Thursday, May 23, 2013

Why the Rob Ford Scandal is also Hurting the Harper Cons

OMG. This is so spooky.

I knew they were as close as peas in a pod.

I remember how in that video of them at Rob Ford's bush party, they were falling all over each other.

But who knew that just days after Stephen Harper lost his Chief-of Staff, Rob Ford would fire his?

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has fired his chief of staff, the latest development in a tumultuous week at city hall where the pressure is growing for the mayor to comment on crack cocaine allegations raised by two media outlets.

"I am no longer the chief of staff, I did not resign," Mark Towhey told reporters Thursday afternoon as he was escorted out of city hall.

Gawd. I realize imitation is the highest form of flattery ...or in Ford's case flatulence. But that's ridiculous eh?

And now he's all alone in his bunker with his brother Doug and a handful of stooges. Now even those in the MSM who stroked him like a pussy cat are turning against him:

"Public office-holders do not need to respond to every rumour or allegation. But these allegations cross a line. There is no room for debate; Mr. Ford’s alleged appearance on the videotape is a legitimate public concern. Crack and those who deal it bring addiction and murder to city life, especially its young people."

Now he's done like dinner. 

We are now in DEFCON 2, people, one stage away from annihilation for the Ford regime — which, at the moment, has been reduced to a hard-core cadre of about half a dozen political allies and one (1) lackey local newspaper. You know what? It’s over.

And you can be sure that the Harper Cons are also running for the exit eh? Or trying to buy up every copy of that video.

No, not the one of Ford and the Somali crack dealers. The one of Ford and Harper together. The one the PMO tried to suppress.

Because if once they thought that Ford would help them take the progressive bastion of Toronto, now they must realize he can only hurt them.

Especially since Harper is now being accused of being a sleaze bag himself.

Ford shares an uncanny resemblance with Harper's other big problem...

And the RCMP are investigating one.

And watching the other.

The world may be watching to see if Gawker reaches its crowd sourcing goal of $200,000 to purchase the video of the mayor apparently smoking crack cocaine, but so are Toronto police. We “will closely monitor that and if any evidence of a criminal act arises from that, we’ll deal with that,” said Police Chief Bill Blair on Wednesday, when asked what would happen if the Gawker campaign was successful.

Yup. As I've been saying ever since I started blogging, Cons can't be trusted anywhere near the levers of power. Because they are sleazy, they are liars, they are bigots, they are the scum of the earth.

And like the rats they are they are all fleeing the sinking ship.

But now at last we have this grubby gang where we want them, and we will show them no mercy.

We WILL clean up our country.

And we WILL destroy them all...

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Rene said...

I did make the following comments on an online discussion relating to Ford's dismissal as volunteer coach by the Toronto District Catholic School Board:

Predictably, the immigrant-bashing Ford nation hatemongers, as above, are having a field day with hate-speech in media discussion blogs, and understandably, the Toronto Catholic District School Board would seek to distance itself from such a display as the following contributions pertaining to race and immigration on Yahoo:

But the africans cant stand the way they are treated like bad neighbours--who
want to steal there stuff around the house---yep they want to take what we got and dont care how they do it. Easy money--just move to this rich countries and get it all.
Hey Canada its time you woke up too."
"third world trash wants a free ride -they are too stupid to participate inn first world economic work but want to be able to continue their lazy stupid breed like rabbits lives subsidized by hard work and intelligence of the capable."
"What happens when you let rats in your house and don't kill them.. they breed and multiply.. and then what happens.. they take over your house, bring disease with them, and make the place unlivable. That's what Muslims/Arabs/Turbinators are doing.. making the world unlivable.. they need to be stopped now before it's too late and society completely goes down the gutter into utter chaos."
"The wealthy elite who own all govt. likes to divide and conquer the local population with immigration.IN CANADA, we are ssoooooo over ran by immigrants ,we are now paying big $ to support them.Our govt. has sold us out.WE NEED A REVOLUTION AND HANG THE PEOPLE RSPONSIBLE FOR MAKING MY KID LEARN CHINESE IN SCHOOL AND READ ABOUT GAY FAMILIES. I AM ANGRY.WHEN THERE IS A SPARK OF VIOLENT REVOLUTION,I CANNOT WAIT TO JOIN."

