Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Is Stephen Harper Going Over the Deep End?

OMG. I don't know whether to celebrate or send out an Amber Ape Alert eh?

But it appears as if Stephen Harper is missing in action.

He hasn't showed his face in the House of Commons for DAYS, and I'm starting to fear the worst.

Great Leader is not only hopelessly lost. Like the Ikea monkey. He's also losing his mind !!!!! 

I mean consider the evidence eh?

First he puts out a depraved attack ad that went nowhere.

New Conservative advertisements attacking Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau aren’t being well received by Canadians and appear to have had little to no effect in swaying voters to the Tories, according to a new poll.

But did make him look like a political pervert. Which only inflamed him further. !@#!!

Then while looking for HIS morals and/or HIS marbles, he somehow managed to lose OUR money.

And now he can't tell the difference between an unemployed Canadian, and a foreign worker.

The minister responsible for the temporary foreign worker program was told last year that employers were hiring temporary foreign workers in the same jobs and same locations as Canadians who were collecting employment insurance, CBC News has learned.

Caramba. Is this Canada or Harperlandia? Is this gross incompetence or dementia? 

So I understand why he doesn't dare show his face in the Commons. If I was him I'd be wearing a veil under that cowboy hat. So Tom Mulcair doesn't recognize him, and grill him like a cheeseburger.       

But it's not Harper's growing incompetence, or his swelling porno collection, that worries me eh? It's his wildly escalating vindictiveness. 

Because when you snub a great Canadian like Joe Clark, a Conservative so decent even I could vote for him, or a space hero like Mark Garneau, or go to depraved lengths to screw-up Mark Carney's goodbye party, this isn't just vindictiveness, it's INSANITY.

It's not normal, it's not acceptable, it's weirdo stuff. And it is so horribly familiar.

Great Vindictive Leader is clearly going over the deep end. Like his scary ancestor. 

And no doubt this was the final straw.

Justin Trudeau is obviously smarter and wilier than some of us gave him credit for. He’s been Liberal leader for less than a month and already he and his party strategists have devised a clever plan to mess with Stephen Harper’s head that is almost certain to cause cranial explosions deep within the Hidden Agenda Room at 24 Sussex Drive.

Cargo pants? A crumpled T-shirt … what could it all mean? When the Conservatives wanted to introduce some warmth to Mr. Harper’s public persona, they dressed him in a sweater vest. So now he’s got to buy a green T-shirt and some wrinkled shorts? Stephen Harper in shorts, now that’s an image to conjure with.

Because Kelly McParland may be as Con and as crazy as Harper, but he's right about the cranial explosions.

And he's right about the shorts.

That WOULD be scary...

Especially since you couldn't laugh too loudly eh?

Or shout out: "Great Leader is that Jason Kenney's bathing suit, or Mitt Romney's Mormon pyjamas?"

Without risking being shot by our new Ambassador to Jordan.

Gawd. Only in Harperlandia. And the good news?

The more incompetent, the weirder, the crazier Harper looks, the better for us. And trust me, he WILL get crazier as the pressure mounts. And he WILL do himself great damage. He can't help it.

But of course, first we have to find him. Or tell him to stop hiding. 

So this is my heartfelt message to him tonight:

Great Leader please come back. I miss you already.

I think you look GREAT in shorts !!!!!

And we need you BADLY...

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Ck said...

It's funny, last night on Power Play, Don Martin and the journos on the panel had a problem with Justin Trudeau's t-shirt and cargo shorts, yet not even a mention of Harper's beach wear of white dress shirt and black slacks rolled up like clam diggers.

I personally prefer the former. The latter is just ridiculous.

Once in awhile, Kelly McParland does get it right though. In fact, out of the Con insane assylum of Harpercon cheerleaders, McParland is one of the few who can step out of cheerleader mode to pick at ol' Steve every so often.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Simon. He'll be back! harper and herpes are relatively close in spelling for a reason -- they both keep returning at the least convenient time!

Anonymous said...

JT's wardrobe is a refreshing change from grey hair and suits. Hopefully the young people will agree and get involved politically with someone they can relate to. We need them to become engaged, to rid us of these deranged maniacs who are in power.

BTW, I'm a grey haired suit.

Love your work.

Anonymous said...

Harper MIA? Perhaps he's hanging out with this guy here.....


Simon said...

hi Ck...I really can't understand the fuss about Justin Trudeau wearing cargo shorts, especially since I wear them all the time. Gawd.
Honestly, how conservative and uptight is this country becoming? As for McParland, I can't remember the last time he got it right. But for those "cranial explosions" I can't thank him enough... ;)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...please living in Harperland is horrible enough. But if we get our act together, and really treat the problem, I'm confident we can cure it in about two years... ;)

Simon said...

hi anonymous... I agree that it is a refreshing change, and I am hopeful that more young people will vote in the next election, and you can be sure I will do all I can to make that happen. Grey haired suits and cargo shorts, how can we lose? ;)

Simon said...

hi Way Way Up... thanks for that one, I like that one a lot. And yes, unfortunately for us, those are the only people Harper really listens to. How did those fat cat foreigners end up running OUR country?

jannx said...

Does anyone think that Steve's (I get to call him Steve because GWB called him Steve) hair is a rug.. just wondering. Apparently he has a brother and he's bald... I heard that baldness is genetic. Could someone do a theoretical police sketch of "bald" Steve for us? :D

Anonymous said...

Who care what who wears...really...so dumb! Aren't there more serious issues to deal with like China deal, environmental damage and on and on.

cheena1 said...

Can't do a sketch, but can tell you that it's pretty common knowledge in our FB group, 'Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper'... CRUSH for short. The name of the group is our mandate!

Anonymous said...