Saturday, November 17, 2012

In the Court of the Con Clowns

According to a recent poll only about 16 percent of Canadians now trust Stephen Harper and his insane Con clown posse.

And who can blame them eh? Because today was such a three-ring circus it really makes you wonder whether they are mentally fit to remain in office.

First Great Economist Leader rolled into Quebec City in his armoured limo clown car, and solemnly declared that the deficit would be slain before the next election.

Only to run over Jimbo Flaherty.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper seemed to part ways slightly from Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, who said earlier this week that the federal budget won't be balanced by the government's 2015-16 goal, with the deficit up $5.1 billion to a total of $26.2 billion since the budget was tabled last March.

But Harper said the government still plans to balance the budget before the next federal election, which is set for October 2015, according to the fixed date election law the Conservatives introduced.

Which left poor little Jimbo growing his deficit, and shrinking his ego. 

"These numbers are not written in stone," Flaherty said, "Things change."

Or just grovelling...

And left Harper looking like a maniac who would do ANYTHING to balance the budget, or win the next election. Even as the Cons are growing the deficit, and spending gazillions on Porky Action Plan ads. 

Or using our tax dollars to win the ethnic vote, by collecting information, among other things, on how to improve Jason Kenney's image. 

Who BTW had the circus crowd on its feet today, roaring with laughter, when he sailed out to declare that spending all that money was a good investment.

Kenney said the money that's been spent by the government on ethnic media monitoring is a good investment because it has given the government insight it wouldn't otherwise have. He cited several issues, including marriage fraud and furor over the Chinese Head Tax, that the government may not have been aware of otherwise.

Until the laughter turn to screams when Tony Clement, the Gazebo King of Muskoka, stumbled into the third and smallest ring wielding a bloody chainsaw...

The federal government has cut 10,980 jobs as part of its bid to balance the budget, Treasury Board president Tony Clement said Friday.....Flaherty and Prime Minister Stephen Harper hinted in separate news conferences that there could be more cuts to come with the deficit up to $26.2 billion this year — $5.1 billion more than the government had projected.

Because only Con clowns could claim they are creating jobs even as they are killing them eh? Or threaten to kill even more government jobs because they can't control themselves, and are growing the deficit instead of shrinking it.

So they can keep cutting government until they kill it, even though the private sector isn't creating any jobs, and too much austerity has driven the U.K. to the verge of a triple-dip recession.

And is causing protests and social upheaval all over the world...

Oh boy. If their teabagger ideology doesn't kill us first, their incompetence will eh? 

Unless of course they kill themselves first. For I note it's now just TWO years and a bit before the next election, and the Cons are caught between a rock and a hard place. If they can't slay the deficit in time they'll look bad for wasting so much money.

If they slash and burn too much and too quickly to balance the budget, after spending money like they have, they'll look even WORSE.

And if they plunge us into a recession that they could have avoided, they'll be bounced from power for at least a generation.

Wow. What a great Circus Act. The Con clowns in all their glory.

What act could possibly follow them I wonder?

Surely only this one...

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