Saturday, May 25, 2013

Doug Ford, Drugs, Robocalls, and the Harper Mob

It was another chilling moment in a story that just keeps getting more and more disturbing.

Doug Ford, Rob's big brother, turning to the camera this afternoon to say this to the editor of the Globe and Mail:

"John Stackhouse you are a disgusting human being...if you have a family if you have kids how would you like me to do some investigative reporting on you?

After the Globe published this story. 

What has emerged is a portrait of a family once deeply immersed in the illegal drug scene. All three of the mayor’s older siblings – brother Randy, 51, and sister Kathy, 52, as well as Doug, 48 – have had ties to drug traffickers.

Ten people who grew up with Doug Ford – a group that includes two former hashish suppliers, three street-level drug dealers and a number of casual users of hash – have described in a series of interviews how for several years Mr. Ford was a go-to dealer of hash. These sources had varying degrees of knowledge of his activities: Some said they purchased hash directly from him, some said they supplied him, while others said they observed him handling large quantities of the drug.

You can watch the very soft interview with Doug Ford here. And make up your own minds about what he says and what he doesn't. 

Or decide what to call this new Ford brothers reality TV show.

All I can say is that I have no idea whether these allegations are true or not. But Dougie's menacing tone did disturb me. And it did make me wonder what HAS happened to these drug dealers?

Because what I do know, as I pointed out the other night, is that during the last election the Ford gang went to extraordinary lengths to limit the damage from another drug-related story.

So I can only imagine what they might do to get their hands on that cellphone video.

And what I also know is that Doug Ford is the REAL Mayor of Toronto, his powerful organization is staffed with Con operatives, Stephen Harper was counting on him and the so-called Ford Nation to deliver Toronto to him in the next election.

And all of this does help explain why the PMO tried so hard to suppress this video:

Because Boss Harper wants to have his cake and eat it. He wants to use the Ford gang, but not be seen in their company. Lest he remind Canadians that he is the leader of the worst political mob this country has ever known.

A shameless mob that would claim that Friday's robocall ruling CLEARED them of trying to steal an election.

The Conservative government cheered Friday a federal court ruling that found a widespread, “thinly scattered” but ineffective vote suppression effort “likely” stemmed from the governing party’s own database.

When their closely guarded Con database was used by the criminal or criminals to perpetrate this monstrous scam, they were the beneficiaries, and the Harper gang did everything they could to impede the investigation.

Most disturbing of all is the Conservatives’ response. The judge is at his most scathing in describing the party’s determined efforts to, as he writes, “block these proceedings by any means.” Party lawyers engaged in “trench warfare in an effort to prevent this case from coming to a hearing on the merits,” raising a series of dubious procedural objections “in transparent attempts to derail this case.”

None of which proves anything. But it raises the same question that has been cropping up elsewhere of late: Is this the behaviour of people who have nothing to hide?

And I think you know what I believe eh?

This isn't a government, it's a criminal conspiracy. This country is being run by the wrong kind of people. The kind of people my parents warned me about.

And until the Cons are driven from power, it will not be clean, and it will not be safe.

Oh boy. I live for the day when we can send the whole scummy gang packing.

And put the Big Boss where he belongs...

For his Canada is too grubby to be my Canada.

And I want mine back...

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Rene said...

With the latest news just released by the Globe and Mail on the ongoing Ford drug scandal, and Ford Nation's obstinate defense of the Mayor, when Mayor Ford himself can only offer half-hearted denials, the city of Toronto will soon have an international reputation to rival certain cities in Mexico, portrayed as being under the sway of the Ford drug cartel. For no longer is it simply a matter of the Mayor being accused of consorting with, partying with drug dealers and being videotaped in their presence, but that the Mayor's current administration and inner circle , who ran for political office on an anti-crime, anti-drug platform, is composed of former members of an Etobicoke drug gang, the Royal York Drifters gang. The Ford clan and friends, alleged by the Globe and Mail to have constituted the Royal York Drifters gang in the 1980s , were their own crime wave, involved in crimes ranging from drug-dealing to robbery to kidnapping to homicide involving drug-dealers, on a level altogether not that much different from the crime wave of the Millard and Smich gang currently sitting in a Hamilton jail. Yet while the Ford Nation minions demand torture and the death penalty for one gang, they demand and defend the highest political office for the other, arguing they should continue to exert control over the city of Toronto and its business, including authority over the Toronto Police and its "war on crime" . Quite an object lesson in political corruption, when leaders of an alleged drug cartel can run for political office on an anti-crime platform, dupe the electorate, win the election and hold that office.

