Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Boss Harper and the Ford Duffy Nightmare

Golly. I'm sure Stephen Harper must look back fondly at the time when he had big plans for Rob Ford.

Those happy days when him and Big Boy could pose together under the logo of the Toronto police, declare they were for law and order, unlike the opposition who were for the criminals.

And Boss Harper could still dream that the Ford gang and the drooling rednecks of the Ford Nation, would deliver the bleeding head of progressive Toronto to him on a silver platter.

But sadly for him, that was then, and this is now.

Toronto police detectives interviewed a senior staff member from Mayor Rob Ford’s office a week ago in relation to allegations involving the widening crack video scandal.

Now the police are knocking on Con doors. The Ford gang is running for cover. Big Boy is looking more and more like a LOSER. 

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford told reporters Monday that it is "business as usual" at city hall, despite the abrupt departure of a handful of his senior staff and lingering questions about a still-unseen video that allegedly shows him using crack cocaine.

The Progressive gang has now scraped up enough dough to buy the crack video.

The U.S.-based website Gawker hit its goal Monday of raising the $200,000 needed to purchase a video that allegedly captured Mayor Rob Ford smoking what appears to be crack cocaine.

The one Rob Ford says doesn't exist. Or at least one of the many copies.

And now it's all going terribly wrong.

Now when Stephen Harper tries to pose as a champion of law and order, or Mr. Accountability, these smiling faces come back to haunt him...

Hi Boss !!! It's Mikey and Robbie !!!! Remember us??? Boss ??? Boss???

Now it's a NIGHTMARE !!!!

Golly. No wonder he didn't dare show his face in Parliament today. 

Opposition MPs ridiculed Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s absence from the House of Commons question Period on Monday, labelling him a “peekaboo” leader who was hiding from accountability over a $90,172 cheque his former chief of staff gave to Senator Mike Duffy as a scandal over Sen. Duffy’s Senate expenses escalated.

No wonder even Pamela Wallin is trying to hide her face from the camera.

So now it even LOOKS like a sordid scandal eh? Now it's tabloid stuff !!!!

And the best part? All those little distractions, as Harper calls them, are threatening to bury the Con regime. 

When it rains it pours or so it must feel to Stephen Harper’s Conservatives as the many accumulated clouds on their horizon finally give way to a perfect storm.

The last thing Harper needs as he tries to control the damage of a spending scandal in the Senate was another hit on the law-and-order image of the conservative movement.

And that was before this. 

The former head of Canada's spy-agency watchdog, who received prestigious appointments from different levels of government and was nearly honoured with a street in his name, has been arrested abroad on fraud charges.

And BEFORE we found out that the Cons are not only screwing the unemployed, they're rewarding their friends. The ones who send them cash.

Up to a third of the people who landed cushy patronage jobs on the new Social Security Tribunal gave money to the Conservative party, public records show.

Gawd. Now can we call them the Corruption Cons? Or is the Harper mob good enough?

Because one thing's for sure eh?

This story is just getting better and better.

Boss Harper's going down in a blaze of corruption.

And his nightmare can only get worse...

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Anonymous said...

I think 'Harper mob' is good enough. It has a certain ring to it.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Scandals here. Scandals there. Corruption here. Corruption there. The people of BC told everybody how much they care about being ruled by the scandalously corrupt. They don't. Will Canadians send the same message to ourselves and the world in the next federal election? I say it is odds on they do. We have become Mexico.

thwap said...

Nice touch; putting Rob Ford's head on a maggot's body.

Rene said...

The web of intrigue, corruption and crime surrounding Harper's Conservatives grows ever wider.

Arthur Porter, former head of McGill University Health Centre mega-hospital in Montreal, appointed by Prime Minister Harper three years ago to head this wathchdog agency charged with overseeing the spying and intelligence gathering activities of the CSIS, fled Montreal for Panama accompanied by his wife in late 2011, carrying with him $ 22.5 million in funds embezzled from the hospital, presumably the proceeds of fraud involving bribes from co-conspirators SNC-Lavalin. The former spy agency watchdog and spouse, charged with crimes ranging from fraud to conspiracy to commit government fraud to laundering the proceeds of a crime, have since been arrested in Panama on charges of fraud against the Quebec government.

As for the other co-conspirators in this alleged widespread conspiracy and fraud, SNC-Lavalin, ostensibly one of the largest engineering firms not only in Canada, but with a global reach, responsible for projects such as the James Bay Project and construction of Highway 407 in Ontario, it would appear from media reports that engineering projects were only a sideline for this company, much more actively engaged in spying, international political conspiracy and intrigue, bribery, money-laundering, smuggling and military adventures involving former Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, than the CSIS whose activities Arthur Porter was charged with monitoring.
CBC news reported in February 2012 that "one of the people accused in an alleged plot to smuggle members of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s family to Mexico was with an SNC-Lavalin executive when police took her into custody".

The CBC news report further reports that hapless SNC-Lavalin operative Cyndy Vanier, "who set up the meeting that Roy and Huerta attended, has been jailed since she was taken into custody on Nov. 10. She along with two Mexicans and a Danish citizen are all accused of a list of offences including attempted human trafficking, involvement in organized crime and falsification of documents."

