Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rob Ford and the Incredible Exploding Cons

Wherever you went in Toronto today you couldn't get away from Rob Ford.

Everybody was talking about him eh?

Wondering whether he's a crack head, or just plain crazy.

So I wasn't really surprised to find him waiting for me on my way home.

And as I stared at this ghastly apparition, I could almost hear him screaming " Somebody get me that !@#!! TAPE.

Mayor Rob Ford turned down three chances on Friday to address the specifics of media reports about a video in which he appears to smoke crack cocaine and utter an anti-gay slur.

And who can blame him eh? It doesn't sound too flattering. And he clearly wants to get his hands on it, before EVERYBODY else does.

And of course he's been there before. When someone had an audio tape of His Worship promising to buy oxycontin for a friend. And his team went to extraordinary lengths to neutralize the threat.

Ford’s campaign knew the Toronto Star had a copy, and feared it would all but end the race for Ford if the paper published it. So Macdonald created @QueensQuayKaren, befriended Doneit-Henderson (“@DieterDH What have you got on @robfordteam? Nothing I’d like to see more than to bring him down!”), got the recording from him, and then passed it on to the Sun‘s Sue-Ann Levy—who quickly wrote a typically sympathetic story headlined “Ford feels ‘set up’ by drug tape.”

But now they're even MORE desperate. Because not only are most decent Torontonians deeply worried by the thought that the already out of control Fordzilla could be running the city while looped.

His rabid base is also in a FRENZY. Not because of the crack. A lot of them take it themselves.

But because of his scary friends...

I mean that's the Ford Nation's NIGHTMARE eh? That's why they buy so many guns. That's why they vote for him and the Cons.

And why Stephen Harper is also deeply concerned...

Because Rob Ford is just the pathetic figurehead of a group of Con operatives led by his brother Doug, and heavily staffed by the Harper gang.

He's counting on them to try to penetrate the anti-Con bastion of Toronto from within, like a Trojan Horse...or a tape worm. 

And the last thing he needs is another sleazy stooge reminding people of Mike Duffy...

Because Duffy is giving him heartburn, and that sordid senate scandal just keeps getting more and more embarrassing. Or damning

The Senate’s internal economy committee sanitized the original audit of Sen. Mike Duffy’s expenses to remove damning findings, documents obtained by CTV News show.

Sources say the whitewash was part of a backroom deal with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s chief of staff, Nigel Wright.

Now it's not just Mikey, or Nigel, it's PAMELA !!!!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper forced Sen. Pamela Wallin out of the Conservative caucus after learning the preliminary findings of an audit looking into her travel expenses, a source has told CTV News. Wallin issued a statement Friday evening saying she has recused herself from the caucus as she awaits the results of the external audit.

And do you think it was easy kicking HER out of the Caucus?

I bet Stephen Harper is still licking his bruises. And waiting for his ears to stop ringing.

Oh boy. Isn't it great to see so many Cons in such terrible trouble? Wasn't that the best week EVER?

And now we get to celebrate for THREE days !!!! Because it's the Two-Four weekend !!!!

The Great Canadian weekend when you can have a bit too much to drink. But everybody else is too drunk to notice. 

And all I need for mine to be perfect is for Nigel to get back to me...

Nige !!!! Nige !!!! Please. I really want that video.

Rob !!!! Rob!!! please call Steve. I think he might need a BOOST.

Steve !!! Steve !!! Call your lawyer. You might need one soon.

Golly. Who needs fireworks when the Cons are EXPLODING?

Hey you !!!  Save me six sixteen beers eh?

Have a great weekend everybody !!!!!

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Anonymous said...

ford's got a real serious history of drinking and drugging. Don't forget his drunk driving and "alleged" drug use down in Florida with his "upstanding" friends there. We need Chow to run. She's the only potential candidate that can surely uproot this cancerous fuck and his mafia-enforcer brother.

Anonymous said...

Et pendant ce temps l'autre patapouf débarque en parachute XXXL à Montréal, lancé par une autre gang de magouilleurs.

Pour se consoler on pourra organiser entre Coderre et Ford un concours du politichien le plus lourd, mesuré en Milliduffies...

Rene said...

I've been having a field day, Simon, exchanging blows with Ford nation bigots and racists, what you refer to as the rabid Reformacon base, in media discussion exchanges on Yahoo Canada.

Here are some of my contributions:

I would disagree with respect to his Reformacon base, ie his silliest, fanatical rather than naïve supporters. Their attachment is ideological, akin to religious belief, thereby immune to reasoned argument and empirical evidence...

Hence the denial, they are unwilling to admit they have been outwitted by a crack head buffoon who is more cunning, if not smarter than they are..


That's the best part of the deal, it would export part of what Reformacons constantly gripe about - an immigrant-inspired crime spree - to the heart of Reform country.

What a sad day for Reformacons and Ford nation Conservatives when one of their most vocal crime wave reporters and immigrant bashers, Dodo of the Toronto-based Dodo Can Spell blog is prepared to admit Ford may not be worth defending:

"Have we been wrong about Mayor Rob Ford? Now would be the time to admit it and let him fall through the cracks of his crack cocaine pipes and break into a million pieces....More here from The Star (how they and all his enemies must be gloating ... and rightly so !). He has brought this on himself."

