Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Con Mob and the Senate Scandal

Golly. When I compared the Harper Cons to a cult last night, I forgot to mention one thing eh?

They're are a cult. But they are strongly influenced by The Sopranos .

Where if you get in financial trouble, Tony tells you to go see Vinnie in the back room, and he'll cut you some slack.

Or in the case of the Harper mob, you go to see Nigel at the PMO, and he'll cut you a big cheque.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s chief of staff secretly intervened to help Conservative Sen. Mike Duffy pay back tens of thousands of dollars in improperly claimed expenses while an external audit was still underway, CTV News has learned.

Sources told CTV's Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife that the deal involved Duffy reimbursing taxpayers in return for financial help and a promise from the government to go easy on him.

Except that while Vinnie used to hand out the dough in unmarked bills, Nigel left a paper trail, somebody squealed, and now they're ALL in trouble.

Now everybody wants to know did they really give Duffy the dough to keep him from squealing to the auditor?

Duffy refused to co-operate with the auditors. In one email he wrote: “I stayed silent on the orders of the PMO.”

Are they losing their marbles?

After the Deloitte audit was released, the Harper government praised Duffy for showing "leadership" and voluntarily paying back the money.

Does Steve really claim he didn't know what his right-hand man was doing to help his good buddy Mike?

If he didn't, who is REALLY running the Con cult, and the country? Harper or the other right-wing religious fanatic?

Who DO you have to blow know in the PMO to get a big cheque when you need one?

Of course, friends are allowed to give or lend money to friends. This isn’t taxpayer money we're talking about. But when the friend in question works in the PMO, and is using his money and influence to make it look like his political colleague paid back the money voluntarily out of the goodness of his heart, that looks sneaky at best.

When the other friend is a member of the Senate, voting on legislation, any gift of that size is inappropriate. When Conservatives then praise Duffy for his ethical leadership, in contrast to other senators who have not yet paid back what they owe, that looks downright dishonest.

And of course, the burning questions: what does Mike Duffy have that we don't?

How DOES he do it? 

And what was Nigel thinking by being so generous with one Senator, while ignoring the others?

Because I can see trouble coming eh?

The Con cult is clearly desperate. Only that can explain this debacle. This sordid Senate scandal was already hurting them big time. But these new revelations should just about finish them off.

To make matters worse, their beloved Leader could be forced to reveal what he sees in Mike Duffy that the rest of us DON'T.

Which won't be pretty....

Especially if the police get involved.

So you can bet the cult members are FURIOUS. 

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they're howling at the moon tonight. Praying up a storm. Ransacking the Langevin Block looking for the squealer.

And making plans for Nigel, for letting the cat out of the bag.

If you know what I mean eh?

And OMG....  it's HORRIBLE  !!!!!!!!!!

Run Nigel !!!!! RUN !!!!! Before your own monsters consume you.

Or I play that video again.

And BTW you couldn't spare $50,000 eh?

I want to watch this Con mob show on a REALLY big screen TV.

Because it's going to be even BETTER than The Sopranos !!!

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Anonymous said...

Why, shame on you, my friend. Don't you know that Nigel is a very generous man, very generous, and very religious too. Walks on water like that other fellow and I got this from the Nat. Post. Very smart too. Did you think that if he did not want to leave a paper trail, he would have cut a cheque instead of using, you know, brown envelopes or whatever it was the other Cons big fellow preferred receiving? So why did he leave a paper trail? Methinks he is afraid he may not get his money back. lol

Anonymous said...

I think this is the one. The stain that will never go away. It's a beautiful stain.

wazz said...

Senators are prohibited from receiving gifts “that could reasonably be seen to relate to their position.” Duffy took a huge gift (even if it’s a loan) from the PM’s chief of staff. So the 'repaying' isn't even the issue, is it? Duffy still has the money he took. The issue of Nigel Wright, who is also on the public payroll, paying the same amount back is a different issue. Duffy still owes $90K to the Canadian taxpayer and no one is holding his feet to the fire on paying it back. He says he doesn't have the $90K- so what did he do with it? Renovate his cottage? Pay down his mortgage?

Conservatives are in far greater trouble than just Duffy. The Harperite sense of entitlement includes abuse of taxes, abuse of legal powers, abuse of authority over external and arms length agencies, abuse of Parliament, abuse of the Senate, abuse of election spending rules etc - all combined with sheer ignorance and arrogance - and then add in those grating Action Plan ads that are bordering on fascist propaganda, of which I'm sure there'll be another on TV soon to divert our attention.

stephane Monpremier said...