Bravo Ford nation hate-mongers for clarifying your political objectives.

Anonymous said...

The clock is ticking.

Let's see who moves first.

Will it be the mayor or the iphone cinematographers? What's the value of the video if the mayor confesses first? Zero? I think Gawker will then donate the $167+k to anti-drug charities. That's good for all but about 3 people. (Note that I believe the incriminating video exists. And so does just about everyone else on the conservative side too based upon their actions. Even the Sun has abandoned Ford.)

What a game of chicken the cinéastes are playing! If they know anything about the "Prisoner's Dilemma" they'll know they should grab the dough and give up the phone this evening.

This is all about corruption. Sure the personal corruption of Duffy, Ford, Wright et al is in the news, but it is the systemic corruption of the Conservatives that must be addressed next, not the reform of the Senate. Bruce Carson, Nigel Wright, and Guy Giorno (Ornge) all in the Harper's inner circle, all involved in scandal.

You're right Simon, Stephen Harper is a corrupt man.

It isn't just $90k to Duffy, there's tens of millions to be made when public services are sold off, or "privatized" as in the case of Ornge and the Toronto garbage collection service. The private sector isn't very good about dealing with corruption and loves to hide profits and motives quite legally. Don't expect to hear anything else because radio talkers like those on Astral's CFRB actually report to a board with Mila Mulroney as a director. You remember her, the woman whose husband is BM the former PM. He's the guy with the personal integrity to report receiving cash stuffed envelopes with about $225k in them from Karlheinz Schreiber. It took a while, like a dog's age, but eventually he squared up with Revenue Canada before being told by the Oliphant inquiry that he was corrupt for accepting the dough in secrecy.

Just wait and see, Harper will be found to be more corrupt than all the above. All in good time.


Anonymous said...

Simon, you are the most vitriolic commentator on the left-blog-isphere,

You have to find a way to turn your words into political capital, voters, activiists, real-life funds-flow.

Big job. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Unless they destroy you first Simon!

In the words of Che, "Too the wall! Too the wall!

Simon said...

hi Rene...I heard that Ford was bounced from his main job as high school football job, but I had no idea the Ford Nation was reacting in such a disgusting manner. Do they seriously believe that a man like that should coach kids, or serve as a role model for anyone? I might on occasion forgive their ignorance, but I could never their racism, or their low moral standards...

Simon said...

hi anonymous 8:25... I don't believe Harper would ever be financially corrupt. He's an ideologue on a mission, and power is more important than money. But he has corrupted our country and his values, by degrading our democracy, lying like a thief, bullying people, and abandoning some of our most cherished values. As for the video...I am quite sure that the Mayor's gang are out there trying to get hold of it, before the police do. But I fear they may not be successful as they were during the last campaign. Because I'm afraid when you're deal with crack dealers one tape magically turns into three or half a dozen... ;)

Simon said...

hi anonymous 10:18... I have never thought of myself as vitriolic, and it's not something I would want to be. And neither do I have any delusions of grandeur. I write more than anything else to cheer up other progressives during this dark time, and hopefully encourage younger voters to engage in the political process. But I recognize that words aren't enough, so I am thinking of joining a political party, and I definitely will volunteer to work for Olivia Chow if she runs for mayor. It's probably time, as you suggest, that I get off my blogging ass, and do some real work... ;)

Simon said...

hi anonymous 10:41...let's be clear eh? When I talk about destroying the Cons I'm not talking about hurting or killing them. I have never advocated violence, and I never will. What I mean is destroying them in the democratic arena. Eliminating them as a political force. However since that arena is now a bear pit thanks to Harper and his gang, and they were the ones who first started treating their opponents like The Enemy, and set out to destroy them with their vicious attack ads, what's good for the goose is good for the gander...