Now Dodo may not have all her marbles and may be a bit too extreme in her political advocacy for the run of the mill Harper Conservative, but she apparently has more sense than many of her fellow Ford nation flag wavers contributing to this discussion, in that she knows when to bail and that Ford may not be worth defending to the bitter end. In her defense she may be close to institutionalization for some of her political views, but what does that say about the rest of the Ford nation, presumably sane, prepared to endure the ridicule of the rest of the world for their obstinate defense of a political buffoon.

As for the Alberta bound Somalian drug dealers, Dodo advises her readers in a recent column that the "Province of Alberta has the hots for Islam and Jihadists".

She laments :
" O Alberta .... what went wrong with your soul and love for country and Judeo-Christian values?? ***Sigh**** Now that even Alberta has opened its arms to the Trojan Horse, is there any hope for the rest of the country?"

Rene said...

To continue with the weekend entertainment, I had the opportunity to exchange arguments with ... and if this doesn't take the cake ...
outspoken fascist defenders of Ford nation and assorted Reformacon stooges who scurry to the defense of Ford's fascist defenders, in Yahoo discussion groups, as follows:

John •

"The Gay Mafia ,and their Leftist Swine Supporters ,are Sooooooooooo Eager to get some Dirt on Major Ford ,in order to try to discredit his Political Stances ,that they are willing to throw away good money that they could Donate to the Hooooomeleeeeess People,on a Fake Video..."

to which I responded:

Only a right extremist would describe Harper as a Liberal, and it raises the issue as to why a fascist hate-monger would rush to Ford's defense. Take note Reformacons and Ford nation bigots who indulge in this sort of advocacy.

Other pearls of wisdom from the above-noted self-described Conservative:

"Seems to me the Highly advanced Europeons did a #$%$ poor Job of exterminating the Indians, there are indians all around ,everywhere i go i see Indians enjoyng the great Civilization created by the Europeon Settlers.."
"Fascists Loved their Nations.."
"Deporting certain cultures and races to live with their own kind would be an answer."
"The Cons are Really Liberals in Disguise..We have three left-Wing partys ...Light... regular... and Dark.."
"...If you had 40,000,000 Africans, and 60,000,000 Mexican Indians ,like the USA does,you'd have a WORSE Problem"
"If you go to areas filled with Darkies or Mexicans you may have a problem.."
"All Christians that follow Biblical teachings of Christ will be hated by the Ungodly..."
"Economic immigrants ...They are not coming here because they love Canada, they come here for Jobs and Money that Canadians of Europeon Descent, who's People ,and Anscestors that created Canada should have.."
"to Squelch talk like mine they call it "Racist", and make Hate speech laws to Muzzle the truth..And to make sure that the Europeon and North American Countrys are brought down to a Common level they Flood our Countrys with 3rd world Losers to make sure it's brought down.."
"If Rascism, or a better description,Nationalism, is what it would take to get our Europeon based Country back, i would say go for it..
Stop the Immigration. Start the deportation."

Rene said...

I had initially commented in the exchange with the Ford nation fascist - and as you can judge from the exchange this was not polemical exaggeration - as follows:

"Typical hate-mongering from the right-wing fringe. This self-proclaimed Christian nutbar is so far out there that he considers Harper a Liberal"

to which he responded:

john •

"Harper IS a Liberal...
Tell me ,has he renounced;..
Gay Marrige...
Climate Change..
2 Official languages...
The Licensing of Gun Owners..
Affirmative Action and Quotas..
Open immigration...
WELL..............................................................Waiting..................................................................................................................STILL Waiting! "

Bigotry aside, I believe the rabid Reformacon base has a problem with basic literacy.

Other Ford nation advocates rose to the defense of fascism, treating it all as one big joke, to which I responded:

"Idiot Reformers, mayor Ford is supposedly waging a "war on crime" and is consorting with the very people, and indulging in the very activity, he claims to be waging war against, whereas Reform propagandists are consorting with openly avowed racist hate-mongers in their political advocacy, yet want to have their arguments be taken seriously - and when presented with evidence of such collusion can only smirk and exclaim Seig Heil, as if the advocacy of hate towards minorities is a laughing matter."

"Snipe - another good example of the Reformacon breed."

and again :

"My rabid posts - I'm not the one indulging in hate propaganda directed towards First Nations, "Mexican Indians", "Darkies", " Third World Losers" or other minorities, advocating " Europeon based" (sic) immigration or mass deportation of other races and cultures, while defending the reputation of Mayor Ford. Apparently the Ford nation has no problem embracing such defenders. Give your head a shake - Reformacon, if you consider condemnation of hate-mongering to be "rabid" whereas its advocacy is simply amusing entertainment.."

and the battle wages on...

best regards,

Janko said...

Throw from your mind all the stuff longing for you.

e.a.f. said...

As a political junkie, this is just so good. On the other hand, we have a man, Ford, who may well have chemical addiction issues. He needs help, not a gong show. Regardless of his politics, it is reasonable to conclude he has a medical problem.