Now it is not altogether clear whether SNC-Lavalin were simply hired help and minions of the Gaddafi regime, or whether Gaddafi himself was on the SNC-Lavalin payroll. SNC Lavalin are reported to have hired Gaddafi's son, Saadi Gaddafi, as consultant overseeing projects in the Middle East. SNC-Lavalin did host Saadi Gadaffi in Canada for three months in 2008, providing, among other things, a security team to protect him, and went so far as to sponsor and submit Gaddafi's application for immigration to Canada at the same time as the aborted human smuggling operation into Mexico.
Running a covert criminal operation along the same lines as Prime Minister Harper's PMO, SNC-Lavalin knows when it's time to bail and sacrifice a few lackeys to ward off further RCMP pursuit.

Thus the National Post reported in February 2012:
"A pair of SNC-Lavalin executives who had been linked to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Saadi Gaddafi, have lost their jobs, the Montreal-based engineering and construction firm announced Thursday night."
"In a brief news release, SNC-Lavalin said Riadh Ben Aissa, a Tunisian-Canadian who served as executive vice-president, and his accountant, Stephane Roy, were no longer employed by the company."

There is a chain of corruption, fraud and criminal conspiracy extending from SNC-Lavalin to Arthur Porter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and we have yet to see what further RCMP investigation or testimony before the Quebec commission of enquiry into corruption and fraud in Quebec may reveal.

Unknown said...

after all those years, we get the last laugh, and the gang just keeps on giving more, let them hang by their petard, a slow agonising revelation, now i hope people wake up!

wazz said...

I was watching Question Period today and what a farce it was as the Cons tried to change the channel from their own Duffy/Wright fiasco by taking more Trudeau comments from years ago completely out of context. And naturally the Con infested corporate owned right wing media sleaze ball publications like Quebecor are pushing this bilge across the nation in every market they can, as if it were the truth. All this proves is the Cons are terrified, and that is why they are working so hard to cover this sordid affair up, but I say shine the light on this whole sordid affair. Like cockroaches and assorted creepy crawlies, Harperites are severely allergic to light. It makes them skittish.

Rob Ford is a fucking imbecile and quite probably a cracker ass crackhead. He's single hadnedly turned Toronto into a laughing stock, even Mick Jagger was cracking (pardon the pun) jokes about this moron in the Stones show.

And over in the HoC you have this ongoing comedy routine starring that repulsive big fat greasy James Moore as Ralph Kramden and that little oily pecker-weasel Pierre Pollievre as his bumblefuck sidekick Norton.

Nigel Wright, along with PM-to-be Steve Harper was involved in the attempted bribing of Chuck Cadman. This was even before they formed governmnet. I smelled a rat then and the stench has only gotten worse. The Canadian public deserves to know all of the facts in this case through an open enquiry of some kind: either a parliamentary committee or a judicial review. This is what should happen, of course, but Harper and his cronies have a lot that they need to hide.

Anonymous said...

Simon, your captions are brilliant and good for a belly laugh. Thanks!
Oh boss I'm not worthy:)

e.a.f. said...

I don't care for the Ford brothers or their politics. Also don't care for news organizations "purchasing" their news and holding fund raisers to do it. Investigative journalism at its finest it is not. Until there is more evidence than a video 3 people have seen, I for one am not willing to pass judgement on Ford, as much as I dislike his politics. If this were a politican who was more acceptable to progressives, people would be howling at the unfairness of it all.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...I think you're right. It does have a certain ring to it. And I have quite a few graphics of Don Harponi and his gang that I still haven't used... ;)

Simon said...

hi Mr Beer N. Hockey...nice name eh? And you're right, I can't believe how corruption is spreading in this country. I have been following the Charbonneau commission hearings in Montreal, And what has shocked me the most is how normal it has become. How utterly shameless some people are. However I'm hoping that all these Con scandals will finally disgust even the most complacent Canadians, and we can wield a big broom in the next election...

Simon said...

hi thwap...thanks...I couldn't resist, although finding the right-sized grub wasn't easy, and some of the pictures I was forced to look at made me practically vomit. I'm hoping the Ford grub will morph into a large moth and fly south to Florida, or even better kept in a large display case, in the rec room of a penitentiary... :)

Simon said...

hi Rene...I didn't think it was possible to have a worse image in the world than redneck planet burners. But cheap chisellers and fraud artists would probably do it. What we need to do is create more anti-corruption squads like they did in Montreal, and turn them loose on the swindlers and tax dodgers who are robbing us blind. How can we teach children to be honest, when so many adults are so easily corrupted? A democracy corrupted is a democracy in name only...

Simon said...

hi Derek... yes it's ending like all Con stories end, with mass misery, millions missing, and the mob running for the getaway car. But like you I'm quite enjoying the last chapter. It's so much better than all the others. I'm almost sorry it will be ending so soon. But I'm sure I'll get over that quickly... ;)

Simon said...

hi wazz...they are an extraordinary collection of thugs, thieves, and scoundrels aren't they? Some like Peter Van Loan are right out of Dickens. Others like Pierre Poilievre are right out of Edgar Allan Poe. And of course Lord Harpo is right out of the Satanic Verses. Won't they make a lovely parade shuffling off to jail... :)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...thanks you, I'm glad you liked that one. I have to admit that Harper and Duffy inspire me in all the wrong ways... ;)

Simon said...

hi e.a.f... I applaud your determination to be fair, but believe me Rob Ford doesn't deserve it. He is thoroughly rotten. I don't have any moral objections to smoking crack,just medical ones. But I trust the two star journalists who viewed the tape, and having the Mayor consorting with criminals, as he is doing in that photo, raises disturbing questions about how much influence they have on him. The City of Toronto is a $40 billion business and there are a lot of greedy criminals competing to get a piece of it. I'm afraid when the truth is finally revealed it will be worse than most people can imagine...