P.S. I'm not a great fan of Che Guevara either. I share his revolutionary spirit, I celebrate the fact he was a doctor. But I could never agree with the casual way he ordered so many shot. I'm against the death penalty under all circumstances...

Rene said...

There is a wealth of hate-mongering on display in the Yahoo Canada media discussions, Simon, including immigrant-attributed crime rants on Mayor Ford discussions, with fascists openly calling for race wars and mass deportations - and they do attract a following of raging Ford nation supporters based on thumbs-up approval to some rants.

Curiously one of my own contributions was censored by Yahoo - not for advocating killing all muslims with a meat cleaver as many are wont to do - but for quoting some raving Christian's referral to another contributor as a "hooker" in some exchange.

There is a hatefest frenzy of rage and war-mongering racism going on now in media blog discussion following the latest terrorist act in London, and one brave Canadian named Karma made the observation that acts of terror were the consequence of ongoing wars against the muslims, to be immediately tackled by a horde of screaming Reformacons, Christian war-mongers, Republicans and the like.

I did put in a word or two in his defense, you can't take them all on - just too many - but you target a few for reply. It is sad and pathetic, but there is some comedic value in the exchange, as follows:

A valid point Karma - that you cannot wage war on other nations, races, cultures or religions with impunity, and this terror response is a consequence of such wars. As for Ramen - a bit presumptuous for this Harper minion and warmonger to determine who gets to stay in " the West " - western Canada, the BC interior? - and who should leave.
Another party inviting Karma to leave - fortunately for Mary, Karma does not have to be removed from US soil, as he not only "sympathises" with another country, but holds citizenship in another country.

There is nonetheless immense comedic value in some of Mary's exchanges, on subjects ranging from foreign wars to gays "flaunting their lifestyle" to immigration policy, against online rivals such as the sexually undetermined, perhaps gay male Harvester of Souls, whom Mary refers to as a female stripper and #$%$, to Obama-friendly Roy, whom Mary refers to as a "Mexican hillbilly".

Some of Mary's better contributions:

"Europeans made this country great and well, you know what has happened since all the entitlement programs came to be....when the government has let in every uneducated person slither across this border.."
"Some guy killed a gay on the street the other day and I almost thought that was kind of mean, but maybe not. ... Satan is using gay people to help bring along the moral destruction of souls. You just don't want to believe it because you want to do unnatural acts. Just admit it."
"Muslims shouldn't be living in western countries.
What if we went into communities and butchered their people?"
"Israel is one of our few allies and in the last days the last great battle over good and evil is there. They win - I read the ending."

Anonymous said...

The next video could be Ford singing the Rehab song by Amy Winehouse

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,

Well the Globe & Mail just dropped another Ford story like its hot. When will Rob & Doug realize that it is their behavior, not the reporting that is sleazy?

I suppose I am a bit naive because the Ford family's druggie history was all news to me. Apparently it wasn't to the Toronto media since they sat on this story for almost 3 years.

Maybe Doug still has enough connections in the drug dealing community to buy the notorious Rob video. However... as I said earlier, if the keeper of the video is smart they will take the money and run ASAP. What's it gonna be boys? $167k or nothing? Ultimately will it the buyer be "private" or Gawker? Or as you have indicated above, all of the above? A double dealing rip-off!

About six weeks ago Tim Hudak was "excited" about the prospect of Doug Ford as a candidate for the PC's saying he could keep Doug "in check". What a loser!


Anonymous said...

Bull shit, Simon. I don't buy your lame excuses one bit. I hope people like are eliminated as a movement. Driven underground. Strip of all hope and of a future. To vanish totally from the map, nothing more, nothing less.

But hey, keep blogging, as that is pretty much all the left does now anyways.