Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Leaf Nation and the Flight of the Cons

Well it was quite a scene in the old neighbourhood last night.

Thousands of members of the Leaf Nation cheering on their team outside the Air Canada Centre.

And the crowd was so excited for the first time in my life I hoped the Leafs would win.

And I was sad when it ended badly. Because those fans do deserve better.

But then so do we all eh? And in that regard I found this defeat extremely encouraging. 

Because no matter how the Cons try to spin it:

When Monday's results came in, Conservative spokesman Fred DeLorey issued an emailed statement commenting on the "collapse" of Liberal support compared to earlier polls — something he attributed to Trudeau.

The fact is they did all they could to get Penashue re-elected short of calling on Pierre Poutine. It is a slap in the face to Harper, his first by-election defeat. And it is the beginning of the end.

Because the Leaf fans will pick themselves up and stagger on, but the Cons will NEVER recover from this one. 

New research conducted by the Canadian Labour Congress shows that in recent years migrant workers are filling most of the new jobs created in the Canadian economy. “Roughly 75% of the new jobs created in Canada in 2010 and 2011 were filled by temporary foreign workers despite the fact that 1.4 million Canadian residents were unemployed,” says Ken CLC President Ken Georgetti.

Not after the Harperite cult spent more than $100 million dollars on Porky Action Ads trying to brainwash Canadians into believing they were a job creation machine. But forgot to tell them that they were creating them for FOREIGNERS.

Or that all the money they are planning to spend revising our history...

Is only so they can pose as patriots, while selling us out to the highest foreign bidder, or the cheapest foreign labour.

And of course if the Senate scandal gets any worse.

This picture could be even MORE embarrassing...

Than this one...

And there can no longer be any doubt that the Cons are truly DESPERATE.

For what else could explain this?

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has defended the Conservative’s continued spending on the ‘economic action plan’ advertisements, saying that Canadians are entitled to know what their government is doing.

From the least transparent government in Canadian history.

Or this tweet tonight...

From the grubbiest leader of the grubbiest party this country has ever known. Who wouldn't know what aiming high means if it jumped up and bit him.

But yes, the best news is that our hero Chris Hadfield is safely back on earth.

While Stephen Harper is out of control.

And the Cons are coming in for a really hard landing...

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Anonymous said...

NEWS FLASH!!! harper decides to move Parliament (after it's prorogued again) to Calgary so he can keep the leftist meanies from unjustly attacking him and his "senators", let alone the rest of his worthless crime cabal, and be able to look out his back window and keep an eye on Russia at the same time!!! (harpo can see Russia from his window just like palin could). baird to be named the new head of the Goring Office of Canadian Human Aid (GOCHA for short) which will exclusively be under the heroic guidance of der fearful leader for the betterment of all selected and approved-of religious denominations. harpo will thence be referred to only as "her majesty" or "mein fuhrer". Any questions? he looks so good in chenille, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Despite the news that foreign workers have created the 'economic action plan" 'success' here in Canada, the local media says nothing, does nothing, not even the remotest bit of righteous indignation..and why? Because the Right owns the media...you and I are probably on some hit list somewhere as 'terrorists' and subversives..I would be so proud...