Friday, May 10, 2013

Stephen Harper's Scary Roman Nightmare

If you've ever seen the movie The Fall of the Roman Empire, the low budget version, you'll remember that this scene comes pretty close to the end.

With the Empire collapsing under the weight of its own corruption.

The Mad Emperor facing a rebellion in his own ranks.

And the enemy at the gates.

And so it must have seemed to Stephen Harper today, a living, breathing, Roman nightmare.

For in the Commons not only was the bearded gladiator Tom Mulcair pounding him again with the three-billion dollar question.

The question Harper can't answer, because he hasn't a clue where the dough went.

There was also the shocking sight of one of his own cult members disobeying his orders.

Which for a control freak like Great Leader must be practically unbearable. Et tu Wawa?

While many other Con MPs joined the enemy at the gates...

Because once they were his rabid base, but now they are The Enemy.

Organizers of this year's March for Life events were on Parliament Hill Wednesday accusing Prime Minister Stephen Harper of shutting down any form of discussion or debate on abortion.

Especially since some of the barbarians are calling on other religious fanatics to stack the nomination process. 

Rob Anders, a self-described pro-life Tory, says members of Parliament who have taken stands against abortion will face an uphill battle to retain party nominations going into the next general election in 2015. And he told a March for Life rally in Ottawa today that activists should recruit people to get involved in nomination meetings.

And even Harper's loyal Senaturions can't help him because they've got their problems. 

An independent audit into dubious housing allowance claims by three senators did little Thursday to silence allegations of improper spending and cover-up hanging over Canada’s much-maligned upper chamber.

The integrity of the audit process was also called into question Thursday amid suspicions that Duffy was tipped off about irregularities in his expense claims by the chairman of the committee that was investigating them.

So all they can do is remind Canadians of Great Emperor Leader's appalling judgement. And depraved desire for absolute power. And trust me, if they don't we will. Over and over again all the way to the next election.

Yup. You don't have to be a soothsayer to know which way the wind is blowing eh?

The Con Empire is slowly collapsing.

Or morphing into the Reform Party.

The Mad Emperor is becoming increasingly desperate.

And this B-movie should be even better than the last one...

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Kev said...

By next March Harper will be saying Et tu Jason et tu.
The Emperor's reign is all but over

Simon said...

hi Kev...I think you're right, this SoCon rebellion must have Jason Kenney in a frenzy, and so jealous of Warawa he can't sleep at night. Of course, I can't sleep at night either, thinking of Kenney as the new leader of the Conservative party. It's too exciting. Hello Jason, bye bye Cons... ;)