Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Ghastly Con Cult

As you know I have long believed that Stephen Harper's Cons are not a political party like any other Canadians have ever known.

That they are more like a cult than a party.

But even as their deranged leader drags us into his ghastly  darkness, muzzles the truth, lies about everything, and bullies his opponents, still some of my friends say to me: Simon, don't exaggerate, it couldn't happen HERE.

The ones who would like me to spend more time biking and partying, and less time blogging eh?

But I say to them are you blind? And if the Cons aren't a cult, or an insane klown posse, how do you explain their bizarre behaviour? How do you explain this? 

The Conservatives are attempting to paint the Liberals’ easy victory over an ex-cabinet minister in Monday’s federal byelection in Labrador as a loss for Leader Justin Trudeau.

“When this byelection was called, the Liberals had a 43-point lead in the polls. Since electing Justin Trudeau as leader and having him personally campaign there, they have dropped 20 points in Labrador,” DeLorey argued. “Labradorians were able to see first-hand how Justin Trudeau is in over his head.”

Because that's not just spin eh? That's INSANITY. Let's call it what it is.

That's the deranged product of a sinister Con cult that believes that if you repeat a Big Lie over and over again people will believe it. The ones who never miss an opportunity to smear their opponents.

The cult that would brainwash us with our own money. The secretive PMO operatives who would violate all standards of normal behaviour.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s chief of staff secretly intervened to help Conservative Sen. Mike Duffy pay back tens of thousands of dollars in improperly claimed expenses while an external audit was still underway, CTV News has learned.

And say or do ANYTHING to pleasure their depraved leader...

The political pervert whose fixation with Justin Trudeau's masculinity exceeds the bounds of human decency. And who like every other cult leader, or crazed totalitarian, has shaped the Cons in his own foul image.

For what else can explain that in all those years not ONE of them has spoken out against Stephen Harper's many democratic outrages?

What else can explain the robotic way they recite the absurd lines the PMO writes for them. Or lie about the NDP's nonexistent "job killing carbon tax" in the Commons. Again and Again and Again. 

Even though they KNOW it's a Big Lie. Because they laugh when they're finished.

So great is their contempt for democracy. So fanatical or so cowardly is their loyalty to that twisted cult.

So fawning is their love for HIM...

The bully, the bigot, the religious fanatic, the oil pimp, the political pervert, who would cling to power like a fungus, kill all that is noble and kind, and turn our country into a JUNGLE.

The deranged cult leader, who with the help of a small army of fanatical young Con operatives, from Republican-style training schools like the Manning Centre, has moulded the Con party into his divine instrument of personal destruction.

Yup. I don't care what anybody says eh? If it looks like a cult, and quacks like a cult, it's because it is a cult. And a cult with a leader who believes his sinister ideological agenda justifies the means, really is a mortal threat to this country, and its most precious values.

Oh well. I don't know why so many still can't see that, when it seems so obvious to me. Maybe I am living in my own world.

But I do know this, I could never accept such outrageous behaviour from such a foul group of bullies and liars as Harper and his Cons. I could never shrug it off, or consider it the new normal. And I won't stop blogging or speaking out until the day they are defeated.

No matter what some of my friends might want eh?

It's simply unthinkable. Some things are bigger than all of us.

That alien cult, and it's deranged leader are not my government.

My Canada is still beautiful.

And I will have it back...

However lonely it is. Because there is no other choice.

Until the day of liberation.

The struggle will continue...

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  1. Anonymous5:55 AM

    Thank you, Simon. Reading from BC, where I haven't been to bed because I'm too heartsick to sleep, this is what I needed. On continue.

    1. hi anonymous...I'm so sorry for all the progressives in beautiful British Columbia. It was a horrible surprise. Hopefully we will all learn from this, and can use the lessons to make sure we beat the Harper Cons. The may disappointments we have had to endure will only make the day of victory sweeter...

  2. Simon, I'm in the same world as you and would love to join you in the celebration when the deranged cult leader is ousted.

    1. hi Sassy...It's a deal !!! If I'm still in Toronto the party will be on a beach on the island. And if I'm in Montreal it will be at the top of Mount Royal, so they can see our victory bonfire all the way from St John's to Victoria... ;)

  3. Anonymous9:07 AM

    All the good feelings have been destroyed by the BC Liberals (who are really conservatives) victory over the NDP. The NDP decided to run a positive campaign with no negative ads and got steamrolled by attack ads (just like Dion and others). Say hello to a pipeline in BC and heavy environmental damage to a beautiful province. Progressives can't show up to an election holding flowers when the right wing is holding a gun.

    1. Anon, I am calling bull Shit ,your so full of crap. The liberals are liberals not conservatives like you want to believe. Ms Clark did not say she would approve the pipe line. Your just making stuff up because your a sore loser. Kids do those sorts of things. Bullies do too. Your childish behavior is as bad as the people on the provinces blog I just read. You could be one of them. Dix ran as many negative ads as Ms Clark did. The problem of Dix's loss is not because of the liberals but by the actions of the NDP supporters who believed that Dix was a shoe in and didn't bother to go out and vote. Your people's comments in all the papers was the downfall of Dix.With your attitude, the NDP's will be losers as well in the next federal election. Lucky to be in 3rd place.

    2. hi anonymous...9:07...I don't know what went wrong. But my first impression is that the Liberal attack ads on the economy did a lot of damage, because unfortunately attack ads work. But of course the larger question is why couldn't the NDP get more of their voters to turn out. I'm waiting for people to blame young voters, like they always do. But the fact is if you can't reach them or motivate them you're not doing the right thing, or trying hard enough. But as I said we will live and learn...