Awesome work on those graphics, love them.

Anonymous said...

First Duffy did the honorable thing then Nigel did it for him. What's next? God says its OK?

Anonymous said...

What works in a Democracy, doesn't work in a Dictatorship. We have caught Harper and his so called Cons, thieving how many times? I really have lost count. Harper's corruption is beyond disgusting. He keeps his degenerates, to do his dirty work for him. Just ask ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell?

We know Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation Party of 1989. When Harper's Caucus called Harper a control freak, they were bang on. All dictators are control freaks. Harper has a very, very shady political past. He had hired Wolfgang Droege, as security for Preston Manning. Wolfgang Droege was murdered in 2005.

Harper had also tried to have Alberta separate from Canada as well.

Anonymous said...

Can the NDP use the Trudeau/brazo fight as an attack ad against the manly men of the con party? I THINK SO!!! ;-)
Hay, maybe scruffy duffy in a speedo! Now there's an image that will obliterate the con party for all time! ROFLMFAO!

Rene said...

You missed that angle in your presentation, Simon, you could have done some cartoon gag on Humpty Dumpty taking a fall.

Anonymous said...

Or we could look at is too many conservative girly girls and not enough womanly women where's the quota and when will god save us

Simon said...

hi anonymous 10:52 ... well old Nige can't be that generous eh? I'm still waiting for my $50,000 !@#!!
Seriously though... I believe that Wright was blatant because being an arrogant multi-millionaire he thought he could get away with it. But of course, I'm glad he did, because he has now brought scandal into the heart of the PMO, and it will consume them...

Simon said...

hi anonymous 7:12... No actually God was onboard from the beginning. Because both Harper and Wright are religious fanatics, and they both take their orders from HIM...

Simon said...

hi anonymous... yes isn't it ever? The most beautiful stain I have ever seen. And no matter how hard they try to scrub it, it should last well beyond the next election... :)

Simon said...

hi wazz...Duffy has been receiving a six-figure income for more than thirty years, so where did all THAT money go? For the Cons to suggest that they had to bail him out is laughable. Why couldn't he get a bank loan like anybody else? And when I heard Pierre Poilievre claiming that Nige just had the interests of tax payers at heart, I practically ruptured myself laughing. I've never sen the Cons so desperate. And I'm loving it. As you say the Cons are in such trouble on so many fronts, this can only make them look worse. Lordy thank you, what did I do to deserve this? I am so unworthy... ;)

Simon said...

hi Stephane...thank you. I do try to entertain my readers, even though some say they take away from the serious message I'm trying to convey. But the truth is I enjoy making them so much, I simply can't control myself... ;)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...look I appreciate your comments, but please try to stay away from the Northern Foundation Party, and above all from any mention of Wolfgang Droege. For I can't prove that really happened, and I don't want to libel anyone, not even Harper. As I've said before Harper has done enough bad things since he came to power, we don't need to revisit his youth to know that he has to go...

Simon said...

hi anonymous...No, no, not, not that...Duffy in a speedo. We simply can't stoop that low, even when fighting the Con scum. I'm pretty sure that including that in an attack ad would be against the Geneva Convention... ;)

Simon said...

hi Rene...hey c'mon give me a break, I have to show SOME self control, or at least wait for the egg to fall. Because you see I do have a Humpty Dumpty Duffy in my archives, and I'm only awaiting the right moment to inflict it on my readers... ;)

Simon said...

hi anonymous... is there a quota for Cons? I've never heard of it, but of course I support it. As long as the quota is VERY low. ;)
But god will only save us from the Cons the day we save OURSELVES...

e.a.f. said...

yes why would Nigel favour one senator over the other? Duffy certainly doesn't look like he is in financial pain. He has two houses. He made a decent salary at CTV and his salary as a senator is $130K a yr. He got greedy. He thought he was entitled to more.

what I'd like to know is when was the last time Nigel cut a cheque for $90K for the Ottawa food bank?

As awful as this all is, nothing is going to happen. Harper has a majority. His party isn't going to try to get rid of him because they all owe him their cabinet jobs. The back bench isn't going to revolt because if they cause an election they might be out of jobs. We watched it all here in B.C. for the past two yrs. People aren't that different in Ottawa.