The CBC had a panel discussing the Ford "situation" on last evening. the Sun reporter, might be considered a tad biased. The Sun isn't anyone's friend, it wants to make money and its found a way, Rob Ford. Gawker is a blogg for gossip. They are holding a fund raiser to purchase the tapes. Both of these reporters have sunk to a new low. This is tabloid journalism. Tabloid journalism has never done any citizen any good in providing long term decent news or making this country a better place to live. Being much older than you Simeon, I can remember film being used against gay men in much the same way video is being used against Ford. It was very bad optics back in the day to date or marry outside your "colour". It was used against people. It is all about whose ox is being gored.

The whole Ford "show" is just that, a show. Yes, it quite likely is Rob Ford in the video, but decent journalised would have gone about it in a different manner. You shouldn't pay witnesses in criminal cases and you shouldn't "buy the news". In my opinion the journalists involved in this are about at the same level as Ford. They can all roll in the gutter.

To be very clear, I am no supporter of Ford's and don't live in Toronto.

Simon said...

hi anonymous 6:39...yes I know the guy has a history, and according to media reports it seems like the same kind of behaviour has been following the usual pattern. And if he has been smoking crack then he needs help badly, for it's one of the most addictive drugs out there. But yes, I hope Olivia will step forward soon, because I believe she is our best chance to beat Ford. And I'm serious about working for her as soon as she declares...

Simon said...

salut anonymous...C'est trop bizarre. Denis Coderre maire de Montréal?Après les scandales ou le deluge??? Ajoutez le Gros Ford, et il sera mieux que le Cirque du Soleil... :)

Simon said...

hi Rene...surely only the most deluded mouth breathing members of the Ford Nation, and the other Somali drug dealers, can support this scary buffoon now. As for that Dodo, whoever she is, she's clearly crazy. For the thought of Alberta having the hots for Islam and Jihadists, almost made me fall off my chair laughing. Gawd. But let's be clear about one thing. The crack head buffoon is NOT smarter than anyone. He really is just a pathetic figurehead, who spends only a few hours a day in the office, and is told what to do by his brother Doug, the real and unelected Mayor of Toronto, and the Con goons in his very well organized and funded organization. It's such a farce that I'm pretty sure it will make a good play one day. A modern redneck adaptation of the Emperor Jones story....

Simon said...

hi Rene...yes I've noticed how some in the media and the blogosphere are trying to make it sound like this is all the fault of the so-called "Gay Mafia" or the nefarious and all powerful "Gay Agenda." Which is not only absurd, it's totally disgusting. When gay people have almost no political power, and are the victims of Ford's crass homophobia. But that's OK, because it will only motivate me to work even harder to turf them out of Toronto, and then Ottawa...

Simon said...

hi know I'm not sure that all this exposure to the ranting and raving lunatic right is good for you. I insist you get a full tin foil suit. ;)
But seriously you are only wasting your time trying to reason with them. The only way to change their behaviour is by shrinking the large fear gland in their brains. For it makes them say and do ANYTHING... ;)

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...I understand what you are saying. I also view people with a crack habit as people who need help. And maybe the media circus is a bit too much. But what we have here is a Mayor who is being accused of consorting with criminals, while posing as a crime buster and possibly living in denial. So we really need to know if the tape is genuine, and what kind of power do those drug dealers have over him? Yes, if he is doing crack, Ford does need help. But Toronto also needs another Mayor...

Rene said...

I made a similar argument in one of my more civil exchange with Ford supporters in media discussion exchanges, to wit:

"This is not the first time prominent individuals or politicians are involved in media scandals with criminal charges on the one hand, and claims of fraud and extortion on the other. A few years back Celine Dion's husband was involved in some attempted extortion involving claims of sexual assault, but the matter was turned over to police. In the Stauss-Kahn incident in 2011, the head of the IMF was charged with sexual assault on a chambermaid by the New York Police, Strauss-Kahn's lawyers claimed a setup, fraud, extortion, the criminal charges were eventually dropped and the woman involved filed a civil action against Strauss-Kahn. Strauss-Kahn was later charged by French Police with involvement in some high-class prostitution ring involving prominent politicians and businessmen."

" The point here is that if Ford is simply the victim of some political smear campaign and attempted extortion with some doctored video by known criminals and drug dealers, why hasn't he simply filed charges and turned the matter over to police."

The point of my other exchanges with Ford supporters commented on above was not to persuade lunatics of anything, some of the more sane on the right fringe of Harper, such as Dodo, have already conceded the argument on the Mayor's substance abuse, but to point out Ford nation's online collusion with genuine fascists in their war on crime and immigration agitation and drive the point home with more than ample evidence. There are a few who come around to more civil exchanges after that.

On another matter, with developments in the Millard Air case, bizarre abduction and murder, incinerator on unused farmland near Waterloo, it appears Toronto police may have dropped the ball on what appears to be serial murder investigation, reported to them as a mysterious disappearance of a young woman last summer, picked up and pursued a year later by Hamilton police. Certainly if Toronto police were preoccupied with the bizarre behavior of their own Mayor, they weren't too keen on pursuing the reported bizarre activities of another substance abuser.