for "Leave It To Beaver" from back in the fifties..which is where Emperor Steve gets his 'values'...

    1. hi mizdarlin...yes they are absurd aren't they? And they do have that "Leave it to Beaver" look. And I especially resented the dog's starring role, since I'm a huge dog lover, and I can't believe one of those noble animals would work for the Cons if they could help it. ;)
      But of course for once the Globe editorial board has it right, those ads are nothing but Con propaganda and they should be pulled immediately

      P.S. And the good news? I've downloaded a copy and will use it to make my version...

  5. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Gaah! This is maddening!! Do it with their own money - fine - but with Canadian taxpayer money to brainwash the rest of the morons who haven't already been brainwashed? Gaaah!!!

    1. hi anon...yes it is maddening. The Cons are the richest party in the Commons, and still they feel the need to use OUR money for their propaganda. I can only hope that those Canadians who don't have IQs so low they need to watered, will not be fooled by all that nonsense...

  6. Didn't Harper or one of his morons recently state that Canada's taxes haven't been this low since the 1950s. Not sure how they think that's a good thing when it predates universal health care and almost all other government programs.

    1. hi Beijing...yes they've been making that claim for years, and misleading people like they always do. For as you point out that "happy time" existed when medicare and many social programs didn't. It's like when they boast about creating a gazillion jobs, while forgetting to point out that the population also increased. Or when they claim they're reduced per barrel emission, without pointing out that we're producing millions more barrels, so emissions are skyrocketing. God save us from those Con artists...

  7. e.a.f.2:43 PM

    its time to write my con M.P., John Duncan. the ads are a waste of my tax dollars and just plain stupid. the kid wit the dog? like there are so many parents with both parents working who wish they could afford a dog, but if they bought the dog, they would not be able to feed the kid.

    production value for the ad is awful. they need to have ads broomed

    1. hi e.a.f...that sounds like a good idea. Just keep it simple and spell it out in large block letters. Because I remember one of his appearances during the Idle No More crisis and let's put it this way, he's not the brightest bulb in the universe. Which reminds me, what were you guys thinking when you elected him ??!@!!!!

  8. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Harper thieved our tax dollars for his, bogus economic and job action plans that don't exist. Harper and Jason Kenny have been bringing over thousands of foreigners, to take Canadians resource jobs. They just added Romania and Bulgaria for, their list of cheap labor.

    Harper called Russia and Putin evil Communists and then, sold Canada to Communist China. Now, China is financing Putin. Russia and China are very nicely going to share the High Arctic.

    Harper evil has begun. China already owns BC and will now reopen their coal mines near Tumbler Ridge. The miners had been banned jobs in those mines as they didn`t speak Mandarin in, their own English speaking province. Now that the BC miners know Communist China owns BC`s mines and the jobs. BC miners up at Tumbler Ridge have to find somewhere else to live as, they can no longer afford to live up there with no jobs.

    Harper has been stealing millions from the tax payers for, his bogus economic and job action plans, that never made it off the billboard of, Hockey Night in Canada.

    Chinese Engineers are also being brought over by a, retired Chinese government official. I told my Engineer son to apply overseas and to get his family, the hell out of Canada. This country is dead for Canadians and soon, won`t be fit to live in. Why Harper lies about those ads, beats the hell out of me. Harper`s gift of the family tax credit only benefits those, who do not even deserve the credit, as they are already well off.