Saturday, May 04, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Wizard of Wrath

Well he's been called a lot of names.

And I've called him a few myself eh?

But I've never heard anyone call Great Ugly Leader the Wizard of Wrath. 

Just as in the movie, our Wizard is playing the bully with the big stick to the very end.

In big things and little ones, the movie Wizard was nothing like the superior being that Dorothy, the Tin Man and the Lion expected to see when he was finally exposed. With Stephen Harper there is not much on display other than the lust to control, exercised with that familiar and most un-Canadian mean streak.

And I'm not sure it works.

For while Stephen Harper has been exposed as a fraud like the Wizard.

And he is a cult leader.

In Stephen Harper’s universe, political affiliation is everything and the state of war is perpetual. Come right down to it, there is only one political allegiance that matters — it’s not to any known notion of conservatism, but to Harper personally. Like the Wizard, Stephen Harper is a cult.

The one from Oz was really a nice guy. While Harper is just plain nasty.

It is not unusual for a government to shed support over the first half of its term. That is when the policy heavy lifting usually gets done. But it is more unusual for a governing party to devote so much energy on making unrelenting nastiness one of its defining features.

At the mid-point of a majority mandate that has featured more partisan negativity than high-road governance, Harper seems intent on going down in history as a political bully. It is not a title to be proud of.

But of course it doesn't really matter eh?

Because the important thing is that the MSM is finally starting to focus on Harper's character defects. As I have been trying to do for years.

He's being defined as a bully and a weirdo. It's costing him support:

The latest voting intentions sounding — done by Harris/Decima for The Canadian Press earlier this week — shows the Conservatives in second place, seven points behind the Liberals and more than 10 points down from their 2011 level.

And since he can't control himself. What you're seeing is the real Stephen.


This Wizard story should end as happily as the other one...

In fact, if Judy Garland and the Tin Man weren't in the original, I might like the new version even more eh?

The Wizard of Wrath was a fraud AND a nasty bully.

But he couldn't control the flying monkeys in his head. 

And in the end he destroyed himself...

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Anonymous said...

And who are the lion or the straw man or do you mean they are all just conservatives afraid to stand up to master.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...don't worry the lion and the straw man are also on our side. I just like the Tin Man because I dressed up as him once, and everybody agreed I looked great with a funnel on my head... ;)

Anonymous said...

My mom an popa told me how to live. But my head was like a sieve. Cheech and Chong.