Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Nasty Cons and Great Macho Man Leader

Well I think it's safe to say that Stephen Harper must be feeling a bit bruised this weekend, like Napoleon did, after his unfortunate visit to Moscow.

He's mourning the death of his old pitbull Doug Finley, who taught him not to take any prisoners.

Back in the glory days when his caucus was still loyal.

And he didn't have to worry about being taken prisoner himself.

Or being held hostage, by his own rabid base. 

But now the rednecks are revolting. His polls are plunging. Having to cover Mike Duffy's enormous ass in the Senate has taken a heavy toll on what's left of his credibility. And his judgement.

He can't find the missing $3.1 billion that Tom Mulcair is using to club him like a seal. And of course there is always Justin Trudeau, keeping him awake at night and driving him crazy with depraved lust and envy !@#!!

And surely this must be the final blow. The Con Andrew Coyne calling the Cons the Nasty Party. 

If today both Mr. Harper and the party he leads are actively disliked by more than seven voters in 10, it may be because they have gone out of their way to alienate them in every conceivable way — not by their policies, or even their record, but simply by their style of governing, as over-bearing as it is under-handed, and that on a good day.

Secretive, controlling, manipulative, crude, autocratic, vicious, unprincipled, untrustworthy, paranoid … Even by the standards of Canadian politics, it’s quite the performance. We’ve had some thuggish or dishonest governments in the past, even some corrupt ones, but never one quite so determined to arouse the public’s hostility, to so little apparent purpose. Their policy legacy may prove short-lived, but it will be hard to erase the stamp of the Nasty Party.

Because who knew eh? And surely now it won't take long before others in the MSM figure out that if the Con regime is "secretive, controlling, manipulative, crude, autocratic, vicious, unprincipled, untrustworthy, paranoid..." maybe just maybe it's because its leader is that way.

So more Canadians might wonder whether Stephen Harper's personal demons, the psychopathic qualities that once brought him success, are now becoming a liability to his party, and a danger to us all.

Because surely a man with those character flaws, who is desperate, is capable of ANYTHING.

And he is desperate eh?

I realized that the other day when I saw one of those Justin Trudeau attack ads. And unlike the ones I had seen before, this one also had Great Ugly Leader in it.

Dressed like this...

And I thought.... are they really trying to make that loser look like an ECONOMIST?

When despite what Andrew Coyne says, he's leading us to economic disaster.

All of the net new jobs came in the public sector, while private-sector head counts fell again after a large drop of 85,000 the month before. Over the two-month period, private employment fell by 105,000 — the worst performance in nearly four years. “A drop of this magnitude is unprecedented outside a recession,” Arseneau noted.

Are they really trying to make that nerd look like a MACHO MAN?

By putting a hardhat on his head ?

Hmmm....where have I seen that before??

Or for that matter, where have I seen this?

And then I remembered...

I mean how could we forget eh?

And when does the goodbye party begin?

Yup. It's all going horribly wrong.

He really is crazy desperate.

And this really is The End...

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  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Please, please I want this to be true.

    1. hi anonymous... If we are smart enough, and work hard together, it can and will be true. I sense a great desire for change, the Con brand is being badly damaged, and of course, we are more than them...

  2. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Isn't it interesting how times have changed, eh? Coyne, Chantal Hebert and others used to tell us how Harper was a brilliant strategist and how bright he was.

    Coyne is now one of Harper's harshest critics, pointing out that Harper's problems are self induced. Chantal now suggests that Harper's legacy is nastiness and that he will be known for political bullying. Guess the "brilliant strategist" and "bright bulb" must be performing hara kiri?

    Still it is good that finally both Coyne and Chantal are acknowledging what you have saying in this site for many many years, eh?

    1. hi anonymous...I had to bite my tongue to keep from reminding people that Coyne, and Hebert, and others in the MSM, have come a long way since they were genuflecting before Harper and calling him a political genius. But I do feel a little smug to be able to say I told you so. For as you know, I never had the slightest doubt that this foul regime would take us to a very bad place. I had hoped more Canadians would arrive at the same conclusion before the last election, but I'm feeling very hopeful about the next one...

  3. And then there's his environmental record....

    1. hi Marie...yes you are right. I find it very frustrating not to be able to list in every post all the crimes the Cons have committed since they came to office, but my posts are already too long. What encourages me the most though is the fact that most Canadians don't trust the Cons as far as they can spit, so from now on it doesn't really matter what they do. And hopefully they will pay for EVERYTHING in the next election...

  4. Ok, we're so pissed off at the the Neanderthal Cons, so let’s leave and form our own country. We’ll take the 75% of us who didn’t vote for Harper. We’ll get East Coast style pleasantness. They’ll get The Albertan Republic of Hee Haw and Nickleback. We’ll get professionally accredited and certified teachers. They’ll get home schoolin' and religiously insane voucher schools. We’ll get decent paying manufacturing and high tech jobs, they’ll get to continue to think ‘right to work’ means ‘right to a job.’ We get McGill University, Dalhousie , UBC, Queens, MacMaster, University of Montreal, Western and U of T. They get Trinity Evangelical University, 100 Huntley Street and the Canadian Office of Jesus in Ottawa. We get ROM, Canada Science and Technology Museum and the Science Centre, they get the Creation Science Museum in Big Valley, (or is it Dumbutt?) Alberta.We get the vibrant culture of Quebec and multicultural diversity; they get cowboy hats, rubber boots and bib overalls. We invest in Kindergarten, education, high tech and green technology; they sell out the future to a few corporations so they can pollute and make billions of dollars in profit to send back to China. We get gun control laws, a registry and safer streets, they get to arm themselves to the eyeballs and have so much guns and ammo on the brain that the lead content in their heads will drag them down so far they’ll soon need a new planet with less gravity to keep their faces out of the dirt. Sounds like a good deal to me, Simon.

    1. Anonymous7:49 PM

      Ahh, they get guns. They spill over your undefended border, no cops no military right? Butcher your "leaders" and enslave you. Have I got that about right? What's to stop them?

      After all, who would save this "nation"? The UN? The Americans? Spare us the idea that progressives would actually "fight".

    2. hi wazz...sounds like good deal to me too. I dream of the day we can unite all decent Canadians and celebrate the good things we have managed to achieve as a country. Just your short list encourages me. Although, since there are decent and progressive people in Alberta, maybe we should keep it too, and just give the Cons the Bible Belt and the Tar Sands... ;)

    3. Anonymous1:28 AM

      Don't forget BC. Once there was talk about western separatism from Quebec and "easteners" but that we largely grew out of. Now you hear more worry about Harper and Alberta trying to force stuff on us.