Simon said...

hi's not just Toronto, it's Montreal, Laval, Ottawa, wherever you look in this country it's corruption and sleaze. And yes, as if our reputation in the world wasn't hitting rock bottom, now we're the home of the grubbies. You'd think that everybody, from all political parties, would be offended by what's going on, but it just keeps getting worse. Oh well, as I said the other night, the good part is that the grossness of one group of Cons only helps to magnify the corruption of the others. And when you add it to all their other crimes it will help progressives win the next election...

Anonymous said...

To Rene.
I'm not sure where you get your info (my ignorance speaking here) but you are one awesome blogger/reporter. If you have a site of your own (not to worry, Simon. I'll keep tuning into this time and channel every day :-) ), what is it? I'd like to be able to check out more of your info. Cheers

Rene said...

To anonymous, Simon, and other readers, I don't have my own blog, there is a rich variety of blogs already. I do comment on Simon's blog, on BigCityLibs blog, and I enjoy Graeme Decarie's blog, the Moncton Times@Transcript for his outspoken views as critic and historian. I pursued my education largely at Laval and at the University of Ottawa, so was in the opposing cultural/political camp from Decarie two to three decades back, but enjoy the exchanges. There is a wealth of outspoken bigotry, ignorance, hate-mongering and war-mongering on sites such as Yahoo Canada, so I often do make contributions to these exchanges. A good example this evening was a story on Yahoo Canada about an auto accident in Montreal resulting in critical injuries to a well known Quebec journalist. It drew the bigots out in hordes, expressing fake sympathy laced with malice. Most however skipped the sympathy and went straight to malice - and then complained about the bad blood between English Canada and Quebec. So I did throw in a few comments of my own.


susansmith said...

One suggests that the next election progressives would win except of course in BC, where both provincial Ontario Liberal operatives teamed up with Conservative operatives to best the progressive NDP.

So we have a problem here with your theory of future election victory.

Remember that Globe story above is all nice but the Globe did endorse Ford for mayor and now they are showing regret because their dark horse is bringing shame to conservatism.

That said, one needs to be careful in what kind of progressive politics will come to the fore in 2015 - will it be the faux kind of Trudeau Jr., who is on record for wanting to keep the corrupt house of patronage appointments - the discredited Senate.

So we are back to throwing out one corrupt corporate elite party for the other one and around and around we go in the hamster wheel.

A Political Junkie said...

What I found interesting about Doug Ford's interview on CBC yesterday was his repeated attempts to vilify "the left". It always fascinates me to see how one side of the political spectrum seeks to divide and conquer voters, setting us up for an "us versus them" scenario. Rather than the left versus the right, I tend to think that, in the current political environment in Canada, it's us versus the politicians of all stripes.

Scotian said...

One thing MS (and yes I know this is a linguistic/editorial nit-pick, but part of the reason I'm doing this is because you tend to be such a good writer that it hurts to see it here, as well as hoping that if you start using it correctly it helps start getting others to also), anyone can have their cake and eat it, the real trick (and what the expression actually is despite the massive amount of people that for some reason forget this despite the obvious nature of the logic) is to eat your cake and have it. The expression means trying to have two or more opposing things at the same time aka trying to have it both ways, which is why the latter is the proper usage, not the former. Sorry, it is just one of those things that whenever I come across it for me makes listening to fingernails on a blackboard lyrical by comparison.

Rene said...