  4. Anonymous9:18 AM

    The next time your friends accuse you of exaggerating, you tell them that their lackadaisical attitude is the very reason harper and his crime cabal will remain in power indefinitely. harper counts on the minion mentality like theirs to keep him in power. "It Can't Happen Here" is a great song by the late Frank Zappa that pretty well sums up what has and is happening to the u.s. and what is now occurring in Canada as well. Tell them being stoned (everything in its place, of course) and ignorant is no way to make ANY country better, regardless of how "cool" it is. Don't defend them. They're just following their scripts which, unlike yourself and Thwap and Norther Perspective, John Amato, Chris Floyd and a lot of others, they haven't even recognized, let alone tried to change. While any nation sleeps on its feet, dictators like harper, hitler, stalin and the shrub can openly go about the business of dismantling any and all rights of a populace with impunity and even with the unwitting masses' blessings because the utter magnitude and monstrosity of those acts is almost impossible for the minion mentality to comprehend thus leading them to utter and re-utter their "security blanket" phrases such as "It Can't Happen Here".

    1. hi friends are more politically aware than most, and when elections happen I herd them to the polls with a dastardly combination of begging and threats of violence. ;) But like so many others they can't make the connection between what's happening in their lives, their financial difficulties, their lousy jobs, the mindless consumerism etc and the political process. But yeah, that kind of apathy really bothers me, because as you point out it's fatal for democracy, and will be fatal for the planet. But I assure you I will never give up, and my friends will not easily escape me. Because even when I'm biking with them, I'm still bending their ears... :)

  5. The cult that would brainwash us with our own money = normal behaviour for Harper

    I suspect the Prime Minister didn,t know he says, but we,ll find out in the coming days. Oh Ya ! the Prime Minister didn,t know and I,ve got a bridge to sell you to.

    I appreciate your efforts to rid this country of this blight. You are an inspiration Simon. Nothing lasts forever and individuals like yourself, working full bore to rid us of this blight will in the end be at peace knowing you gave it your all.

    It,s a war and you,re fighting the good fight. You,re a brave man who deserves nothing but respect.

    And you,re winning. Wish i had your capabilities, but i borrow your posts and distribute them to my contacts. You,re not pounding dust Simon. You,re pouding a blight on our country. Can,t get a more worthy cause then that. Good Show.

    1. hi Don...thank you for your kind words,and your encouragement. I do see this as a kind of war. And although I'd rather be writing stories or songs, or working on artsy videos, than writing about the Cons, I feel I simply can't be silent while those monsters try to dismantle our country.
      But you're right we are winning, the Cons are being slowly degraded, and I'm pretty hopeful that we will finally defeat them in the next election. Keep up the good fight Don and we'll get there together...

  6. Anonymous2:27 PM

    No, you won't. In fact it was never "your" Canada in the first place. You are the alien and you will be driven out!

    1. And you Anon 2:27 are an idiot. I would love to hear your definition of "alien" just for the sh*ts and giggles.

    2. Anonymous12:53 AM

      Don't get your hopes up. There should be a head tax on immigrants and an oxygen tax on breeders payable to Canada's Origionals in this present abomination we call a country. Fuck life .jesus Christ god dam son of a bitch fucking shithouses and a pox on us

    3. hi anonymous 2:27 pm ...Can I ask you a personal question? Are you writing this from the cold storage locker at Area 51. Next to the other dead Martian? And if you are just visiting Earth could you please leave? Because I'm not going anywhere...

  7. Anonymous6:32 PM

    A BC blogger just went down. I had neglected to tell Kirby how much I admired the writing and the thoughts.

    This is not going to happen on this blog.

    I think that you are freaking brilliant. You have an insightful grasp and a great way of presentation.

    Thank you for the time that you spend to create a worthwhile blog.

    A big fan that never says "thank you."

    1. hi anonymous...Yes I saw the sad news from Kirby. I understand how he's feeling. Writing a blog is hard work, and it's hard to keep it up when the political situation is so depressing. But I enjoy reading his blog, and hopefully when he's had a rest he will be back.
      And thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I really appreciate them. I am a little beat myself. But readers like you make it all worthwhile. Thank you again..

  8. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Simon, I feel the same way you do. As a "scared/surviving" public servant, I always have to watch what I say, but i can't even believe the number of colleagues who are completely blind to the Harper cult and consider my warnings as conspiracy theories... As if I'm the crazy one. I always tell them to open their eyes and that in 5-10 years, they will tell me I was right, the whole time, and with the right tone.

  9. e.a.f.12:13 AM

    Yes, keep blogging! The MSM doesn't do much to expose what is happening to the country so many rely on bloggers for their news. Good work and keep going.

    Some of the behaviour is cult like. On the other hand there is simple greed. Most of the Tory M.P.s never have had jobs as good as they have as M.P.s, especially the cabinet ministers. In the real world they would be making a fraction of what they currently make. The back bench will complain but never start a revolt because they don't want to loose their jobs or pensions. The cabinet won't challenge Harper because not only do they have a higher salary but drivers and all sorts of other perks. They feel important. All Harper has to do to stiffle an up rising in the ranks is threaten to call an election. it brings them into line every time. We have seen that for years in B.C.

    The vast majority of citizens don't actually know what is going on in this country because the MSM doesn't report or when they do they slant it in favour of the Tories. A lot of people rely on bloggers such as yourself, so keep up the good work. At least you can always look yourself in the mirror and say you did your best. Thank you for all your work.