Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Porky Action Plan Scam

Well after being missing in action for days, Stephen Harper finally dared show his face in the House of Commons today.

But it wasn't exactly a triumphal return, as you can see by the looks on the faces of his increasingly restless caucus.

And who can blame them eh?

When what he had to say must have had even some of those hapless Cons wondering whether Great Ugly Leader is losing his grip on reality.

Because only he would dare claim that Canadians should be glad he has spent more than $100 million of their money on Porky Action Plan ads, to make them feel good about the economy.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is justifying the more than $100 million his government has spent on economic advertising by pointing to Canadians' confidence in the economy.

Even though they are nothing but shameless propaganda designed to brainwash Canadians into feeling good about his government.

Taxpayer-funded government ads are supposed to inform citizens about programs and services, according to Treasury Board guidelines.

But when the Conservatives recently put out a tender for a major new ad agency contract that could see the feel-good "economic action plan" brand continued until 2016, they highlighted consumer confidence and the direction of the country as key objectives.

Even though they are now, as they were in the beginning, just a grubby vote buying scam...

Which leads to the larger question: why does Stephen Harper think he can treat Canadians like children, and brainwash them with their own money?

And the answer is because he thinks he's smarter than everyone, and thinks he can fool enough of the people, enough of the time, to win the next election.

By repeating a Big Lie over and over again, to make people think he's a real economist instead of a hopeless incompetent.

Canada's temporary foreign worker program was under renewed scrutiny Tuesday as a new report suggested the increasingly controversial system "could be distorting" the natural supply and demand of the country's labour market.

Who would create jobs for foreigners, while distorting reality like Big Brother.

Or corrupting it like Big Porker...

Because let there be no doubt eh? This grotesque mass brainwashing campaign IS totalitarian. It is an assault on our parliamentary democracy.

And a leader who thinks he can get away with this outrageous scam, has either lost his moral compass, or his marbles. And must be removed from power as soon as possible for he is truly capable of ANYTHING.

And the good news? I think this neverending Porky Action Plan campaign is going to backfire on the Cons, just like the Justin Trudeau attack ads did. By making Canadians wonder what kind of people would produce that kind of garbage. And would treat them like children, or FOOLS.

As for me, I was just glad to be able to be in a place today where those ghastly porky ads could not reach me. Just me and Seb in a quiet place.

Where Canada is still clean.

And blue is still beautiful...

So I could remind myself once again, that's the only kind of Canada I could live in eh?

I could never settle for the sordid grubbiness of Harperland.

The Cons really are too filthy to govern.

And our country deserves better...

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Anonymous said...

I Told You So! just like harpers, err, herpes. Always comes back!