As a humorous aside, related nonetheless to the topic of Ford, Harper, and Toronto Police, The Canadian Press is running an anniversary piece on Yahoo on Magnotta's crime wave, to which I commented:

Good catch, Toronto Police. As per report in last year's May 31 Globe and Mail, Montana lawyer Roger Renville having viewed on May 27 a bizarre internet video he believed to be snuff film on an Alberta-based website, contacted local sheriff's office,Denver FBI and Miami Police to be rebuffed at every turn. Seeing clues in the video that pointed to Canada , a " poster in the background matched another video that pointed to a Canadian man, .. Mr. Renville called police in Toronto."

"But he says the official on the other end wasn’t interested."

"'He told me that what I was seeing was almost certainly fake — that special effects were very good,' Mr. Renville recalled Thursday."

“I told him, ‘You have to see the video to determine that.’ He told me my story didn’t make sense and ‘why would a killer film his own crime and then post it on the Internet?’

“I asked him to at least give me an email address and I would at least send him the link to the video and he said ‘no.“’

The Toronto mayor quite likely provided guidelines to Toronto Police as to real as opposed to "almost certainly fake" videos, sight unseen, and conveyed his distaste of gay internet porn and the credibility of witnesses who would view such material to local police.

The body parts were discovered in a suitcase left for trash by a janitor in a low-rent apartment in Montreal on May 29, and Montreal police were called to investigate.

There is some dark humour in the twisted doings of this psychopath, as that same date a foot was discovered in a package mailed to the Conservative Party office in Ottawa, not the Prime Minister's Office, yet fearless leader Harper panics as if he is still responsible for opening mail in the mailroom, and a worldwide manhunt is on for Magnotta, facing charges of "first-degree murder, committing indignity to dead body, mailing obscene material and criminally harassing (the) Prime Minister" of Canada.

Anonymous said...

More sleaze in BC too. Christy Clark denied she took any part in, Gordon Campbell's theft and sale of the BCR. Seems Christy lied as usual. There is also a big bunch of tax dollars, Christy used for her lying ads on TV. Millions so they say.

However. It is common knowledge, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberal work for the the Boss Criminal, P.M. Harper.

Christy didn't take long for her first election lie. She is running as fast as she can, to Premier Redford, to get the Enbridge pipeline going as fast as possible. We all knew she works for Harper, as Campbell did before her.

I think the most honest party, is the Greens. Many of us have decided, to vote for Elizabeth May. She is the one who caught Harper, doing his sleazy dirty work.

Simon said...

hi Jan...I was very disappointed by the election result in BC, and know what it feels like to go around and around on that hamster wheel. But I know no other way to keep my spirits up than by hoping for a better result next time. I think Canadians are beginning to recognize the true nature of the Con regimes in Ottawa and Toronto, and that can only help us defeat them...

Simon said...

hi political junkie...yes it's Ford's modus operandi, blame the left-wing conspiracy or the media instead of himself. It's almost as ridiculous as Ford claiming he is a "champion of the people" when he's a grubby millionaire. However although I am greatly disappointed in the political class, they are the only democratic instruments we have to fix this mess and make this country better. The Cons are the ones who are always seeking to suppress the vote of the majority of Canadians, by claiming that all politicians are the same, so why bother voting. It has worked for them in the past, but not for much longer...

Simon said...

hi Scotian...thanks for the correction, I actually do appreciate it. What you say does make sense. And it actually could have been worse. I was going to write "have his chicken wings and eat them..." ;)

Simon said...

hi Rene...I'm trying to ignore the Magnotta case, so as to not give that maniac any more publicity. But I will make a prediction. Stephen Harper will try to use the trial to push his law and order agenda, and maybe even use it to divide the population with a debate about restoring the death penalty. Please remember that you first heard that here. I want to be able to say later I warned them about EVERYTHING.... ;)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...the sleaze is spreading everywhere. And it's so widespread it can't just be blamed on the politicians. A lot of Canadians must also share the blame for being too rabidly partisan to notice, or too lazy to care. However, they say a fish rots from the head down, so you know who I blame...