Friday, November 30, 2012

John Baird and the Palestine Shame

I didn't think it was possible that John Baird could shame this country further. 

Make us look more like stooges, oddballs, or just plain weird eh?

But somehow he managed. 

Canada is temporarily recalling its heads of mission to Israel and the West Bank, along with its United Nations representatives in New York and Geneva, to protest the Palestinians' successful bid on Thursday for upgraded status in the UN.

Lecturing the United Nations like a television evangelist, or a con klown. Punishing the Palestinians for winning a small, humble, peaceful victory... 

Calling that an "impediment to peace," when this is the REAL obstacle.

The Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has ordered the construction of thousands of new homes in Jewish settlements in the occupied territories in what will be widely interpreted as retaliation for the United Nations vote to recognise a Palestinian state on Thursday.

The real outrage is the Netanyahu settler regime's determination to sabotage all hopes for a negotiated settlement in the name of Greater Israel.

And the real shame is Stephen Harper's systematic destruction of our once proud role as peacemakers. By appeasing his rabid Christian Dominionist base who believe their Messiah won't return if Palestine becomes a country.

And acting like he was Benny's boyfriend..

For no Prime Minister has ever acted more like a puppet, or a whore of foreign interests, than Harper. And no government has disgraced us more. 

And you know what makes it even more pathetic? The ridiculous nerd thinks he is leading Canada to a bigger and more glorious role on the world stage.

When all he is doing is making us look like the spitting pariahs nobody wants to go near, lest they get drenched. And leaving us more isolated than ever, in the company of countries like Nauru and Palau.

How fitting eh? Canada is BACK !!!!!!!!!


You know, on a sunny day, when I'm in generous mood, or sleepy, or drunk, I might excuse the Cons a few things. 

But making my big country act like a very small one. Or making me ashamed to be a Canadian.

For that I can never forgive them...

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bcwaterboy said...

Truly Baird looked and sounded like an idiot during that speech and his presence was not unnoticed by the world and not in a good way. Nobody clapped when he got up and made that condescending, smarmy little tirade.

themaddestbird said...

Yes, this is truly embarrassing.Love your posts!

Anonymous said...

So much for Canadian leadership. Shameful and embarrassing to say the least.

I should add that I find the Czech's decision rather perplexing. As a country that was screwed over in WWII by the great powers I would have thought they'd be a little more sympathetic to the little guys.

Anonymous said...

House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6